All People who work for Peace, Love, Wisdom, Truth & God's Kingdom on Earth are His Chosen Ones & part of God's Israel

To belong to God's Israel you have to work for Peace, Love, Wisdom, Truth, ... it doesn't matter if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, ... Palestinian, Israeli, Saudi', Iranian, Turk, German, American, French, Italian, ...

"How can we define human beings? The lower and higher natures are so inextricably bound in them, it is impossible to say where the one finishes and the other begins. The Divinity dwells in all beings, even the least evolved; the difference lies in their awareness. God is present in the coarsest and most amoral people in the same way and just as fully as in a spiritual Master, but because the coarse, amoral people are not aware that the Divinity is living in them, they prevent it from manifesting. And so, in certain beings and places the divine presence does not manifest, because they are closed to it and do not accept it. God exists in us, and he wants to make himself known in all his beauty, power, light and love. It is, therefore, up to us to become aware of this presence and to work at making it live more intensely each day within us."


Only your actions, thoughts and intentions will show God and yourself, if you deserve to be chosen by God for being part of His Israel ... therefore every second you're master of your own destiny ... work on yourself to improve your life and do not trust to much in earthly exceptionalism, false teachings, believes that only by birthright or for being "jewish", you're part of God's Israel ...

One can only hope that Israel's citizens with hearts will listen ...

The New Jerusalem