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Thread: Iron Age 'Mickey Mouse' Found

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    Default Iron Age 'Mickey Mouse' Found

    Iron Age 'Mickey Mouse' Found

    Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
    June 15, 2007 — One thousand years before the cartoon character Mickey Mouse was even a glint in Walt Disney's eye, a French artist created a bronze brooch that looks remarkably like the famous rodent, according to archaeologists at Sweden's Lund Historical Museum, which houses the recent find.

    The object, dated to 900 A..D., was excavated at a site called Uppåkra in southern Sweden.

    ...more - https://www.sott.net/article/134084-Archaeologists-discover-Iron-Age-Mickey-Mouse

    Mickey, Is That You?
    Actually, archaeologists who recovered the Mickey-like
    ornament explain it was crafted to be a lion by an artist
    who likely never saw a real lion.
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