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Thread: The Art of the Grift

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    Default The Art of the Grift

    The Art of the Grift

    Job Weiss, aka perfesser camelsmoker

    Lesson #1 - Con Game Basics
    Lesson #2 - Portrait of a Grifter
    Lesson #3 - Contrasting Short and Long Cons
    Lesson #4 - The Real Lookie-Loo Scam
    Lesson #5 - Anatomy Of Sawyer's Island Con

    NB: this essay discusses events and characters in Lost through season 2, episode 13.

    *clears throat*

    Hello, and welcome to perfesser camelsmoker's Grift 101 class. Today we will look at Lost's resident grifter, Sawyer, and the different confidence games that we have seen in "The Long Con."

    Lesson #1 – Con Game Basics.

    ...more - http://www.loststudies.com/1.2/art_of_grift.html

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    The above wasn't quite what I thought, so here's a bonus -


    Fast Food Grifting Are We?

    Source: Mainichi Daily News

    Actually, this guy seemed to have gone beyond that. An unemployed man going by the name of Kiyoshi Ikeda, 37, was arrested early Wednesday morning for an open tab that costs about 150,000 yen (US$1266). How the hell did this happen?

    It started March 10 when he entered a manga cafe in Gifu and ordered a grilled beef dinner. He was in a room that costs 1,000 yen for nine hours and he was in that same room for 34 days. 34 days! Apparently, he was living off of coffee and toast in the mornings and washing his underwear in the wash basin that was in the room. The room also had a sofa.

    And because the manga cafe is open 24 hours and employees change shifts, no one really noticed this guy holed up in the room. (Eewwww)

    When Ikeda was arrested, he only had 16 yen in his pockets.


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