... and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.
Governor Sisolak and I share a curious business origin.

The Conmen of Las Vegas parts 1 & 2, by Arnold Snyder -

Nevada Governor Sisolak: Boiler Room Operator

Yesterday I posted that Nevada Governor Sisolak had ordered a step backward in Las Vegas’ reopening after the Bat Plague shutdown. Specifically, I noted that Sisolak had mandated face masks in public based on a hoax. I opined that Sisolak would use the hoax to crush Nevada’s economy for the November elections and beyond.

Then a long-time acquaintance showed up in the TVO comments section with a very interesting piece of information about the governor. The comment is quoted in full below; here is the link to the original.


The Boiler Room Operator Who Made It Big

Part I of this post is about the early history of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, specifically his early career as, reportedly, a Vegas boiler room operator. The info in that post and this one comes mainly from Zengrifter, an acquaintance of mine for over 30 years, who started his own boiler room career in Vegas in the ’70s, when Sisolak started, and heard of Sisolak from the late Ron Schroeder (the king of Vegas boiler rooms; see below) in the early ’80s.

There is no question that Zengrifter is an expert in this topic and there is no question that Zengrifter was working at boiler rooms in Las Vegas in the 1970s. You can find more info on Zengrifter as well in Part I.

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