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    The Decider

    Jim Kirwan

    When George W. Bush ran for office he couldn't even find the Middle-East on a map of the world. Yet today, he who appointed himself "The Decider" - now demands that the maps of the entire planet be altered to fit his twisted views.

    Before Bush became 'The Decider' we had a lot more words in the vocabulary of dialogue between nations, between peoples and between indiviudals, than we are allowed to have now. The words themselves are still in the dictionaries, but they no longer have any meaning whatever!

    Bush says that he takes 'full responsibility for all the mistakes surrounding the government's response to Katrina. But what does that mean? Has he offered to resign; has he offered to pay for the lives lost, or to make restitution for the vast destruction of so much of the Gulf Coast of the United States - destruction that his total failures have only compounded? Katrina was America's Lebanon, and George Bush behaved in the same way then, that Israel did in their prosecution of the near total destruction of Lebanon.

    Yesterday Bush demanded that there be "consequences" for Iran's refusal to bow to him and to the UN Security Counsel. It would appear that Bush thinks that 'consequences' still exist - but only in the limited sphere of those things that interest him and his criminal sponsors. Also Yesterday, in a partisan rant composed of mega-lies and monstrous distortions of the facts that ended in a tidal wave of terror-riven drivel that was meant to drive this nation into a fear of itself so deep - that only 'lots more war' could possibly offer any solution to the problems his policies created.

    In this effort Bush has set the stage for each and every act in the last five years - then on cue - he called for the war that in each case that was supposed to correct each imagined threat. These threats have again and again been proven to contain no real danger to Fortress America, or to Americans at home. They have however, proven to present serious consequences for the future of the USA in world affairs, and they have destroyed America's image in the eyes of the world.

    Since the USA gave up its constitutional form of government, by sacrificng the Office of the President, to the whims that come from the "Office of the Decider" we no longer have a nation of laws. Instead we have a dictatorship that serves the needs of the ever-changing state of Israel ahead of those of the United States. The USA has been the host nation being devoured by a parasite, and all because "The Decider" has chosen to decide so many global matters for us all.

    Remember - this is the same jerk who never left the nation until he ran for president. The same spoiled brat who is still AWOL from the US Military and yet now claims to be the Commander-in-Chief-of-the-World: a world which is on the edge of chaos. If this were not so serious it would be criminally laughable to even consider such a monstrous folly!

    What happened to the society that allowed this nightmare to not only happen, but to take root and grow to the point where the life ot the planet is now in real danger? The 'history' is very brief but there is a parallel that tells the tale better than all the political rhetoric ever could. In the late 1960's and early 70's there was a sexual revolution under way in America, because of the advent of the Birth-Control-Pill. Life began to imitate art.

    Ordinary people found that the rigid conventions of those paternal left-overs from the Victorian age could be ignored, and that there were other ways to live one's life: ways that did not involve remaining in that sterile and ethical wasteland created by those extremists who worship only greed and power. Imagine a time when one's life was not inundated with commercials; imagine a life outside of possessions and acquistions - if you can.

    Health, Joy, maybe even a bit of Peace, definitely a chance to have a life of the mind, and the time to think about things other than just yourself. However the Sexual Revolution was very short, and died almost immediately with the arrival of AIDS (a disease that some said was very conveniently created by the CIA in Africa). Whatever the origins of the disease, its effects upon the freedoms and behaviors within this society were as devastating as they were wide spread. This marked the beginning of the roll-back of the 60's revolution that almost happened.

    This death also marked the end of promise, and the beginning of this return to the Days of the Robber-Barons, to non-stop commercials, to the international Corporatocracy, to the absolute monopoly of multi-national Captitalism and with all that - to the end of nation-states and the beginnings of the New World Order. All because some people actually thought they might be able to live their own lives, according to their own decisions free from censorship by government.

    Into the above equation there is one other factor that must be considered. For fifty-eight years the United States has been nuturing a relationship with a State that is still forming (because its borders are forever changing, never certain at any given time). That unfinished place is called Israel, and it has been the recipient of trillions upon trillions of US taxpayer dollars over the more than half a century, ever since its faltering first steps, into that world that Israel professes to want to belong to. Yet, aside from the UN resolution that created her, she has chosen to ignore over 66 UN resolutions, and after her 1948 war for independence, she has continued to attack the several Arab states that surround Israel in the region.

    If this situtaion were similar to a new neighbor trying to move into any inner-city neighborhood and that new tenent behaved as Israel is behaving, she would be uncerimoniously kicked out of that neighborhood, and told never to return.

    Israel brought the world much more biogotry, racisim, and divisions of all kinds, along with problems unending for the region: sometimes in their own name, sometimes as a surrogate for the USA. All in all, if this form of Israel did not exist, the world would be a much quieter place in which people might actually be able to try and live. But Israel is a fact - she says! What remains to be seen is if the world can continue with Israel as a part of it. If Lebanon is an example of how Israel treats the nations that she says she cares about - then imagine how she'll treat her enemies?

    Think about how much of this civilization has died, just since we gave up the presidency to "The Decider" and his rogue's gallery of ex-cons, thugs and common criminals. Think about how much of the language has been murdered, how much of 'common decency' is no longer decent or common? Since the advent of "The Decider" the United States has now joined the massively disasterous religious wars that have destroyed so many nations and peoples throughout history. Since "The Decider," this nation has always come down on the side of brutality, and is the leader in creating crimes-against-humanity - while mouthing empty slogans about liberty and democracy: while the guns of our troops and the bombs from our planes make a mockery of every word "the Decider" proclaims!

    Think about how much of Geoge Orwell's "1984" lives on in the Bushwhacker's-World of the New World Order. The death of words and meanings alone is staggering. The outright waste of human lives expended, whether those bodies died in American uniforms or in the civilian clothing of those we continue to slaughter. Many will say that much of this death is coming from those civilians who are at war with each other, whether for religious or sectarian reasons. Yet if America and her 'coalition of the willing-to-be-deceived' had not invaded Iraq, then these massive death tolls would not have taken place.

    This "War on Terra" has gone on longer than WWII was, for the United States, in the 1940's. Yet Bush & Co are now seeking to compare the wars begun by 'The Decider' with the Nazi's in WWII. Seeking further cover for his failures, Bush is now trying to divide his "WAR" into two separate parts: The War-on-Iraq & The War-on-Terra. This is nothing but more smoke & mirrors that can no longer mask the grostesque crimes of "The Decider' and the demons of his darkest fantasies.

    Question - into which category will the coming War-on-Iran and/or The War-on-Syria fall? Also: Exactly what has been the point of anything in all of this? Bush says he is avenging and responding to the attacks on 911, but that's an outright lie, because no one in his administration or the major media has been willing to answer any of the real questions that surround those events - Questions that point directly to Washington, to London and to Tel Aviv, and not to the Arabs, have been studiously ignored. So what has been accomplished?

    "The Decider" speaks of success, but with hundreds of deaths every day in Iraq alone, it is clear that his standards need to be re-examined. Afghanistan is coming apart again, and everywhere the laws of the planet are crumbling.

    His policies have failed a thousand times over, in every place where he has sent US troops to enforce his 'Decisions' - yet he belligerently continues to say: "I will stay the course." Whose wars are these anyway - not ours - because it is not the province of "The Decider" to call for regime changes anywhere but here, in the one country where he is supposed to be making decisions! Who appointed us to "spread Democracy and Freedom in the world. That decision must come from those who seek it: It cannot be imported on the tips of DU-laden American bullets! What apparently is being sought is the seizure of resoruces, to profit major corporate intersts that has nothing whatever to do with freedom or democracy. What does have to do with 'Freedom & Democracy' is the everyday life of Americans in the USA, and in dealing with those responsibilities he and the congress have rapidly turned this place into another form of those WWII concentration camps, that used to require barbed wire. That is the real crime beneath the rhetoric of 'The Decider' and all his darkest thoughts!

    "The Decider" is very short-sighted. He claims to be the Commander-in-Chief-of-the-World. Yet he refuses to look vcarefully at the region where he is fighting. Instead he attempts to see each nation as an isolated entity that has nothing to do with its neighbors. Chess in Europe was promolgated by the Persians, who got it from the Chinese, and turned it from a game for four players into what we know today as a game for two. Ancient Persia, is the Iran of today.

    Iran sits between Iraq and Afghanistan; both of which are under seige from the US, so why has The Decider not even considered this when he and his bully-boys in the NWO, designed their demands for Iran's total surrender to them? Iran has lived with US sanctions for 27 years. During that time Iran developed an economy, (unlike the USA that is now broke and disgraced in the world). They have a nation that is generally at peace within, and they have many prospects for trade with the wider world, (China & Russia among others). So why are the Neo-Con's pushing for air-strikes on Iran and Syria that will trigger a new major war and that will involve nations and issues that will go well beyond the Middle East? Maybe the Decider is secretly the 'New Termninator' of all that civilization has tried to build over the last few thousand years?

    Iran and Syria have both expressed a desire to talk - yet The Neolithic Neo-Cons have refused anything that might make rational sense, especially if those conversations might avert a global war. So how is it that "The Decider" has any real authority, since it is obvious that he is without personal skills, that he lacks the capacity for rational behavior, and that he is quite possiblty criminally insane as well.The speech he gave yesterday before the Veterns group in Salt LakeCity was very illuminating.

    All one had to do was listen to him, and realize that everything he is accusing Iran of, is exactly what he and his co-conspirators are already doing in several places, and all of it has immediate and very damaging efffects for the entire planet!

    The "Terrorists" Bush is referring to are home grown, and many of them reside in the former offices of the Tarnished House that once belonged to the president; but have now been taken over by "The Decider" and his crimanal operatives. The Vice-President - Mr. Cheney - has become a law unto himself, with his own chain of command, his own intelligence service, in fact he has a completely separate shadow government within the old idea of the former constitutionally mandated government of the USA: except that Cheney's form of that idea answers only to himself. In "His Secure Place" there is no congress, nor is there a judical branch in the new version of dictatorship that Cheney commands.

    Isn't it amazing what can grow in the dark, when the light of open government is diverted or turned off. The evil seeds that are growing in that "Secure Place" are succeeding wildly in their capture of existing forms and their perversions of security concerns, by classifying all that might affect their secret authority - not to mention the inconvenient fact that everything about Cheney's huge little hidy-hole is completely illegal!

    This is what America gets when too many of us decided to turn away from our public place in World Affairs. Very soon now - it looks like "The Decider" will need to be dealth with, before he and his puppetmasters get us all ever deeper into a cycle of wars that no one will be able to survive. . . .

    Why not give your local media a call or write about just how it is that we seem to have lost a president, and gotten "The Decider" as the one hangover that we never thought we'd ever have!

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