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Thread: Bosox Forum Detective

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    Default For those who've never...

    had anyone.

    OMG! I so wanna fucking kill myself!

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    Default You know you are a degenerate gambler if

    Bosox; You decide to tackle a small home plumbing job that turns into an all-day affair, where a plumber would have finished the job in 20% of the time for a cost between $400 and $500. The next day you head to the casino and in about two hours lose $5k. Later when you're back at home you call your best friend and tell him about the two-day story. His reply is why did you not hire the plumber in the first place? And you respond with do you think that money grows on trees? Of course, he says how can you say that with the following casino loss. You quickly respond with oh that is a small negative blip in the road, not to be taken seriously. The math will take care of itself.


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