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Thread: Gambling Probe Charges Pro Poker Player

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    Default Gambling Probe Charges Pro Poker Player

    NEW YORK — It was the high-tech key to a massive, illegal gambling kingdom: a laptop computer that authorities say was owned by a professional poker player named James Giordano.

    Giordano, who rarely let the computer out of his sight, unknowingly took a gamble earlier this year by leaving it behind while attending a wedding, police said Wednesday.


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    The Village Voice did a comprehensive article, a good read actually as the Giordano case was reminiscent of my own ...

    The Rise and Fall of Internet Sports Bookie and Poker Pro James Giordano

    For those who have followed Giordano's case, his sentencing was a characteristically ambiguous end to an epic battle being fought over your right to place a wager on the Internet.

    It's a legal conflict that the United States is fighting all over the world with foreign countries that have repeatedly and angrily told off the American government. Other nations resent what they see as America's hypocrisy about what is, and isn't, the proper venue for placing a bet on a horse or a football team or a hand of poker, bringing us into conflict with entities as varied as tiny Antigua and the entire European Union.

    There's no end in sight to that war, but the particular skirmish wrapping up last week at the Queens courthouse involved characters more close to home: a local bookie nicknamed Slippery Pete, another man whose career as a New York Mets scout ended in disgrace, a couple of reputed minor league wiseguys, some mouthy lawyers, and a colorful judge who, at one point, invoked Nevada's Bunny Ranch whorehouse to make a point.

    The slate of players even includes the eccentric pornographer, Al Goldstein.

    But in the starring role is a gentleman-bookie turned professional poker player who got his start watching bets laid down in the aisles of a Long Island supermarket. And you don't get from there to running a multimillion-dollar bookie joint in Costa Rica without some fast moves and moxie. So try to keep up.

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