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Thread: Is Bob 21 T3?

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    Moses, about all the discussions on what investments mean over at BJTF, I could really care less. if card counters want to call themselves investors then thatís okay with me. Yes, technically they are correct in how they are using this word, but to the common Joe-on-the-street, they would not think of investing in this way. Investing is typically thought of as something you buy and hold and then sell at a much latter date for a profit, if your investment goes as planned.

    I guess I always figured everything I do is an investment of some sort. Even going to church. Ever catch one of those boring sermons?

    Itís interesing that so many APs care so much about this. Why? It shouldnít really matter what we call what weíre doing. Itís the same if I call it using math to beat a game a casino offers, or if you call it investing. Who cares? But the AP community does seem to care. Why? Because it makes what theyíre doing seem more important. I guess itís the same reason some janitors want to be called sanitation engineers (btw, thatís a joke).

    I thought it was interesting that you elevated your debate game to the Big 3. Norm, Don, and Freighter.

    Remember, I never disagreed that the word investing couldnít be used that way. Itís just not the way most people use it. I said many times it was a matter of semantics in how you want to define it.

    Anyway, not a big deal to me, so I backed off. It was good to see that made Norm feel better. I had no idea so many APs cared so much about this.

    I thought your timing of dropping it was on par. However, by comparison, the thread was far more interesting that most of late.

    Since this is so important to the AP community for now on whenever I go to a casino Iíll be telling people Iím going to invest.

    I always view it as going to compete.

    See, Iím learning how to become a true AP, and I still donít have the AP code of conduct manual. Lol

    That conduct manual on a forum is like the Good Book at a Bible study.

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    Default Hi Bob:

    A thought just occurred to me for your AP code of conduct manual. I don't have problem with you using different names on different sites. The problem is you begin to link yourself to anyone. Look at that Nathan character. IT might behoove you to state you are NOT someone when accused. For instance, you're now being linked by 21Forme to UstonZen at BJTF. Probably not a good thing. Just food for thought.

    Anytime a newbie posts with BJTF, or roughs up KJ on a site, the 21Forme idiot or KJ, thinks it me or one of my sources. I wish I could actually claim the fame for it because I think it is funny as hell. But I can't. IT's just the Universe finally catching up to them.
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    Default Hi Bob:

    Bob writes:
    Say what you want but without some feuds and trolling these forums would be dead. The problem is people take it too far, and are obsessed with it. Look at Kj, he’s taking this stuff way too seriously. He needs to move on, and let it go.

    Hey Bob. Excellent post at VCT. Good to hear you're alive and well.

    Sadly, you are spot on about feuds and trolling on forums is what keeps them going. I'm in the blackjack business with no time for such nonsense. KJ really believes this shit matters and has everyone going again. IT makes a person wonder how pathetic he must be in real life

    And I’ve got no feud with Freightman. When he says something stupid, which is quite often, and I’ve got nothing better to do, I call him out. He’s got the same problem Kj has. He takes this stuff way too seriously and usually goes off the deepend.

    Freighter is one of my few “go to” guys. I know I can always ask him a direct question regarding blackjack and he will give me his honest opinion. Not that I always take his advice. But I do place a high value on his opinion. I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Freighter. He is in no way like KJ in any way, shape, or form. I suppose he takes BJTF seriously. Maybe too serious? I don't know. I figure it's mostly out of his respect for and friendship with Norm. Freighter tangled with Tater a once. It was friggin hilarious. Every time I see Tater, he always asks about how Freighter is doing and laughs. Something about a banana in the back of his pants, left Tater speechless.

    As far as MWP, I agree with you...he likes to stir the pot but he does it in a good way. I’ve never seen him do anything malicious in his posts. I thought that was a great poll MWP posted on WOV. It made Mike come out of his cave and show his true colors. Yes, it was a little on the trolling side but all in all done in a good way.

    MWP is a pot stirrer. Probably not a pot smoker. Maybe he should be? Quite often he and Zee sound like a couple of simple minded dipshits. Of course, I meant that is the nicest way possible. The difference is it's by design with Zee. MWP is probably just a nice ole' guy with nothing better to do. However MWP is correct in that 21Forme and The Refinery are assholes. But to say they are the biggest? Naw. They are not even in my league of assholism.
    Two rude lines and ignore. BFD!

    See a story in the Midwest Player thread.

    As to MWP’s question about where I’ve been, I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been traveling quite a bit with work so I haven’t had time to post much but I still keep up with the different sites. I always check out Zenzone everyday to see if Moses posted something. He’s made some classics lately. I’ve also got more into sports betting and this has taken up a lot of time. I’m finding I enjoy sports betting much more than bj, and I don’t need to worry about heat as much.

    Good to hear you enjoy sports betting. Yes, IMO, it is far less complex than blackjack. I worked for a full summer and 3 weeks over Christmas analyzing 7 years of games in the MLB, NBA, and NHL back in 2008. I have no idea who will win. It's like picking stocks. Don't listen to the noise but DO watch the numbers and wait for the odd makers to screw up.

    By comparison, I've been working on blackjack for 6 years running. Why? Because the opponent wins by forfeit. How in the hell do you compete with that rule? Easier said than done.
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