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Thread: 'Doomsday Dick' Cheney and the Price of Gold

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    Default 'Doomsday Dick' and the Price of Gold

    'Doomsday Dick' And The Plague Of Frogs

    By Mike Whitney
    Al-Jazeerah / 2-27-7

    Gold traders love Dick Cheney. Every time he opens his twisted lip and barks out another threat to Iran, the dollar takes a powder and gold futures shoot to the moon. Maybe that's the way Cheney likes it. After all, he dumped about $25 million in euro-bonds before he took office.

    Judging by the way he and brother-Bush have flogged dollar, he must have doubled his investment by now.
    The old greenback has dropped nearly 35% in the last 6 years while gold has just about tripled. In 2000 the dollar was a trim, sinewy pillar of strength. It entered the ring like a young Mohammed Ali; darting to and fro while pummeling his prey with quick laser-like blows that were barely visible.

    Now, the greenback plods along like a 60 year old Rocky Balboa, wheezing heavily and reeling with every punch; waiting for the one roundhouse that will leave him staring up from the canvas, spitting up broken teeth and blood.

    The dollar's in a heap o' trouble and "Doomsday" Dick is doing his level-best to make sure that it hits the skids before he leaves office. Just yesterday the snappish Vice President said, "It would be a serious mistake if a nation like Iran were to become a nuclear power. Then he added ominously, "All options are still on the table."

    That comment put the dollar on its backside and sent Tokyo gold futures to a 21 year high.

    Good work, Dick.

    ...more - http://rense.com/general75/dick.htm
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