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Thread: Rob Singer: Are you listening to yourself?

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    Default Rob Singer: Are you listening to yourself?

    Rob: I'd say you pretty much have KJ nailed dead to rights. But what's the point? Are you trying to win some forum congeniality contest? No offense meant.

    Now, KJ states he is not going to respond to you anymore. What a stupid thing to do! He and 21Forme do this all the time. IF you're not going to respond then don't respond. But saying so? Who gives a fuck? Then you do and you just lied AGAIN! Dumb Asses!

    Translation Rob, your flood gates just opened wide. In essence, they are running because they don't have the courage to stand up against you. Sadly, it seems that is what many Americans do when things get tough nowadays. Close theirs eyes and hope trouble goes away. You, Alan, Mickey, and Axel, even MaxPen talk about standing up for your rights. Time to do so. No? KJ just threatened to “out” many of your guys. What are going to do about it?

    You stated it's easy to find someone. Yes and No. With all due respect Rob, pardon me for asking. But if it's so easy then why haven't you done something with it? I have KJ's first name and email address. The dumb basted posted it several times at WOV, Gamblers Forum, and VCT in his little troll wars with Norm and Shack. Some guy named Larry was constantly calling him out at Glen's forum and on VCT. Called him by his first name. I'm fairly certain I know that guy. If so, he is definitely one crazy mother fo. He loves to antagonize people until they get up and leave in the sports book. Then, he repeats at the next casino. If HE knew how to reach KJ? Holy shit.

    KJ started a war with El Cortez casino and constantly brags about making $100K annually. Talking about insulting EITS and pit bosses. Here is the deal. Casinos clearly are not in business to lose money. They don't HAVE to always play fair. Most don't give two shits about AP's and would love to make them disappear.

    He posted his perceived wrongdoing from El Cortez on many sites. Norm at BJTF closed the thread and banned him again after KJ snuck on as Spiderman because he deemed the world should know about his perception of being cheated. But blackjackinfo has a host of information about the incident. Even lately, he claims to have made $100k in just 5 months. Odd, considering he spends most of his time in forum troll wars, getting robbed, faking deaths, in hospitals, and running around naked in front of his mother.

    The most important thing a high ranking official in casino management told me years ago was NEVER insult the EITS. Basically, KJ's claims of easy money serves as the biggest insult to EITS possible. So he wants to take on El Cortez? You push the envelope, so to speak.

    The list of casinos I posted here in the Las Vegas area which lead to Midwest Player starting a thread Moses you are Full of Shit. My purpose was to have the list available and give it to others. Of course, idiot KJ focused on the list, speaking to which ones were good and bad. That is a fairly good indication of where/if he plays. No?

    KJ has made hundreds of enemies. Imagine, if one, just one, copied his quotes of making easy money and sent it to every casino manager (from that list) in Vegas along with his name and home address. That would stir things up in the real world for “KJ the great.” What if Shack and Norm did it as a payback for all his ridiculous rantings he has made at them directly? He has been crying and playing the Poor Poor KJ card for years. Suppose their legions of followers also complied to show support for their leader. OR say 10% of the people KJ has pissed off. How about 90%. Yikes!

    What if someone just blindly walked into El Cortez, asked for the manager, showed them KJ's comments from Blackjackinfo. And simply ask to see the cheating machines? OF course, first you would state your purpose is a friend and not an opposition to the casino. What you don't think the casinos have connections that could shut KJ up? Plus they'd be receiving his name and address on a silver platter at the peak of anger.

    See KJ. There are worse things than getting your ass kicked. You want to be mad at me and tell lies? Fine. I don't give a shit. Actually, the person you are hurting is Tater the homeless guy. But he doesn't give a shit either. He has nothing to lose and many friends...far far more than me. His friend the PI will do more free work for Tater than I would want to pay for because you're not worth much.. You've pissed off a lot of folks around here with your lies and accusations about a well-known and well-liked homeless person. You think Tater is me? Fine, keep thinking that dip shit. It works to my advantage. Your lies and accusation are not even close to what I'm all about. You went to law enforcement? I say you're a LIAR. Prove me wrong and supply the case #, phone #, and officer who gave you all this false info. I'd really like to have a chat with their supervisor. Put up or shut up KJ.

    Go ahead get Tasha, 21 Forme, and all your peeps on your side in your little fantasy world. They won't do shit for you when it gets real.

    There are hundreds posters and lurkers who don't like KJ. I'm just one poster. However, far more determined than others who only voice their opinion with endless debates with KJ on some forum. Consider the long arm of extension Norm might have and all you've said about him right here on Zen Zone funny farm (as you call it) and at Gamblers Forum. You continue to bait and berate Shack from WOV. That being said, they seem like good ole boy's. Hmmm. I doubt it. You want the last word? Fine, you got it queer bait. Maybe I can't find you. But someone who lives much closer to you than me can AND will.

    Point is, many of the AP's KJ threatened to “out” live in Vegas. Just sayin, payback is a bitch. Why wait for him to do it first? Poor poor KJ. Always the victim. This time make him be right and really BE a victim.. What the fuck is he really going to do? Who is going to be pissed? Tasha, 21Forme, and Vegas Lover from Amsterdam? Big deal. What will they do? Make a few nasty sniveling posts. So, what else is new?

    Go back at VCT and read the post where KJ is bragging about selling one property and buying another. Of course, the idiot had to tell everyone all about it even after MaxPen warned him he was giving out way too much info. Max was right. Go to a library and review the Real Estate section of the Sunday paper during that time frame. There is a listing of properties sold, the buyers and sellers name. Or if you have a close friend in the Real Estate business, they can pull it up for you. Generally, it's a long list but mostly for New Home Builders.

    For instance, it will say Pulte as selling and John Doe as the buyer. But their will be a select few that say Joe Doe and the seller of one property and buyer of another. That narrows the list a good bit. I suspect this is why MaxPan was trying to tell him he was giving out way too much info. But KJ, the queen of his own fantasy world, didn't see it that way. And there you go Larry.
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    Idoit KJ can't help it and draws more attention to himself bt playing the victim at VCT. Thanks dip shit. Well done.

    130Q is running around like Mr. Tough guy. Taking on casinos, moderators, and the top APs at VCT. Not to mention all the potential lurkers you've insulted on past forums.

    That GED is really paying off. What a dumb ass!

    Drama boy. Since when is driving 59 in a 55 zone 3 years ago a criminal act? That is all you will find. Never been in jail, never a mental instutution, never received anything from the government. Never ask. Never needed it. That is all just an excuse because you cant face you fears. You're not happy with their actions?

    Give me a phone number, case #, and officer who provided the false info to you. I will call his supervisor directly.
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    You don't run and hide? That is all you do. Lie, then run, then hide. You dont have one ounce of man in your entire body. Drama boy is finally getting drawn out into the open.

    ...And you're doing it to yourself. Post 88 of El Cortez thread you threatened to shoot me. Why? Because you're a coward who runs and hides.
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    Rob Singer writes: Kew won't listen to reason, and he has no "real life". He habitually blames his woes on everybody but himself, and he is anal about needing to be perceived as being EXACTLY the type of person he's concocted on the forums. Anyone who doesn't agree with "the world according to kew" is a hater and a bully--which by the way is precisely what he is. His character is overrun with conflict and he thrives on it. Witness his many long and rambling posts which, as has already been said, radiate bloviated simplicity.

    Exactly. Excellent summary of the queer tard.

    Kew you have so many neurotic hangups. Get a grip and wise up. You go into a psychotic rant over axel, then all you do is bring up his name almost a dozen times.

    ...And there you go cyber police and FBI.

    I'm wondering....who appears in KJ's wet dreams more: me or him?

    Hmmm. Let's go with Rob for $500 Alex. I mean Axel.

    Smurgerburger writes: This has got to be the most convoluted and pointless feuds in the history of the net. I love it.

    Gee thanks, Smorm. It sure took the Queer tards focus of you. No?

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    Default Vegas Real Estate at VCT

    So, according to posts by Dan Druff and Max Pen at VCT, KJ thinks he is too high and mighty to meet with any of the other lowly considered posters. A trend with KJ is he thinks whatever he does he just great and whoever crosses him his evil. Ironic, how is list of evil doers is growing and growing while his list of supporters continue to shrink.

    A review of the Vegas Real Estate thread and a crafty real estate agent would find KJ in a heartbeat. MaxPen was willing to take on wagers about how quickly he could find KJ based on the information given. No one took him up on the bet.

    His home in Cloud county was placed on the market around June 24, 2018. It had a large backyard with a pool and new flooring. The home was worth around $200k was listed with a lady Realtor. Having a pool would shrink the list of possibilities considerably. It sold quickly above the asking price.

    Rob Singer speaks of the day KJ threatened to kill him in this thread. There you go cyber police and FBI. Baiting and threatening is a clearly trend with KJ. Coach Belly, Rob Singer, Shack, Norm, Tater, just to name a few. So I'm wrong for accepting his threats at me? Poor Poor KJ Always the Victim.

    KJ and his brother purchased a 2 Bed 2 Bath high rise condo for considerably less than $200k around 7/15/18. They moved in around 8/1/18. Two guys listed on a deed is rare by comparison. More than likely, they both have the same last name. That should narrow it down a good bit.

    Dan Druff...you really should be checking the list of registered sex offenders in KJ's area. According to Mickey, 95% of child molester are queers. Of course, there is a 5% KJ isn't on it. However, he certainly has the characteristics. A self absorbed coward who has to force people to like him. Those that don't will pay a price? Maybe THAT'S why he doesn't want to meet anyone.

    Star shines so bright
    KJ the star shows his light
    Shines it on the parking lot
    So all can see he's a little twat
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    Default more news from Queer Tard land

    KJ writes: The person showed up twice in 7 days attempting to get by security and into the building, once claiming to be a friend of mine.

    Hilarious. KJ doesn't have any friends! You'd think security would know this!

    KJ writes: Building security had me identify this person on the security footage.

    Sounds like someone wants to smack the drama queen in his alligator mouth and kick his fairy “tail” hummingbird ass. It's clear from KJ's posts that he is a queer tard. People don't just go out and run half marathon's. They train for them. So he is probably doing some running in the mornings or on weekends. I doubt he is running during the heat of the day because he is a wimp.

    So, you're looking for a mid-30's Pee Wee Herman in a jogging suit. Probably bright colors because he craves attention. His comings and goings from the building would be fairly easy to deduce. Just look at when he is “not” posting. He managed to injure his elbow playing volleyball. Who the hell does that? So he can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Plus the drama boy probably has a big cast or sling for pitty.

    He always has to announce he is “off to work” and that is between 10.30AM and 11AM weekday morning. Keep watching, the gay tard will announce where is going on the weekends too. Like a gay parade, or Church of the Queer or a fun run - for squirrels only.

    Now, the same jogger will be bopping in and out of casinos with short stays at blackjack tables and constantly typing on a laptop when he is not sitting a table. Probably at a spot where there are outlets because he'd run a battery dry with his numerous daily lengthy posts.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    KJ is a schizo
    and KJ is too.

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