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Thread: Rob Singer: Are you listening to yourself?

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    Bosox asks: PlayAllin are you Singer?

    I don't think so Bo. I suspect Singer has been on Blackjackinfo under a different handle. Rob wouldn't call me a pup. Especially after I honored him with the distinction of his own thread at ZZ.

    Hmmm. Flash would though!

    PlayAllin responds to Bosox: No

    Moses asks: So you're not Singer. Do you know the difference between a baby and an opera director?
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    Default self ban?

    Rob requests self ban at VCT.

    Tasha 16 writes: Oh no, please don't go.

    Keystone writes: You are probably on of the reasons he is leaving, you fuckin bird brain.

    Moses writes: Hil-friggin-alarious. Why not just stop posting?

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