He recently said that his biggest heartbreak was "learning of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib." zg


Run, Rummy, Run!
Could the Pinochet precedent keep Donald on the lam?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - 6:00 pm / LA Weekly

Only such a towering pile of self-absorbed arrogance as Don Rumsfeld could have the gumption to take a couple of high-profile victory laps at the precise moment in which his war policies have collapsed into full-blown catastrophe.

If he had been a Japanese official suffering such shame and dishonor, he might have had a nice, solo sashimi dinner during which he contemplated all his mistakes, and then, in a final act of penance, plunged the Ginsu knife into himself and yanked out his own shriveled but still beating heart. Instead, this guy was out there bouncing around this weekend in his tennis shoes and with a 25-cent grin on his mug, communing with “his” troops on what was billed as his farewell tour to Iraq. By the way, I want to know why we the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for this obviously self-promoting P.R. junket. Rummy’s out of office this coming Monday, so no one can seriously believe he was conducting any official government business while stomping through the Green Zone.

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