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Thread: God is Listening?

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    Default God is Listening?

    A post Ron makes on a gambling forum:

    Hi, my name is Ron. Have you heard what God did for us?


    God gave us his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that we can be saved and go to heaven when we die. Heaven is described as a beautiful place full of joy with no more sorrow, sickness, suffering and death. The good news is that around 2000 years ago the Son of God already paid the penalty for our sins with his own blood when he died for us on the cross. The reason we all think wrong things, say wrong things, and do wrong things is because we were born sinful. People who die without being saved will be separated from the love of God forever suffering in hell and the lake of fire. Jesus qualifies to be our Savior because he is fully God and fully man without sin.

    AND you can absolutely guarantee this? I mean you did make your post on a gambling forum.

    He suffered on the cross and died in our place and was buried for three days and then he came back to life walking out of the tomb defeating death.

    Yes I believe this. But it's from living life and the things I've witnessed. NOT from someone like you telling me that is what I should believe.

    To be saved all you need to do is acknowledge before God that you are a sinner and put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you. Do you believe in your heart the message I just shared with you and will you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord?

    You cannot believe "in your heart" what someone else tells you to believe. IF that were true? We'd all be sending all our money to a TV preacher and there would be no churches. You believe based on your choices and what you "see" during the course of your lifetime. Give your testimony ONLY if someone asks for it. IF you're true, not only to God but, to yourself, then your testimony may or may not lead others to GOD. What? You do not GOD can do HIS job and needs YOUR help? Point is, if you're NOT true to GOD and/or true to yourself, there is not a chance in hell of saving others. DO you really think GOD is proud of you for posting this hairy high school crap on a forum?

    If your answer is yes, then you are saved. Now you can grow in godliness and learn more about God by reading a little everyday the written word of God called the Holy Bible. A good place to start reading the Holy Bible is "Ephesians" and you can find it online for free.

    Well thank you for saving my broken ass Ron. YOUR testimony is about "how" you live "NOT" what you say. Stop knocking on doors, stopping people in the street, and enforcing your WILL on websites. FREE WILL and HUMBLE ADORATION. Think about that before you open your pie hole from now own.

    BTW, The book of JAMES is a much easier, quicker, simplified version to learn about the life of Jesus.
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