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Thread: Bob/T3 on forum feuds;

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    Bob. I cant tell if you guys enjoy all the bickering at VCT or not. FWIW, I like you guys. But it's become mundane and repetitive.

    If you, Bosox, The Boz, Crimster, monet, and keystone and MaxPen simply stopped replying to KJ he would be in the same pickle as he is at blackack info. No Audience.

    TMTR lately. But your group could have some intelligent discussion here. Several different sub forums. I guess folks have a problem with Zengriter. Bosox has more knowledge as to why than me. I do not have a problem. He has been fair with me.

    Im about done with forums as my mission is accomplished. IMO a group of educated, savvy guys, and thought provoking posts are disrupted at VCT from a halfwit queer. Dont get me wrong. I like Rob. But damn. Enough already.
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    Hmmm. Let's do the math. The queer tard drama queen has been banned from or dislikes more forums than one could imagine. He's is the most hated individual on the sights. Yet, people can't resist responding.

    It reminds of the gal that boinked 39,000 men and claims everyone of them is a bad fuck. Maybe it's her?


    Mr Bosox, Mr. Monet, Mr Crimm, Boberino, and others. Don't get me wrong. You guys are very witty and your replies to the queer gaboy are great. Usually, funny as hell. However, if you don't respond? Game over. History proves it from blackjack info and Dt. He has everything he wants at bjinfo. Guess what! No one posts. No audience or stage for KJ the great.

    My point is, you all are very intelligent, savvy, down to earth dudes. Big Dogs, if you will. I'm fairly certain you can continue on with logical conversations without the puppy boy toy. No?

    Hell, I'm even smart enough to avoid a political debate with Boberino. He's like that Big Russian said to Apollo Creede. "You will Lose." But not KJ. He gets right in there and makes an ass of himself. It's really hard to read. A massacre.

    For KJ to try to swap with Bosox? Same thing. A massacre. I've been there. I know. Clearly my toughest opposition. You'd better know yourself, who you are, and not lie. IF you don't? He will expose you. Keep it real.

    KJ is too weak to stand up to those guys.
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    Monet writes; You probably faked this whole story of you and your brother catching the Chinese Virus.I thought the same thing monet. Kj made it up. Since Kj is a drama queen, he needs to make things up to gain attention.

    Bob21 writes:
    Over at DT, he said he got the Chinese virus and nobody even commented on it. I think they’ve already figured Kj out and see he just goes around trying to get attention.

    So what does Kj do? He comes back over here to troll the whole community. Kj is just a very distruptive human being. It’s surprising he’s only been bannned on 4 forums.

    I can only imagine what it was like to be his parents raising him, while he was constantly making up stores to garner attention.

    Moses writes: BINGO! 21forme has even given up on standing up for him. Lots of kids runaway from home. KJs parents ran away.

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    A poster child for not taken forums too seriously is Kj. He’s a mess. Forums have messed Kj up so much I question if he can even function normally in society anymore.

    Moses writes: And there was a time he could?

    Bosox writes: Bob, as you know things change quickly. I threw her a slow one right down the middle, now I think she will hit a slam off of me.

    Moses writes: Lots names with cookie lately. Oreos and milk. There is nothing better for sleep. Hope this little cookie doesnt decide to hug the plate. Bosox has a wicked fastball high and inside.
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    Bob writes:Counting isn’t hard and it doesn’t take much to get an advantage over the casino. I agree with Eliot in that I can spot counters very quickly, like in a couple mins. Heck, before coronavirus I most the time could spot them as they were sitting down at the table. Most are excatly what all the books say a stereotype counter looks like, white, 25 to 40, semi-intelligent looking, no personality type, etc

    Moses writes; It's not about counting cards. It's about MONEY. Card counters believe knowing and having the discipline to hit every threshold will make them money.

    Somebody has to win. Otherwise, the stigma goes away and no one plays. However, to win on regular basis and play within casino tolerance? It's about Advantages. Not thresholds.

    Speed leads to greed. Game selection is key. Let the game come to you. Dont brag. Dont cry. Dont get greedy. Maybe you will then survive. Our game is only as strong as the most twtichy manager.
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    Bob writes:
    For the record Bosox, if I was managing a casino, I’d be throwing out counters much quicker than I see going on. I’d throw some of them out before they even sat down. Lol

    Moses writes: C'mon Bob. Put the count on a tote board behind each table and watched players really start to lose money.

    Btw, Max Rubin is not much different. He trains his employees to spot counters and throw them out. And I can’t blame him.

    That is like saying if I had your kind of money I'd burn mine.

    What’s wrong with only wanting losing players? Name me one business where they want a couple customers who they are okay losing money to? You can’t.

    Because if you convince everyone they can't win? They won't play. I've done jobs at cost. It's great advertisement.

    This is just good business practice to get rid of your non-profitable customers. I’m surprised so many APs struggle to understand this.

    Sorry Boberino. I disagree. IF they do this? IT means they are buying the KJ line of bullshit. Get in, get paid, get out. Don't be greedy. And for Gawds sake, STFU on forums. You're an idiot KJ. And you ruin it for everyone.

    That’s why I tip and try to be likeable when I go to casinos. I know I’m not adding value, so I just hope they don’t throw me out, because if I was in their shoes, I would.

    Smart Man. Consider it a cost of doing biz.

    You got to remember, the casinos are the good guys. We’re the parasites. Lol. Please don’t get too riled up. I’m just stating how I see it. I get other people see it differently.

    Parasites is a strong word. If you want respect? You give respect. Be nice - Play nice.
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    Bob 21 writes to KJ:That is in the past tense and it seems like you are always saying it does not help yourself or one single advantage player. You never pass an opportunity to let everyone know, one way or another of your good fortune. After sixteen years of earning a living at a tough profession, you would think at some point in time that you would learn that AP Play is a thankless job without glory and that real AP's get their respect by Keeping their mouths shut. You wonder why I now am backing up someone at ZZ who plays single deck games and yes I know that is in fact like playing a whole new entirely different game, it is simple you hurt future players while you do not realize it. Moses and I play games that are completely different but I consider him a real AP as you will never figure it out anyway.

    Moses writes: Bob and Bosox. Thanks for the recognition. This, THIS is what I thought blackjack forums were going to be about. Simply put, exchanging ideas to improve each others game. KJ is so predictable, I already know what he will say. But no, I don't just play blackjack. There are a few ventures that go into the overall picture. No there is NOT any government assistance. Just hard several years of hard work, prudent living, and decent investing.

    Blackjack does take up a great deal of my time. But I enjoy the competition and the practice, research, and study required to improve. So what the hell! It keeps me out of trouble. My game is not only different from yours. But damn near a direct opposite approach. I took me awhile to figure that out because there is no one else on the single deck island. The break has been good. Constant work focused on blackjack. Not so much finding what works. Rather throwing out what doesn't work. Winning a session is easy. It's the crap that gets in ones head when losing is what you have to worry about. So the question "did I to everything possible to win" are crucial. You don't get that from just reading a book. You get it from hard work and experience.

    My game is the best it's ever been. Like I used to tell my kids. Time off is NOT a vacation. It's an acceleration point against the competition.
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    Bob writes: Moses, I read your post, and your criticism of me on backing off counters. I was probably too strong on what I said, and how quickly I said i’d kick some of these young kids out. But some of them have really got on my nerves.

    I don’t have any casinos in my town, but there are a couple within about 100 miles of me. I consider these my home turf, which are mostly located in small poor towns. Well, these arrogant AP kids come into my home turf, and they just have no respect for anybody. Not all APs are like this, but a good chunk of them are.

    Moses writes: I only play straight up. For one thing. Punks would drive me nuts. More importantly, I want the decision of whether the next card comes to me or to the dealer.

    What pisses me off is when I’m playing DD with one of them and we’re both counting and we both know each other are counting, since we’re moving our bets in tandom like synchronized swimmer, and then when the count goes negative they step back from the table and act like they’re talking on their phone, making me eat the negative hands. Obviously, I don’t stay around long when that happens.

    IF you employed a column count then you wouldn't always be in tandem. I read about your abilities. So I think you have some idea of what I'm saying. Plus you can often turn a negative deck into a positive return.

    I never do that when I’m playing with another counter. If we both know we’re counting, we should both stay at the table and eat negative hands together, especially with DD. That’s just being respectful of a fellow AP.

    The Serenity prayer is all I know to tell you.

    The other thing that kind of pisses me off is how they will sometimes win a fair amount of money, like in the $2,000 to $5,000 range and then leave the table without giving the dealer even a single dollar tip. I’ve seen this happen more than once.

    Here is the deal Bob. That guy will go lose that amount at the next casino. But the pit boss doesn't want losses on his watch. So he gets too strict and the casino loses money. Sammy Davis JR song. "I gotta be me" is all you can do. But make sure you are not a threat. Casino Tolerance. Many dealers and pit bosses will respect a decent player with a low profile who tips.

    I’m sure they then go on some forum and brag about how they won all this money and didn’t leave a tip.

    That was one of my biggest complaints about BJA. One of their core tentents is to not tip. BJA basically believes APs should keep everything for themselves, and have no respect for casino employees, who make below minimum wage.

    I guess I don’t have much tolerance for people who have no respect for their fellowman. Dealers and casino employees are just doing their jobs. They are in the entertainment industry. Part of their income comes from tips.

    IT's just business Bob. The guy I'd worry about is the one who can lose with dignity and still tip graciously. Make sure he is not a threat. KJ wouldn't worry me in the least. Too much drama to compete at such a volatile game. He worries more about Singer than his game. What a LOSER!

    So these type of APs, who come into a poor rural town and crap on the casinos and don’t even leave a one dollar tip, yeah, these are the ones I’d ban almost immediately.

    My experience with small town casinos is it's impossible to get a decent game.

    The problem is the casino staff isn’t trained well, so these APs get away with a lot more than I’d allow. I would not allow going from $10 to $500 when the count is +4 or higher, and then wonging out in most negative counts.

    A +4 is only produces maybe 50.50% wins to 49.50% losses. The bad streaks are too long and the good ones get your banned. Shoes belong on your feet. Unless you're Cool Hand Luke like Bosox or Freighter. T3 is no idiot. Sometimes I think he was writing it all out to himself. There were some gems in there. But you had to look.

    In my book that’s not playing fair with casinos, and it’s grounds for banning. Who knows when I retire I might go into consulting for small rural casinos.

    You would be a great consultant for many types of businesses.
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    Bob writes: Also, to me the bigger point is who cares how someone makes their money, as long as they are doing it legally. I’m pretty sure Eliot makes a lot more than Kj, so that makes Eliot more successful, if we’re judging people by income.

    Moses writes: It's not what you make. It's what you keep. And how you invest it.

    Contrary to what Kj thinks, there is nothing special about making money by being an AP.

    I agree. KJ thinks whatever he does is something spectacular. I can't believe anyone is buying his load of crap. The best defense is a good offense. This speaks to why he such a drama queen over Singer. WTF difference does it make? He has ruined forums and will eventually ruin the game of blackjack. Almost single handedly.

    Who would most people rather be, a low-level AP, who only makes about $100,000 a year, or a rich lawyer, who makes about $1 to $2 million a year, but losses about $100,000 to $200,000 a year in casinos?

    I (and I expect most people) would rather be the rich lawyer who enjoys going to Vegas a couple times a year and being treated like royalty and loses some money. I expect Kj would rather be the low-level AP earning $100,000 a year since he thinks anybody who goes to casinos for fun is stupid.

    This is a real example since I know both these people. One, Kj (the low-level AP) I know through forums, and the other one, a rich lawyer, I know through my former gf.

    All 3 of my kids made over $100k last year. It was my youngest first year to reach this milestone. She bought a house, has insurance, matching 401k, etc. etc. So after 16 years KJ has done what? Shares a condo with his brother. The math doesn't add up. Nor does simple logic or basic common sense.

    You, Bosox, Freighter, MickeyCrimm, blitzer, and others are welcome to come roll with me for a few days. I have nothing to hide. But see if you can run with KJ. Not going to happen. KJ's method is to
    point fingers at others. But the thumb is pointed right back at him.

    But it’s hard to see Kj enjoying his life because he picks a fight with everybody, and I mean everybody. He must have some underlying issues he’s dealing with, or maybe he should look for another job, which can give his life some meaning.

    Defending oneself is a big part of casino life. There is always some ass hole running his mouth. Probably the reason KJ hides behind his mouse on forums is because he can't defend himself in casinos. Defending yourself doesn't mean running to security.

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    Bob, Bob, Bob. Wait! O hell I've got 4. BOB

    You're fighting so many alligators that your forgetting the idea was to drain the swamp. Personally, I think you're a very bright guy and the potential to be one helluva blackjack player. IF you're not already. But yes, you do love to debate and your are damn good at it. But lately, you want to debate damn near everything. Just saying maybe consider picking better spots.

    A thought is don't let your debate skills take away from your growth in blackjack knowledge. I am sorry, but I disagree with your assessment of Bosox and Freighter being part of the cult at BJTF. I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure they walk to the beat of their own drums and are not going to be pushed around by anyone.

    Just something you might consider is all.

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