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Thread: Moses Column Count Realigned

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    T3 is no idiot. I dont think he could write in such volume without doing the work. But on forums it was like asking the time of day and being told how to build a watch.

    I never could wrap my mind around all his various terms. Is bins TC? How do you get deck compositions out of a number. It had something with the Aces?

    Ive used my down time to do an exhausting study and get around the glitches with CV Data. Ive found my percentage count and tags given 2,7 at .5; 4,5 at 1.5; 3,6 at 1, will produce more large bet opportunities with a strong deck compositions.

    So now I have two counts. Not at same time. But to employ under different conditions. A kudos to T3 for his hardwork. Ive taken a few things from his lengthy renditions and added to improve my game over time.

    Thanks to T3. Tarzan. Gronbog. Bosox. Freighter. Don S. Frank. Norm.

    I dont believe one can make money in this biz without doing the work.
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