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    So you DO believe in Jesus Christ just not that he was the one and only son of God. I disagree with you in this belief, but will say this:

    I respect what you have to say and will give a read to some of the links you have given. Also I do respect you in that at least you are passionate and knowledgeable to what you believe. There are so many people in the world today, whether it be Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, etc., where if you were to ask them questions they would be like "I don't know...ummm beats me" they are very weak in their beliefs - they go through the motions without any true convictions - I can tell that you do believe what you post on this subject.

    But I have a few questions: IF Adi Da IS the divine as he claims and you believe why did he have to go through such an incredible journey in order to discover all this?? Wouldn't / Shouldn't he have known this from birth?? Also was his birth a virgin birth (miracle) or just a normal human birth (not a miracle therefore not divine)?? Also how does he know for certain that he IS the ONLY one that has reached this 7th stage....why couldn't have other 'avatars' reached this status before??
    Given that no less than dozens of historical Avatars have been claimed to be virgin-born (Jesus, Horus, Krishna, Buddha, see -
    Just a few of the OTHER "Saviors"
    ) that to me is not any sort of test of divinity that belongs to an historical Yeshua.

    I'm borrowing part of my response from an essay that I co-authored some time ago.

    Great Spiritual Masters appear now and then, to re-Awaken human beings to that greatest human destiny of Perfect and Eternal Happiness. By "great Spiritual Masters", I mean something quite specific. If you search the web or your local bookstore, you may get the sense that "spiritual teachers" are a dime a dozen: this one teaches some variation on Tibetan Buddhism; that one offers shamanic drumming; etc.

    But the truly great Spiritual Masters are rare. They have never been merely intellectual teachers, charismatic (but otherwise ordinary) human beings, or teachers of piecemeal techniques or rituals. They are always Spiritual Transmission Masters, tangibly transmitting their Spiritual Realization to their devotees. Their Words simply reflect what their Spiritual Transmission directly communicates.

    Different Spiritual Masters transmit different Spiritual Realizations. The different Spiritual Realizations communicated by the great Masters correspond to different potential human destinies. God-Realization — Realization of Perfect, Eternal Happiness — is the greatest of all human destinies. And those rarest of Masters ("Divine Incarnations") who appear here by "crossing down" ("Avatar" literally means, "crossing down") from the Divine Domain spontaneously transmit that Divine Reality, enabling others to enter the Divine Domain themselves.

    The world's spiritual traditions are replete with stories, legends, and myths about great Masters such as Jesus, Krishna, and Guatama; much can be learned from these traditions. However, sorting out the historical fact from the mythical or orthodox embellishment is a formidable challenge. And even if we could discover what factually occurred those thousands of years ago, the question would still remain: is it still of spiritual use now? Are these Spiritual Masters still "Transmitting" in the twenty-first century?

    In contrast, Adi Da Samraj is a Divine Incarnation alive in our time. Often, Westerners react to the notion of a "Divine Incarnation" - our skepticism is born out of both the traditional Judeo-Christian notion of "God" ("How can the all-powerful God appear in limited human form?"), and our broader, materialistic doubt in the existence of anything spiritual.

    Adi Da strongly critiques the notion of God as "all-powerful", the "Creator", "in charge of the universe", etc. — even as He critiques the materialistic viewpoint, and the view of "God" as some Person-less "ground of being". Instead, He describes God as the Source: the Person in Whose Consciousness all beings and things are appearing, much as in the consciousness of a dreamer. It is possible for God to appear in the "dream" (as a "Divine Incarnation"), and for us to Awaken out of it (as God, the only ultimately Real Being): such "God-Realization" is our greatest destiny.

    For this reason, "Divine Incarnation" is not a matter of the Divine Being saying one day, "I'm the all-powerful God; I think I'll visit the earth today". It is a much more mysterious affair, dependent on a rare conjunction of circumstances that provide a "gateway" for the Divine to appear here as a character "in the dream".

    And that "dream character Avatar" is none other than one's own truest eternal self - arriving as 'liberator'.

    Thus 'Real God' is not the "Creator" but rather the Liberator of one's bondage to illusion. In my estimation, which is as much intuitive as anything, Adi Da is that One, and I have the grace-advantage that perhaps the Apostles of Yeshua had 2000 years ago.

    Better, perhaps, because I live in extraordinary times and I count cards. zg
    Adi Da Samraj:

    The Divine, or God, the One to be Realized, is not other than your real Condition. That One transcends your personal, conditional existence, but your conditional existence arises in That One. All of this appearing here is a modification of That One, a play upon That One. To Realize That One, you must enter profoundly into the Divine Self-Position, but not by means of the traditional method of inversion or of turning attention inward, which is simply one of the ego-based solutions to the presumed problem of existence.

    That Which is to be Realized is in the Divine Self-Position. And it is to be Realized not by appealing to Something outside yourself or by entering into childish dependence on some great Principle but by transcending the limits on the Divine Self-Position and Realizing the Ultimate Potency of That in Which you inhere.

    You do not become truly religious unless you truly reach this understanding and awaken to its point of view. The Parental God of childish religion cannot be proven. That One does not exist. The struggle to prove the existence of such a One is a false struggle. It is an expression of the common disease, the problem-consciousness of threatened egoity. This does not mean that people should all become like atheistic psychiatrists and throw religion away — although on the basis of a very intelligent "consideration" much of what is called "religion" should be thrown away, because it is just a consolation for rather childish egos. But there is much more to true religion than what is contained in these childish propositions. It is That Which goes beyond these childish propositions that I Call you to "consider" in the form of My Wisdom-Teaching and also in the evidence of the Great Tradition, or the total global inheritance of human culture.

    The God of conditional Nature, the "Creator-God", cannot be proven, because that One does not exist as proposed. But the Great God is Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) and Exists in the Divine Self-Position. In other words, That One exists at the level of your eternal Existence and not at the level of the objects related to your conditional existence, your manifested independence. This same One is also present to you in the form of all others, all objects, all states of conditional Nature — not as Other, but rather as That One in Which you inhere.

    That One is present as the Divinely Self-Realized Spiritual Master, the human Transmitter of the Divine Being, but not in any exclusive sense, not as the Holy Other but as That Which Manifests the Power of the Divine Self-Position. That One is Present as Spiritual Force, Transmitted through the Spiritual Master's Spiritual Baptism and Good Company.

    The purpose of your reception of My Spiritual Heart-Transmission, therefore, is to lead you into the Realization of That Which is in the Divine Self-Position. Its purpose is not to call you to conform to an apparent Power outside yourself that requires you to engage in activities very similar to the childish social routines of conventional religiosity.

    Thus, the Truth that is to be Realized may be summarized simply as the Realization that no matter what is arising, no matter how many others are present, there is only One Being.

    This is precisely different from the childish proposition that even when you are alone there is always Someone Else present.

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