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Thread: Flying Saucers From... HELL?

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    Default Flying Saucers From... HELL?

    Flying Saucers From Hell

    Ufology often seems to come down to a choice between extraterrestrial visitors and some as yet unknown natural phenomenon but, as Dr David Clarke reveals, a now largely forgotten counter-theory was of infiltration by demons from the fiery pits of Hades.

    "You’d better pray to the Lord when you see those flying saucers - It may be the coming of the judgement day…"
    – Charles Green & Cy Cohen, "When You See Those Flying Saucers" – Oct 1947.

    Since the 1950s, the dominant, and certainly the most popular, hypothesis in ufological and public discourse has been that flying saucers and their occupants represent highly intelligent visitations from outer space. From an early stage – with a few exceptions – the majority of ufologists appear to have believed the nature and intentions of the "visitors" were benevolent – either to keep an eye on our progress towards joining the ‘intergalactic federation’ or to warn us that our nuclear experiments were "upsetting the balance of the Universe".

    But even proponents of the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (or ETH) have had to contemplate the effect that open contact with an ET race might have upon human societies, particularly in its spiritual implications. Much speculation has been published on the impact such an event would have upon religion, especially fundamentalism. Oddly enough, theologians – who would appear to be the most obvious experts to offer advice on spiritual matters – have had little to say on the subject. There is, for instance, no rigid Christian dogma on life beyond Earth or on the nature and origin of UFOs.

    This reluctance to commit has infuriated some Christian groups, particularly those who promote extreme interpretations of the UFO phenomenon. On the one hand there is a group of evangelicals – mainly Americans, such as Dr Billy Graham – who have said the UFO occupants may be angels sent by God to watch over us. The best-known exponent of this idea is the Presbyterian minister Rev Barry Downing, author of Flying Saucers and the Bible. Downing appears to be open minded about aliens as part of God’s creation and to look to the scriptures for evidence of early ET contacts.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum are some members of the Christian Orthodox Church 1 who find it impossible to accept that there is any goodness in the elusive and contradictory nature of UFO behaviour. The most extreme expression of this view is that there can be no ETs because life on other planets is not mentioned in the Bible. It’s a point of view that leads its proponents to a further conclusion: if there are no aliens in the Bible and the UFO occupants aren’t angels, then UFOs can only be demonic in origin.

    What the opposing sides in the "UFOs are angels/demons" debate have in common is their acceptance of the notion that if we can have good UFO occupants then we can also have evil ones (and Satan is, after all, according to Christian tradition, a fallen angel). They also share the concepts of the Antichrist and the imminence of the Second Coming of Jesus predicted in the Book of Revelation.

    ...more - http://forteantimes.com/articles/211...romhell1.shtml

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