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Thread: Jeb Bush hides in supply closet

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    Default Jeb Bush hides in supply closet

    You won't see this on FOX! zg


    Sun, October 8, 2006

    Jeb Bush hides in supply closet

    UPDATED: 2006-10-08 02:46:07 MST

    By AP - PITTSBURGH -- Florida Gov. Jeb Bush took refuge in a subway station supply closet when he was greeted by protesters on his way to a campaign event for a Pennsylvania Republican senator.

    Officers used stun guns to subdue two protesters, saying they disobeyed orders to disperse, Bob Grove, a Port Authority spokesman reported.

    "It was a very tense situation. They were very close to the governor and shouting on top of him," Grove said.

    The protesters, members of the United Steelworkers union and an anti-war group, chanted: "Jeb go home."


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    Default El Presidente Jeb Bush

    Quote Originally Posted by zengrifter View Post
    The protesters ... chanted: "Jeb go home."
    Jeb might have been avoiding being on the receiving end of anti-Latino violence.

    "Jeb Bush Listed Himself as 'Hispanic' on Voter Form

    "There is little doubt that Jeb Bush possesses strong credentials for appealing to Hispanic voters.

    "He speaks fluent Spanish. His wife, Columba, was born in Mexico. For two years in his 20s, he lived in Venezuela, immersing himself in the country's culture. He was born in Texas and is a former governor of Florida, two states with large Hispanic populations.

    "But on one occasion, it appears, Mr. Bush may have become a bit carried away: He listed himself as Hispanic on a 2009 voter-registration application in Miami-Dade County."

    Read the full article at: http://www.nytimes.com/politics/firs...on-voter-form/

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