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Hey Blitzer:

Glad to hear you are well. Lots of changes in my life since the covid thing hit. I haven't bet a game in almost a year and don't know when/if I will.

Just starting to play some blackjack again. But on a very limited basis. I go into casinos when they are not busy and stay home when full. I was doing that anyway.
Hey Moses, I'm glad to hear that you're hanging in there. I hear you on the changes to your life since covid came on the scene. It's affecting everyone and somehow I believe that 2021 isn't going to be any better than 2020. Please don't get the vaccine as I've been hearing bad things about it. If you haven't bet on a sports game in almost a year I couldn't blame you. I've tuned out of professional sports and college sports. I'm tired of their racist, woke, Marxist/Communist agenda of bullshit! There so un-American and I will not support them by watching the games or buying their merchandise. Woke professional sports has become sickening.

I've been staying out of the casinos but not because of covid, it's because of the tyranny that's prevalent within our society. I do not want to conform to these rules. I'd like to play but under the current conditions of covid protocols I'm struggling to get in the car to make the drive to the casino. It sucks because there is a newly built casino close to me that has a poker room. The last casino that I went to was Oaklawn in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 2020. Business down there was booming big time pre-covid and they had more people playing there than the majority of Tunica, MS casinos except for maybe the Horseshoe on a Friday or Saturday night.

Other than that I've been preparing for what may be coming down the pipe in 2021 because if Biden gets in office I don't see this lockdown thing going away. In fact I think it's going to get worse. Biden wants a "dark winter" and will impose a national mask mandate which tells me that they are not going to let up on the bullshit that's been going on. This is going to last for years. Small businesses are getting decimated and I believe we are heading to financial armageddon with all the layoffs, business closures, Federal Reserve money printing, covid restrictions, etc. We're in a medical tyranny right now and I know you realize that. The government never sent me a $1200 relief check the first time around, nor was it directly deposited into my account even though I could put in for it.

Stay safe Moses.