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Thread: The New Age Plot

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    Default The New Age Plot

    10,000 Heroes -
    SRI and the Manufacturing of the New Age: Part One

    March 19th, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    In 1968 the U.S. Office of Education commissioned Stanford Research Institute (later called SRI) to have a look into the future and report what they’d found there. SRI took it one step further and spelled out what “changes in the conceptual premises underlying Western society would lead to a desirable future.” (Changing Images of Man, xvii)

    The results were made into a book called “Changing Images of Man”, edited by O.W. Markley and Willis W. Harman. You can download a copy of the 1982 reprint here, courtesy of Skilluminati Research. This book is a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream. It is nothing less than a blueprint for a vast social engineering project undertaken by the very highest levels of the military/industrial complex. The project, as we’ll see, was already well underway by the time this study was commissioned, but in the late sixties and early seventies, thanks in part to this project, SRI was at the hub of just about every major development in the evolving “New Age” community.

    Conspiracy theorists within the Christian right see this book, now almost mythical in status, as evidence of a very longrunning project, indeed, comprised of a Satanic plot to rule the world. But we, especially those on the political left who would completely ignore such theories, will need learn to step out of our own ivory towers from which we scorn those “ignorant fundies” and re-examine how the elites in our society operate.

    For example, this document most certainly does represent an attempt to undermine Christianity. If nothing else, it is clear, that Christianity is not “useful” for the creation of the “desirable future” mentioned in the book’s introduction. That’s not to say that Christianity has not been manipulated in our society; it most certainly has and one need look no further than Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez to see that cynical manipulation in action. But ultimately, Christianity must go or be transformed into something quite different. As we’ll see, that transformation is also well underway.

    ...more - http://dreamsend.wordpress.com/2007/...-age-part-one/

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    This has given your conspiracy theories some credit ZG, keep it up.. Good Read.


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    Default Walter Breen

    Not named in this file but described is Walter Breen. Died in jail ten or so years ago, he was the husband of Marion Zimmer Bradley.
    Breen a convicted pedofile and a person I always found dispicable, for his then rumored and later proven sexual habilts, horrid personal hygiene and his everyone in the world is stupid attitude (except him), which unfortuneatly was quite true. If you had seen him, you would have called him the last of the Hippees.

    I knew him through the subject that he actually knew the most about, Numismatics. He probably knew more about coins than anyone else who has walked this world and yet sold his services for many years to a firm that had no interest in anything except extracting more money through telemarketing than any of their coins would ever be worth. Firmly in my mind, he had no moral code, the young boys and selling his services to a firm ran by someone who was perhaps just straddling the law, not quite a complete theif.

    I believe he spend part of his youth in an orphanage and then became the first student ever at Johns Hopkins to complete a four year curriculum in ten months and graduate Phi Beta Kappa. He did do a bit of pre-med at Columbia but did not finish. He had a Masters in Sociology and knew Latin, classical Greek and several European Languages. Besides rare coins he wrote on subjects such as sexology (?), economics, psychopharmacology, astrology, musicology and the occult.

    When I saw his description listed as the head of Sandia Labs, I wondered what the hell he could have had to do with labs except it was rumored he did indulge in a drug or two (or at least appearred too). Then seeing psychopharmacology is his profile in a book he authored explained this posibility.

    For many years at major rare coin conventions, some of the sons and daughters of people involved in this hobby would serve as paiges. Word always quickly went out to keep your kids away from Walter.


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    Walter H. Breen
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Walter H. Breen (September 5, 1928April 28, 1993) was an was an American author. He is best known among coin collectors for writing Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins. "Breen numbers", from his encyclopedia, are widely used to attribute varieties of coins. He is also well known for his writings in defense of pederasty.

    ...more- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Breen


    YES. He does appear to be the same Walter Breen, look -

    Around this time, in the early 1950s, I was part of an after-school group of gifted kids (including Johnny Glogower who worked with me and Lenny Susskind at Cornell later on) conducted by the late Walter Breen. Breen had a connection with the nuclear weapons laboratory, Sandia Corporation, because we were visited by two men from Sandia who lectured us on "patriotism" and "anti-communism" when they took us to dinner in New York's German Town (86 th Street). Breen was closely connected with people in Ayn Rand's circle. I can't remember if I met Breen before or after the strange phone calls. I was recruited into Breen's group by another kid in my Junior High School named Robert Bashlow. I also was a member of the Civil Air Patrol in Brooklyn at age 14 which was definitely was a graduate student at Columbia and well known Numismatist associated with psychologist William Shelden. after the above "contact". Breen recently died in prison convicted of child molestation. I was definitely never molested by Breen or any of the other adults that I met in his apartment and I never heard any suggestions of that by the other kids. Indeed, Breen had two children with the well known science-fiction fantasy writer, Marion Zimmer Bradley who wrote the best-selling arranged a full scholarship for me to go to Cornell at age 17 by writing an extensive psychological profile on me in which he predicted I would make revolutionary discoveries in the foundations of physics. My professors at Cornell like Hans Bethe, Robert Wilson, Phil Morrison et-al were all major figures in the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos near where Sandia is located. I have just learned that Mists of Avalon. Breen told me he did much of the scholarly research in the writing of that book. I would run into him about every 10 years, or so, up until the about 1990.

    ALSO - The Stargate Conundrum
    The strange link between physics and ESP came to the forefront in the character of Jack Sarfatti, whom we already introduced. Sarfatti was, in 1952, part of an after-school group of gifted children, being tutored by Walter Breen of the Sandia Corporation, an organisation famous for atomic weapons research and development. Breen was helped by others from Sandia to lecture to these children. In 1952, Sarfatti received a phone-call from outer space – quite literally, he felt. It seemed to predestine him to become a leading physicist, interested in time and space, other dimensions, etc. Reading material written by Sarfatti brings you in contact with the mind of a person who lives and breaths physics. But before becoming this physicist, he had to study it and it was the same Walter Breen who got Sarfatti a scholarship at Cornell University. Breen predicted that Sarfatti “would make revolutionary discoveries in the foundation of physics”. His professors were no doubt intrigued, as they were all part of the Manhattan Project, the study and development of the atomic bomb. Like Valerian, Sarfatti is not easy to follow. It may be that it is a very complex subject, it may just be they are too clever to express it clearly to the likes of me… But let there be no doubt that Sarfatti is a clever guy.
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    Here's part two -
    SRI and the Manufacturing of the New Age: Part Two

    In part one, we had a look at who SRI actually is. To sum up: they are a research institution at the very heart of the military/industrial complex. There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about it, and that fact that they want to guide us gently into the New Age should provide comfort to exactly no one.
    Now I’d like to have a look at what’s “wrong” with our society’s “image of man” and why these images are not considered helpful for our future. But first, a little more on methodology. In short, the SRI methodology would have to be said to be a few footnotes shy of scholarly. Here’s what they say in the introduction to the 1982 reprint:
    First, we attempted to identify and assess the plausibility of a truly vast number of future possibilities for society. We next followed a method of analysis that determined which sequences of possible futures (that is, which “alternate future histories”) appeared to be the most plausible in light of human history and to most usefully serve the needs of policy research and development. (p. xvii)
    What method of analysis, you might ask? You might ask, but they didn’t say. It wasn’t till recently that one of the studies authors, O.W. Markley, revealed their…ahem… novel approach. (I’m shamelessly cribbing from the article at skilluminati.)

    ...more - http://dreamsend.wordpress.com/2007/...-age-part-two/

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