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Thread: U.N. urges stronger NATO role against Afghan opium trade

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    Default U.N. urges stronger NATO role against Afghan opium trade

    BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) -- NATO troops should take on a greater role fighting the flourishing opium business in Afghanistan, which is helping to fuel the Taliban's insurgency, the head of the United Nations drugs agency said Wednesday.

    "I hope that NATO would itself recognize the threat to its role down there by increasing the support, or perhaps even by taking directly on, the role of ridding the southern parts of Afghanistan of the illicit labs and the refining, the trafficking and intercepting the traffickers," said Antonio Maria Costa, executive director of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime.

    The mandate of NATO's 40,000 troops in Afghanistan limits their counter-narcotics role to supporting Afghan authorities, but Costa told reporters at the allied headquarters that more could be done within those rules.

    He said NATO could give Afghan forces air support, increased intelligence and help with logistics.

    NATO commanders have urged a tougher role by their troops within the mandate, but officers on the ground in the southern provinces say they are hard-pressed fighting the Taliban and don't have enough resources to take on more anti-narcotics operations.

    Afghan opium poppy cultivation has reached a record high this year, generating billions of dollars to help finance the Taliban militants and corrupt government officials, according to a report released last week by Costa's Vienna-based agency.

    Afghanistan now accounts for 93 percent of the global production of opium, the raw material for heroin, and has doubled its output over the past two years, said the annual survey.

    Costa said the link between opium production and the Taliban was growing, with most of the production coming from the southern province of Helmand.

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    It was no accident, nor was it unforeseen nor unintended that the opium trade would skyrocket after the invasion of Afghanistan. zg
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    Another important reason for the war in Afghanistan was to get control of the opium poppies used to make most of the heroin in the World. You would think that President Bush with the 'war on drugs' would work to stop the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan now that the U.S. has taken over control of the country. But instead it has been reported that the new ruling Northern Alliance is expanding substantially the gowing of opium poppies and the manufacture of heroin in Afghanistan. Could it be that the Bushes,Cheney and the CIA really are involved, as long-rumoured, in heavy-duty drug trafficking all over the World?
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    Default heroin prices will

    fall as the hectares keep going up and outstripping the demand for it . Good old supply and demand dictates prices and capitalism even works in the drug markets and applies as well . We lost the war on drugs so long ago it is a joke ! The cops even say it . Oh well this subject has been beat to death .

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