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Thread: Mayan Doomsday: 12/21/12

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    Have we all gotten SO caught up in the 'apolcalypse' and the TERRIBLE things that 'MIGHT' happen that we have FORGOTTEN the GREATEST REVELATION THAT THIS FORTELLS???

    If they are right, we will only have to live through ONLY 2 MORE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS!!!!!!

    Let us all join our hands in thanksgiving that FINALLY- the END of the PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS IS NEAR!!!

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    Divine prophecies? Angelic Beings? Mayan calendar? Nostradamus? Give me a break!

    I’m always surprised at the lengths people will go to just for some attention. I’m surprised that nobody is outraged that people are misrepresenting and exploiting the Mayan culture like this.

    It reminds me of something an old professor once told me: "You know how dumb the average person is, right? Well, by definition, half the people are even dumber than that!"


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    Shocking, startling, stunning, staggering....


    While Jose Arguelles, author of The Mayan Factor, envisions 2012 AD as mankind's liberation from his current third-dimensional state into the finer and more enlightened fourth and fifth dimensions, I am developing a growing suspicion that it will more likely be a liberation into the hands of the reptillians. The Mayan calender is a Venusian calender handed to the Mayas of central Mexico by the plumed reptillian god Quetzelcoatl in the early hundreds AD. Besides the calendar, he gave them the knowledge and technology to build one of the most advanced civilizations of all time -but their was a price; occasional human sacrifices and experiments were performed in the underground caves and lairs of the reptillians who secretly ruled them. As to why this civilization suddenly dissapeared around 830 AD, it may be that the whole population was lured into the caves with promises of paradise, when in reality they ended up being devoured or enslaved by the reptoids. Is this the same fate that awaits us in 2012?


    According to Plato, the legendary continent of Atlantis was situated west of the Pillars of Hercules(Straight of Gibralter) in what is now the mid-Atlantic ocean. Atlantis was to the world then in many ways what America is to the world today -a superpower with advanced technology. Some twelve to thirteen thousand years ago, a pole shift shook the Earth ripping its way through Atlantis where it became the planet's new south polar opening. Atlantis was now no longer a tropical paradise but became a frozen polar land mass which we know today as the Antarctic. Recent secret expeditions by both American and Russian scientists have detected underground lakes and signs of civilization two miles beneath the antarctic ice. Our planet practices a kind of crop rotation tecnique with its landmasses every six to twelve thousand years so that what was once ice, desert, or sea becomes land and vice-versa. The next shift-accompanied rotation may well occur within the next twenty-five years, and this time the magnetic north or "path of the Lord" is supposed to rip its way through Europe where it will become the new north polar opening. This abyss or opening will be some 1400 to 1600 miles across. Along the path of destruction and through the newly formed polar opening will shine the light of the Lord(inner sun) which every eye shall see. Both Hitler and Edgar Cayce foresaw the destruction or sinking of much of Europe, as did Nostradamus and others.

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    i would like to see all the people that really really believe in this, and how they are living the rest of their lives.. more so (i just learned this word should be spelled as two), the people that are doing things that will be disastrous if the world doesnt before 2013, such as committing crimes, spending all their money, etc.. you have any idea how entertaining that would be to be able to flip thru "channels" of peoples lives the day before the world is supposed to end?

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