The Spirits see it coming

The Creator has given His human creations the freedom to choose their destiny. Even the most powerful spirits in the invisible world are not allowed to interfere; they have to respect the choices human beings make. And this is why, for millions of years, human beings have lost their way, struggled and suffered, and nothing or no-one has intervened. These spirits know that one day even the most stubborn of human beings will come to understand they have made the wrong choice. So, patiently they wait. Those human beings who want to become heroes, saints, sons or daughters of God, are left to travel their chosen path. And it is the same for those who want to become criminals; they too are allowed to do as they choose because the spirits know the laws and say: 'Poor soul, he will inevitably come unstuck.' The spirits see it coming, but they have to leave everyone to live their own experiences and draw their own conclusions. We are therefore free to do as we wish, but before we exercise this freedom it is best to realize there are laws and these laws will punish us if we act inappropriately and they will reward us if we make the right choices.

"More than six billion human beings inhabit the earth, but how many of them genuinely wish for the peace and happiness of humanity? So very few! And when these few raise their voices they are quickly stifled by the clamour of those who, consciously or not, only want to dominate others and seize their lands and riches. This is why the celestial entities, seeing how few people are capable of voting in favour of peace and well-being for all, have no choice but to leave humanity to its sad lot.

Without realizing it, human beings are participating, for good or ill, in a collective endeavour. If the voices of the altruistic and enlightened increase in number – or even if, without increasing their numbers they become more powerful and convincing – the decision will be taken in favour of the kingdom of God and the Golden Age. But people themselves must tilt the balance in this direction, for the spirits on high do not intervene. They are content, shall we say, to register the votes."

"The twofold nature of man - human and divine - places him between the lower and higher worlds. It is up to him to decide and choose the divine principle within him, the spirit. But you will say, 'Why doesn't the spirit impose itself upon him, since it is almighty?' Fire is also almighty, it can burn everything; but just light a candle and see how feeble the flame is; it goes out at the least breath. The spirit is weak like fire; if you do not nourish it, it cannot do anything. This is what you must finally understand. Do not just stay there waiting, relying on the omnipotence of the spirit: if you do nothing to attract it or hold it, it too will do nothing. The spirit is almighty up above, but here on earth it cannot do anything until you give it the right conditions for its expression. It is up to you, therefore, to be determined and to give priority to the spirit."

"It is possible to escape human justice, but it is impossible to escape divine justice. Why? Because these two forms of justice are not of the same nature.
Divine justice cannot touch human beings externally, but it touches them inwardly. There are criminals who have always managed to escape human justice, but inwardly they are being destroyed: their health, their psychic state, everything is falling apart. On the face of things they are still holding up, but gradually they will disintegrate, because it is the inner realm that nourishes them, that sustains the edifice, and if the inner realm collapses, then one day the outer realms will also fall. This is how divine justice makes itself known. And even if its sanctions are not immediately visible, they are instantaneous: the moment a man is disobedient, something in him darkens, something is disturbed. Even if it takes years for this disintegration to appear externally, it is already taking place inwardly."

"The fundamental mission of religion is to help human beings return to the state of peace, joy and light they enjoyed in the beginning when they were still in the bosom of the Eternal. They are far less interested in the origin of creation itself, which is to say, in the efflux from the centre. For example, Moses wrote only one page to explain how God created the world and why Adam and Eve were driven from Paradise. Philosophers, theologians and great initiates have taken an interest in this question, of course, but on the whole they have not considered it a subject sufficiently worthwhile for human beings to bother about. Their concern is rather to find ways of convincing people to return to their place of origin, and to offer them methods for getting there. Human beings left Paradise and strayed from the divine source; we know this, and there is no use emphasizing it. What is important for them now is to discover the path back to their true country, to their celestial homeland."

"During the course of history, human beings have experimented endlessly, with varying degrees of success, to try and find the best form of government. Is it monarchy, the republic, oligarchy, synarchy?… Actually, there is no ideal solution: whatever form government may take, order, peace and harmony will never prevail until human beings learn to establish order, peace and harmony within themselves. And for this ideal state to be achieved, they must first understand the structure of the human psyche.

Human beings have a mind, a heart and a will. They use the mind for thinking, the heart for feeling and the will for action. These three factors are the means by which they manifest themselves on earth. When they succeed in establishing wisdom in their minds, love in their hearts and power in their will, they achieve a trinity within themselves that resembles the divine Trinity of light, warmth and life. This is how they have dominion over their own existence. And then, it doesn’t matter what form of government is in place. If we want to establish order, peace and harmony in the world, we have to begin at the beginning, that is, with human beings themselves, once they have become the head, the king, of their own kingdom."

"We should not be surprised that criminals are proliferating. The reason for this is the darkness that reigns in people’s minds. Since criminals require darkness in order to act, they profit from these favorable conditions. But if people were to increasingly develop their faculties of intuition and clairvoyance, for example, the ideas being conceived in the minds of criminals would be detected immediately. Thoughts emit waves, and it is these waves which would warn people of the dangers threatening them. When the day comes that criminals are caught before they act, they will have no choice but to renounce their schemes. No human law, no police force, well-organized though it may be, is powerful enough to eradicate criminals. They will exist until humans light their inner lamps and open their spiritual eyes. At this point, criminals will realize that their reign is over, and they will be forced either to disappear or to transform themselves."


"The one who is able to comprehend the Law of Love will be able to comprehend one-third of the One Reality; the one who is able to comprehend the Law of Wisdom will be able to comprehend two-thirds of the One Reality; and the one who is able to comprehend the Law of Truth will be able to comprehend the Whole of the One Reality. This is the one who will become the Man of Wisdom: the one who is able to attain whatsoever he desires. He can take up his Wand and transform all human suffering.

"Some people are in their first stage of life, that is to say: Love. It is required of man that he begins with Love. Others are in the second stage: Wisdom. A few are in the third stage: Truth. Man will continue to suffer until that time when he is able to comprehend the Laws of Love, Wisdom and Truth.

"What is Truth? Truth is that which makes Love and Wisdom comprehensible to man. To point out the transgressions of others - this is not the truth. The Truth offers Resurrection. That which brings resentment and death - this is not the truth. Truth is that which offers Freedom.

"The one who is not truthful will continue to experience death and reincarnation. You have known the Truth in another time, but you have forgotten. Truth abides within your souls. Learn to speak Her Language. Unless you know Her Language, She cannot speak to you. She can speak only to those whose hearts tremble with Love and whose minds are filled with Light. When a person's heart is in discord and when his mind is disturbed, he cannot perceive the Truth."

One brother asked, "What is the significance of the elimination of falsehood for the human existence?"

"The one who lies brings suffering upon himself. No one who lies can evolve. Lying is the only thing which does not produce a gain. For example, if you pay someone with counterfeit money, you will be paid back with the same. In this way, a person brings suffering upon himself through falsehood. The one who lies is foolish because he does not comprehend the consequences. He may deceive and outwit you, but he does not understand that he will be discovered and must suffer the consequences.

"Why should you not lie? That you may not die, that you may not lose the whole Blessing of Life. If Truth does not abide in you, then Life will not abide in you. Your lie may appear to be insignificant - inconsequential - but it carries immense negative consequences. And so, the Invisible World forgives many transgressions and errors, but not falsehood. Falsehood is the most difficult error to forgive because its consequences are the most severe and it carries within itself all other error. If you dwell in falsehood, you will be as one who is blind, mute and deaf (to the Truth).

"With truthfulness, you always gain; and with falsehood, you always lose. At first, your loss may appear to be imperceptible, but falsehood has its consequences. For example, you tell a lie and later - when you return home - either you will break a glass or your wife or your child will become ill.

"The lies of a person cannot remain concealed: they will always be found out. Even the least lie - over time - will cause a person to go astray. The word 'lie' contaminates: it is toxic. The use of this word must be avoided as much as possible. Instead, one can say: that the 'truth' has been stretched or that the 'truth' has not been presented rightly. When you have been deceived, do not speak of it lest you become contaminated."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)