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Thread: The "Truth" about Ken Uston's Death

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    Default The "Truth" about Ken Uston's Death

    The "Truth" about Uston's Death

    by Zengrifter | July 1999

    Excerpted from "In Search of Kenny Uston," a documentary film work-in-progress --

    I have it on good information from my friends at the French international police agency, Interpol, that Kenneth Usui (a/k/a "Kenny Uston") died of Cerebral Hemorrhage - caused by injection (ie, a sophisticated contract-hit).

    At the time that Kenny left for Paris his Nevada Supreme Court challenge to the Gaming Commission's continuation of barring counters was denied -

    "The Court finds little difference between a slot-cheat who uses a crow-bar to pry open a slot machine and a card-counter who uses his mind to pry open a deck of cards at casino Blackjack," stated the Hon. Thomas Steffen in a post-ruling newspaper interview.

    At the time of his departure to France, Kenny had been contacted by a sympathetic party (who shall for now remain anonymous) with underworld ties and involvement directly in dealings with the secret Nevada Resort Association (NRA)/ Organized Crime axis. This sympathizer revealed that the NRA had bought Judge Steffen's decision and provided hard evidence of same.

    Kenny vowed to a handful of close friends and associates that upon his return to the US he would go public with the information, expose the corruption, and overturn the good Judge's decision - one of these 'close friends leaked Uston's intentions back to the enemy.

    The real power behind the NRA is "old-school / old-world" and summarily dealt with the impending situation - "strictly business," it was as "necessary" as the British Secret Service assassination of Princess Di. An autopsy might have revealed the foul-play, but in an unusual breach of procedure the French authorities ordered Uston's body cremated without autopsy before leaving France.

    It is speculated by a few in-the-know that, at the time of the Uston hit, the criminal/gaming industry visionaries were anticipating the next phase of Nevada resort expansion - with the help of Wall Street Jewish Mafioso, Michael Milken. Milken's true genius, as it were, was the use of huge pools of offshore dirty (read drug) money converted to high-yield bond financing. Such offshore capital pools had long since been established by the late Meyer Lansky's global criminal enterprise and it was the Milken "junk-bonds" that brought this dough back into domestic capital enterprise.

    The bond-laundered billions needed to finance the 90s Nevada expansion was to be repaid with even more offshore "hot money" systematically fed directly into the mega-resorts' counting rooms to then be laundered as "casino profits." "Mirage," "Bally's," "MGM," "Hilton," the bigger and more credible the name, the more dirty money to be laundered - No longer do secret owners "skim" profits out of the counting rooms - now they "infuse" hundreds of millions, even billions, of otherwise unreported narco-dollars into the counting rooms - the old paradigm gives way to the new!

    As dynamic the concept is, in 1986 the prospects for pulling off such a global criminal coupe was very delicately balanced, to say the least - a reversal of Judge Steffen's decision could have upset the whole apple-cart, leaving Vegas to suffer the lackluster financial fates of Reno and Atlantic City - Donald Trump and his bailout (Chinese/Opium Triad) partners being not an exception.

    Kenneth Uston RIP - he was the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Another story, that has come from reliable sources connected with The World Weekly News, is that a group of big money counters hired the hit men for fear that Kenny's ultimate victory would have killed the Nevada game in much the same way that...

    ...to be continued?


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    Kenny's ultimate victory would have killed the Nevada game in much the same way that...
    ...that he killed AC?
    I believe that is a good possibility

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    You have the author's unimpeachable word for all of this! zg

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    I would love to read more!
    Are you going to continue the story bro?

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    Must I? zg

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    Enquiring minds want to know!

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    Default Ken Uston's Story

    Such fabrications here, I can not believe it. Very far-fetched, however I have always spected foul play in Ken Uston's death.
    Since his death there have been many stories, many people coming out of the wood-work. Now there is a website called imediainternational that is illegally selling a video of Uston teaching blackjack. The company does not exist as far as I can tell and I am here to tell you DON"T get sucked in to buying ANYTHING related to Ken Uston unless it is being sold on the Official Ken Uston Website at uston.com.

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    Uston's publisher told me that Uston's sister assured him it was a heart attack. Easy to believe considering his life style. But then I suppose it could be aliens from the future afraid he would spawn the great-great-great-grandfather of a galactic emporer.

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    Kenny Uston had been running his mouth like a court jester, ruining the game wherever he went.
    I think the ZenGrifter might be on to something.
    Even if not, I would like to read the book or watch made for tv movie/indie film.



    Were his teammates upset with him?

    sell it to one of the networks Zen.

    If anything, it suggests that the low road might be better than the high road.

    The story has a flavor you could talk to Quentin Tarantino into directing. (about 3 different possible outcomes)
    I will be happy to play a part, of pasta belly wiseguy.
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    We have an unexpected VIP visitor to the ZenZONE. The poster above, "bauston" is Kenny's daughter! zg

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    A big, warm welcome to Bauston!

    We hope you stick around awhile!

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    All kidding aside - I have heard from at least a couple of high stakes counters over the years that they have seen Uston playing BJ subsequent to his reported death. zg

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    write the story bro!

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    Talking The Truth About Ken Uston's Death

    I already wrote the story dudes....actually still a work -in -progress-almost finished type film project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bauston View Post
    I already wrote the story dudes....actually still a work -in -progress-almost finished type film project.
    Come back Beverly. give us an update, please. zg
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