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Thread: More Lies From KJ the queer tard

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    Default More Lies From KJ the queer tard

    I never threatened to shoot you. What fun would that be? I'm far more a shit kicker than a shooter. I'd much rather hear you scream, cuss, and cry by knocking the snot out of you.

    I went back to find the post. It was you who threatened to shoot Tater if he came near you. When I read 21Forme old posts? I wanted to shoot myself. What a boring fucker! I thought Flash, the Baffling Blue ink Bullshit Buffoon was bad. No wonder 21fuckme keeps his post at 1 or 2 lines. IF he threw a party, the one who shot themselves playing Russian Roulette would be the winner. They wouldn't have to listen to his boring ass another second.

    But many believe you need a spanking since you carry on like a brat. Who better than me? I will find you. You may or may not know it when I do. My guess is your candy ass is hardly worth kicking. But your stupid “career” might be worth ruining.

    Crazy is only beginning queer tard. I may follow you from table to table and break rules of AP etiquette. Maybe I pay someone else, like Mickey or Rob or Axel, play and break the rules. Maybe bring Tater along. He might shoot you just to improve his living conditions.

    I look forward to sitting back and seeing how you manage your time. Spending all those hours chasing variance, counting two tables, and typing all those long posts on forums into a cell phone in a casino. Or do you lug around a laptop all day? EITS to pit boss, EITS to pit boss, that queer carrying a laptop is here again. He's wearing pink shorts and zooming around on roller blades again. Oh yes, it appears he is changing his identity with a new Pee Wee Herman haircut dyed blonde.
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    Default KJ is mentally unstable

    Whomever gave you the legal info about me was wrong. Why don't they contact me? Because it's just another ones of your lies in your fantasy world. Put your money where your mouth is - $29k a week LOSER.

    You're already at the point where no one cares about you and you're all alone. Rob Singer, MickeyCrimm, and Axelwolf are running you off VCT. Who exactly is it you seem to think is still your friend?

    Bosox? Not lately. He finally wised up and realized KJ only cares about KJ.

    21Forme? That's funny. He's a coward and will put his head in the sand at the first sign of trouble. He signed up at Zen Zone and put me on ignore. LOL What a dumb ass! I'm the only poster.

    The Boz? Rarely does he stick up for you. When he does, his advice is usually telling you to STFU for your own good.

    Midwest Player? I doubt it.

    Counting is Fun: That sounds like a puppet handle KJ would come up with. No? Personally, I think you should be “little boy blew” or as some say, “blew little boys.”

    Point is, this forum shit you write won't matter when it's just you and me. But it's unlikely you will know it's me. I doubt that I simply walk up, get in your face, and let you know it's Moses. Clearly, you do not have the guts to back up anything you say on a forum....And in real life? You'd shit yourself.

    Maybe have some viagra and chase it with vodka on Valentines Day. The 3 V's helped the other coward escape from me. Talk about a whole new meaning to the phrase “stiff as a board.”
    Of course, he's dead and will now always be remembered as “Woody the Woodcock.”
    That is a joke cyber police.
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    Default El Cortez Suspected of Cheating

    KJs rant starts with post #47 at blackjackinfo. HE states Tater is Moses. Nonetheless, it's common knowledge that if you incite with the words like, Shut the fuck up or fuck you, a man's next move should be to swing, cover, or duck. Obviously, drama queens handle it by running their mouth and then hiding their ass.

    Post #87. Tater restates he is not Moses and refers to BigJer who has met us both.

    Tater stated I would like to come to Vegas. My column count would identify how the clumps were coming out. I do it all the time. Let's put it this way. The shuffles coming out of a machine are generally more volatile than a hand shuffle. That doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sometimes I can turn it to my advantage. If not, I don't play. Therefore, I'd like to play these alleged “cheating” shufflers at El Cortez.

    Of course, I would kick your ass if you addressed me in person the same way you did and continue to do many others on forums. Who wouldn't? Other than someone not capable of defending themselves. MickeyCrimm wanted to clean your clock just a couple of days ago. Would you rather I just did it without warning? I mean, you pop off and I pop you on your ass. How was I to know you were a 130 lb little wimp? If that's the case. I'd laugh my ass off. I pictured a 6' 200 lb guy in his mid 30s who should be able to back up his words. Especially, against a guy who is 60.

    You've threatened Rob Singer, a 70 year old, many times. I copied and posted your threats to Coach Belly another 70 year old guy. Calling someone a “shitstain” definitely is an invitation to fight.

    I've been in fights. But never considered carrying a gun or a weapon. When it goes down, it happens fast. Quite often, it was a situation when I stood in for someone being harassed who was too old, too young, or too outnumbered to defend themselves. But you're supposed to be a young buck in his mid 30's. You are definitely, the only one I've ever witnessed who is such a wimp and runs his mouth so much.

    Yes, there is freedom of speech. There are also laws about, incite a fight, which have you have done and continue to do often on these forums. You opened with the words Fuck you Axel and threatened to out him just a couple of days ago. Usually, two men just take it outside and settle it. I have no idea how drama queen's handle it. Seems to me you'd learn to keep your mouth shut if you can't back up your words. But you are far and away the mouthiest poster on any forum. Usually someone who spouts off like you do can back it up. I did NOT threaten to shoot you. Rather you threatened to shoot me while defending yourself.

    KJ threatens to shoot me in Post #88. I have printed out each of your threats along with the forum owner/administrator to contact for each forum and should you assault me or force me to shoot you while defending myself, I will just hand them over to the police if/when necessary.

    A perfect example of KJ getting caught in his own lie. Just like he claims I'm homeless, penny less, in jail, and a mental institution. Why? Because he is afraid to face me? All lies and I can PROVE it. Also, a red chip player and $10 sports bettor. I can PROVE him wrong on that as well and will be happy to play him straight up at the black chip level.
    You talk like you can walk the walk. Obviously, all you are capable of is running to the police and your mouth on a forum. I still haven't heard from anyone and again request you supply me with the officer, case #, phone number, so I can request all the info and see who gave you false information.

    Someone (like Bosox) might want to put the bug in Al's ear to suspend KJ until this is resolved. IF I prove him to be a liar, which I will, then the suspension should become a permanent ban. I don't know how to contact Al Rogers. Did you give KJ private information about Tater? The guy KJ describes in detail with alleged info supplied by the cyber police sounds more like Tater than me. I talked to Tater in person at least a hundred times and I don't even know his personal info. I figure it's none of my business. I take people at face value based on who they are rather than what they have. Therefore, I have no idea if or what he receives in government benefits nor for how long. But I DO know I have never received nor ask for a dime from the government, or anyone for that matter, and won't until I apply for SSI in a few years.

    Even then, what business is that of KJ, Bosox, or the cyber police?
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    Default The truth is the truth

    ...And KJ is a monstrous liar.

    More ramblings from KJ at VCT:

    You had NOTHING to do with T3 and Flash leaving BJTF. They continued for months after you were banned at both BJTF and WOV. Kudos to Shack. Man...he is really in your pathetic mind.

    Clearly, your alligator mouth has overloaded your hummingbird ass as Mickey puts it. You've threatened Coach Belly and Singer who are 70 year old guys. But you're afraid of me? No worries, I'm not going to kick the ass of an unwilling participant. Especially a 130 lb queer according to Keystone. Relax cyber police and FBI.

    Btw, if you're looking for a homeless guy who resides in a mental institution, yet gets put in jail, and lives off the government? You've got the wrong guy. He must be a very busy guy and the government must be in a constant state of confusion trying to figure where to send his next check. Now, if KJ will provide the info? You won't have to chase me. I will contact you. Fair enough? When you find the right guy, you will see I've never been in jail, never a mental facility, and NEVER received nor ask for anything from our government or anyone for that matter. I'm a homeowner so the idea of sleeping under a bridge as KJ and Bosox claims seem impractical.

    KJ, all you've accomplished with me is to prove you're an idiot, a liar, a coward, a queer, a simple minded blackjack player, and an excellent hider. I've got your first name, your email, and IP address. That is about as far as I can go without spending money. So I will meet with a PI to see if they can get more info.

    From there, I can do many things which are perfectly legal. Perhaps unethical, but legal. Ironic, it was your AP “friends” you threatened to “out” that told me how to do it. Moron, you might want to play as much blackjack as possible in the real world and post less in your fantasy world. Time is money and you're blackjack career is coming to an end. Good luck on your new career. I'm sure companies are lined up waiting hire a loud mouth pansy queer with a GED.

    Just to show you I'm not all bad. I will ask Tater to secure a spot for you under the bridge.

    Whoa, Mickey said 95% of all queers are child molesters. I did not know that. I wonder what your neighbors would think? I don't know if you're on a sex offenders list or not. But I'm certain a PI will find this out once he determines your name. It's public info. Of course, there is a 5% chance you are not a child molester. Maybe the cyber police should be contacting the FBI to look into your background. No?

    If I were Bosox, I'd stay as far away from you as possible.

    BTW, it is totally obvious Vegas Lover is your alter ego puppet and only posts to defend you when you're in really deep shit. I'd say you set a new record of deep shit you've managed to get yourself into lately. Ass kicker from Amsterdam. Now THAT'S funny!

    This morning marked your 3rd long assed post you made before I responded. Looks like I'm in your head as well as Axel, Mickey, Shack, Norm, and Rob. Your current focus at the tables must be atrocious. LOL What a LOSER!

    Poor, Poor KJ. Always the victim.
    Likes when he gets it in the rectum.
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    KJ writes: Welcome to the forum, Andrew G. I am absolutely fine if you or anyone else don't find me credible and chooses not to be believe my claims.

    Wow. Now there is a whopper of a lie. Forums are filled with KJ rants from those who don't believe his “fairy” tales.

    Then, typically KJ goes on and on...and on.

    Okay, I will call your bluff. I don't you think have the brains God gave a goose. No one can be a ranting queer on several forums, with long diatribes several times a day. Then suddenly turn into a calm collected blackjack player. I will put my money where my mouth is too. I will be the house against you. It's clear why you never get banned. You either don't play or can't play worth a shit. Losing $29k in a week? You're a joke GED.
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    Mr Deitz writes:

    If responding when someone lies about you publicly is "sick and vicious," hell, count me in.

    Then why do you continue to stick up for your little queer friend? KJ is a monstrous liar and biggest coward on earth. Hardly a person you would want associated with your sports betting business. No?

    Mickey writes to KJ:
    You know Wattemberger lurks this site. He googles his name everyday to see what's being said about him. He's watching you ruin what reputation you had with this obsession. People are watching you in the same macabre way they watched Anna Nicole Smith's trainwreck of a life.

    Interesting analogy.

    You have mental issues.

    KJ and Tasha. Birds of a feather.

    Take some time off from this forum and get help.

    Mickey C preaching to the choir. Can I get an "Amen" brother?
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    The Crimm Reaper writes to KJ; You're a maggot piece of shit.

    Run KJ runnnnn! KJ thinks Crimmer is actually starting to “like” him uhgin. And that's all Forrest has to say about that!

    The Crimm Reaper writes to KJ; No one has to discredit you. You do it to yourself....So much for KJ bot bullshit.

    Bots are a big thing in KJ's - APs community of losers. 21Forme counts bots to go to sleep. No sheep is safe. Especially, the queer ones. That was Ba. Baaaa. Baaaaaaad.

    That's funny Ha. Ha and funny queer. Hmmhaw.

    Well said, Karl.

    AndrewG writes to KJ. You're an AP? What is that, Apprentice Pokermon?

    Now THAT was funny! Hmmhaw.

    KJ, Stop acting so high and mighty and shut up. Let Rob tell his story and if you don't like it don't bother.

    Hmmm. Let's go with Andy Griffith for $500 Alex. I mean Axel.

    KJ responds to AndrewG. I suggest you read some of the history of this forum before you say something that. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Ah yes. The art of writing like a queer personified. Few have it. Fewer want it. Or you could just go to KJ's AP community, get a bottle of pop and talk it over with Gomer at the gas station.

    Poor poor KJ only played shoe
    Losers following advice didn't know what to do
    They'd grab him by the ears in the back seat
    Drive down an alley and throw him out in the street

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