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Thread: The criminal who ushered in civil war and secession

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    Default The criminal who ushered in civil war and secession

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    I believe the author is wrong to a degree. Yes they want to demonize conservatives but when you look at the big picture EVERYONE is being targeted. Nobody is getting left out, including leftists. Democrats are not special and don't have a privilege, it's the U.S. citizen who they want to demonize as the enemy and even Democrats are figuring that out. People have to be waking up to the idea that this is all nonsense with the corona virus bullshit going on. It's madness for sure. I'd like to think that Americans realize that things are not what they seem.

    The populist WallSteetBets movement is unifying people and the tyranny is out in the open for all to see. There is supposed to be some kind of Occupy Wall St. thing going on Sunday, 31 Jan 2021 in relation to the GameStop short squeeze. I don't think a state or states are going to succeed from the overall U.S. if this gets worse. But what I do think will happen is that people will find their local leaders and make them pay once they catch up with them. People are seeing right thru this bullshit we have going on in the U.S. People who go along with the tyranny will be hunted and dealt with on the most personal basis. The power structure in the U.S. fears the people and they have a right to with the 2nd Amendment in place. Remember that political power comes out of the barrel of a gun, the pen is broken.

    I have a CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card in PDF form if you need it Sven or any other ZenZoneForum member. All I need is a place to send it to. Or you can go to www.rense.com and underneath the 24/7 News section (middle section) look for it and "scroll down" because that's where I downloaded the PDF file from. You never know when it might come in handy.

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