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Thread: Is KJ the same person as ZenKing?

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    Default Is KJ the same person as ZenKing?

    Rob Singer writes: Kew, I'm sorry. I think you mean well, but you just haven't experienced enuf of life as yet to properly put this together in your mind. Hopefully you'll eventually understand the REAL difference between right and wrong.

    I'm curious. Now that KJ is preaching the gospel of right vs wrong, suppose the Milwaukee Bucks are favored by 6.5 points over Toronto. However, the casino sportsbook screwed up and listed the game as Milwaukee being a 6.5 underdog by mistake? It sounds to me like that is what KJ is so frazzled about.

    Axel writes; KJ. When you back count and jump in when the count gets good and then jump out when the count gets bad, isn't that theft from the other players EV?

    KJ Replies: Oh come on Axel. That's a reach. Answer: NO

    Mickey Crimm writes. Great deflection, KJ.

    Whatever Mickeycrimm. I don't want to continue to fight about any of this. It is what it is. We all do what we are comfortable with. And I am not pure either, if that is your point. Ok?
    KJ doesn't want to fight? HE wrote the OP. Then, 218 posts later, most of which were KJ rants. HE doesn't want to fight?

    Axel writes; The fact that they don't know you are stealing EV from them makes it ok? Or do ask the players, "hey, thanks for playing and making the deck positive EV for me, I'm about to sit down and steal some of your EV via card counting and when the count gets bad and no longer in my favor I'm going to leave you at the table(a trip to the bathroom) and let you build it back up for me, is that OK? Have you ever thought about how much money you have cost other players? When back counting(sometimes you are watching another table while playing) someone might say you steal from individuals while others steal from the casinos.

    You know its against the casinos rules to count cards and it's unwanted. Why is it ethical and moral to do something you know is unwanted and frowned upon?

    Didn't you say you and your partner used to play on friends cards at various casinos on VP in order to game the system and earn extra free play? According to your views wouldn't that be theft as well?

    Not to mention running off ploppies from tables so he can have the game to himself.
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    Default Monet writes to KJ:

    Can someone send me the King James Version for Homosexual Card Counting Black Jack Players??
    I would really like to read it so that my soul can eventually go to heaven before it is too late... Thanks!!

    I just can't get over it.
    Homosexual, Republican, Black Jack Players who do the Lords Work and think they are absolved!!
    Not only absolved but above all others in the AP/Casino Lifestyle!
    Can't Make This Shit Up!!

    KJ belonged to the church Queers Become ill and Puke. But he got kicked out. HE couldn't shut up. Kept arguing with the pastor, calling him a troll and accused him of being Moses. Telling the entire congregation the pastor was homeless was the final straw. Queertard was escorted of the premises by Three Wise Men.

    KJ writes: It's not the same. I am extremely disciplined with my blackjack play.
    Yeah right. You never have time to play. You're always ranting about nothing on a forum. KJ sermon; How I Lost $29k in week? Holy shit.
    I can see where that took tons of discipline.

    But Message boards? Admittedly I am a mess. I am addicted to message boards. (no embarrassed emoji, so I will use the sad)
    I rest my case.

    I like talking gambling AP with like minded people, even if I disagree on some topics. Most AP's don't have someone at home to talk to. I had a partner/spouse who was my AP partner as well, but he came from the machine play....and not even AP machine play, part of gambling, and only had limited knowledge of any of it.

    You need help. Seriously.

    There is no chance that I could have figured something like this out. Rob says I am jealous. Trust me I am not. But to be fair, if I had somehow stumbled on to this, I don't know. Would be one hell of a lot of temptation. And maybe I would have given in to that temptation. But I think I would still know and be able to admit what was right and wrong.

    Boy meets girl. Right. KJ meets boys. Wrong. Or not!

    Monet writes: This is all just simple common sense. Methinks kew is taking the contrarian position just to stir the pot.

    Ya think?

    I am not Rob.

    No shit!

    Bob 21 writes; I agree, but they were still sleazyballs. I guess you could call them legal sleazyballs. Lol

    KJ is the expert on sleazy balls.

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    Default ZenKing to KJ

    KJ it's also time to call you out, because your whole vegas career and atlantic city bullshit is all a fraud. Your story is beyond exaggerated and you were bankrolled when you got here by some old guy. You don't play the hours you claim to play either. There's so many posts that just reveal you don't know what you're talking about from anyone who actually plays this game as well who actually plays vegas. I read a post you claimed to have 12-14 five figure days per year HAHAHA. At your betting level, that's almost impossible for that to even happen one time. I used to bet 2x250(500) and i never had one trip where i lost 5 figures. The most I ever lost was 7500-8k which happened only twice, but let's just say had i continued playing it would've been a 5 figure loss, but 12-14 A YEAR? Give me a break dude. You mostly bet one hand of 400 or so, no way in hell does that happen 12-14 times a year. There's also no way in hell you play the amount of hours you claim to play by doing short sessions.

    Lose $29K in a week and still make $100K a year and not get heat....for 15 straight years with a GED and surf in junior high in 2000. I can see where EITS would want other players to buy into this concept.

    To all the braindead casino spies in here, thanks again for ratting me out. Just got trespassed today. Wouldn't be surprised if KJ was behind all of this as he knows several pit people as he claimed. I was in an argument with him about how I never get backed off or trespassed with backcounting AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? All of a sudden I now get trespassed hahahhaha. You honestly cant make this up.

    So KJ is a casino spy? Who ratted out ZenKing?

    KJ has written posted his email address on several forums during his panty rants at Norm, Shack, and others. IF I lived in Vegas I wouldn't want KJ brags to riches stories to ruin my games. Every time rules worsen, tables lessen, and heat rises you can put it on KJ the great running his mouth on forums.
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    Default KJ has a multiple personality disorder

    ZK writes; Stay away from the strip. It's rigged. Thank me later.

    KJ writes: "Rigged". That's open for debate. But there are other reasons to stay away from the strip, not the least of which there are just better opportunities elsewhere, as well as crowded conditions and unsavory characters plying their trade. AND I believe I told you that about 2 years ago as you arrived in Vegas. You seem to be one of those stubborn guys that insists on learning things the hard way. I have had some of that in me at too at times.

    Obviously. At times? Understatement of the day. More like drama queen of the century.

    So how are things going for you these days Zenking? Hopefully variance is being kind to you.

    ZK writes: How are things going for me? ahhaha. How about you go play on this fucking mob infested strip and let me know how you do. I'm not close to -10k on the strip since i arrived to town. All of my winnings have come off strip hahhaha. Let that sink in kids. Let that fucking sink in. Find me one card counter that has ever won long term counting the shoe games on the las vegas strip. Find me just one with a decent sample size. Go ahead ill wait.

    KJ writes; You know you are a goofball right? If you don't win on the strip...for mob infested reasons or any other reason....then don't play on the strip. That is the beauty of Vegas. Not the greatest quality of games, but huge quantity. THAT is why those of us that are here.....ARE HERE. You get to choose where you are comfortable playing.

    Besides the place on boulder highway that was my first ASM cheating casino (I had horrible results), I have had a few other casinos that I have really crappy results at. A couple lifetime losing results (small sample size though), a couple just too far below expectation for my liking. You know what I do? I STOP playing them. If I am uncomfortable with a casino for any reason, hey there is another one a few minutes away. That is Vegas.

    The players that should be complaining are the players that come to Vegas and think Vegas is ONLY the strip and a little bit of downtown. And there are some AP's with that mentality too. They never discover the goldmine that is Las Vegas.

    Prior to moving to Vegas, I made....I don't know how many trips, maybe 7 or 8? And one of those was for about 5 or 6 weeks. I never played anything but downtown (where I was staying) and the strip.

    Then I moved to Vegas. A guy from a big city who didn't drive and utilized public Transportation. Moving to a condo a block off the strip, I still only played the Strip, downtown and just off stip (places like Terribles at the time, Palms, Hooters, Wild, wild west). At first I only played places I could walk or ride my bike too. I even rode my bike from mid strip where I lived to places like Silverton and South point. M casino had a shuttle from Fashion show so I hit that.

    And then eventually I started using the public bus system and found all the local places, all the stations, all the Boyds, all the independent local places and I was like....."now THIS is VEGAS".

    The buses were too slow, and inconvenient, so I broke down and bought a car. And then a month later I won a truck AT one of those outlying local's places.

    Of course you did. Then his mom taught him to drive. But not well enough to pass the test. So he sold the truck for $29k and lost it in a week playing blackjack variance. He's too busy writing on a forum and never learned to compete.

    I still play downtown regularly, One notoriously sweaty place too regularly. Very short sessions and to be honest, I still don't know why I have been tolerated there as long as I have while others aren't. But the strip? Almost forgotten. I have 2-3 places that I stop buy once, occasionally twice a month or so. Besides the games aren't good, the strip is too crowded. Unless you are specifically looking to take advantage of that like on a busy fight night (play in the shadows). Too crowded. Too many touristy people. Too many scam artists and pick pockets.

    ZK writes; Yea let me keep avoiding every single casino and have no where to play? What the fuck do you think i have been doing? All my profit has come off strip. Im a net loser around 10k on this fucking rigged strip with 300 hours on that strip mostly backcounting as well. Do you realize how unlucky you have to be to lose for 300 hours mostly backcounting? Hahahha. Youre also a complete idiot or fraud if you keep saying there are so many other casinos to play at. Theres maybe 32 casinos with playable shoe games in vegas. You act like theres 100. I dont play double deck.

    I also like how you left out how you did on the strip. Unless you purposely fudge your answer i already know the answer. You lost on there just like everyone else and is why you started playing elsewhere. Theres not one counter who has won exclusively on the strip playing shoe games over a long sample size not one. If i cant win there no one can. I play as perfectly as a counter can theoretically play these games and i still cant win. Its alright cause bombs are gonna be dropping soon and all the rigged profit they stole from me is gonna cost them 1000x fold

    Whoa. Talk about a major multiple personality disorder. This is like Linda Blair (Exorcist) vs Pee Wee Herman. Pee Wee is definitely the one with the problem. Just count the words.

    Can't blame you ZK...I'd be pissed too.

    Gotta Run. I'm off to church to pray for you KJ.
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    Bob 21 writes: Hey Moses, I’m not ignoring you.

    Hey Bob; Hope all is well. Was that a game tonight or what? 2OT.Freighter is a good guy. Not sure how you two wound up on opposite sides of the coin. Whenever I need a "go to" guy Freighter is always Johnny on the spot. Maybe buy him a beer someday if your travel trips are close. I'm not sure why he has it in for you so much. But better you, than me. No offense.

    So, I went to church today and prayed for KJ to ask for help with his forum addiction. IT was chilly so they had the firepits going so people could visit and have coffee afterward. There was a voice coming out of this one pit "pssst, Moses, over here." You know, like the burning bush. So I walked over and the voice said "about this KJ prayer, I dunno, there is just something about that little queer that pisses me off." Well, I was taken back. I didn't know how to respond.

    So I said "would you at least think about it"? The voice in the fire replied, "probably not, I'm too busy for this."
    Whew, thank God the voice was Norm.

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    Bob 21 writes; I’m sure this will reengage kJ.

    You were spot on and in just 37 minutes. KJ is like a chatty Kathy doll. Pull his string and it's the gay highway of spewed nonsense.

    So rather than read all of his garbage, he clearly is "creating confusion to confound the understanding."

    Let me simplify it for you all. Come and visit and you will meet all the characters. See my house with a view and no mortgage. Witness my list of games bet at various sportsbook, all for $2k plus. Watch me play green chip straight up. Play me black chip straight up. KJ will not do one of these items. I've never in my life witnessed such a coward. He calls out to a physical confrontation with 70+ Rob Singer and Coach Belly but will not face me. Why?

    So, I'm forced to take the game to him. The queertard posted his email address in rants to Norm, Shack, and others. He gives up a huge amount of info as he got carried away in his interview at WOV. KJ gave up even more info in the thread at VCT about the purchase of his house and sale of his condo...which was likely his mom.

    Been Verified and People Lookup will pull up some information. But I've yet to spring for the $19.95 (or whatever) to get a full report. I figure KJ has pissed off enough people that someone will PM me with info. Alan Mendelson, ZenKing, RobSinger, T3, Norm, Shack, Freighter, Coach Belly, and too many others to list. Plus he continues to talk shit on people who aren't even on forums. Billyran, Shadrock, and some guy out of Philly. HE is even starting to whiz off former alies like MickeyCrimm, Don S, Mission 146.

    OR one of my buddies may have this service.

    What really surprises me is that some player(s) who truly compete in Vegas hasn't already stopped his clock or rang his bell. HE is a detriment to competing blackjack players. Counting two tables - wonging in and out. Talk about easy prey for a pit boss or EITS to spot. HiLO is ultra easy for EITS to count. Doesn't anyone wonder why he is such a fanatic about a count? Lose $29k in week and make $100k in a year. I'm sure casinos would love to have thousands of believers try losing $29k and retrieving it so effortlessly. Those guys, that actually work for a living, don't like seeing players break even. Running ploppies off the tables? I'm sure they love his ass for that.

    Of course, KJ must announce to everyone he is off to work at 10.30am every weekday morning. I can't even read all the rants he continues top post on various forums throughout the day. Let alone type all that into a smart phone one finger poke at a time.

    Every time the rules worsen, tables lessen, and heat rises y'all have KJ to thank for it. He has been running his mouth for years. Norm and Shack got rid of him. Yet, you all praise him like you need someone to follow and worship? Might want to wise up or you won't have a game to play.

    Go ahead and post this at VCT if you like.
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    Default Spirderman

    Monet writes:
    So Singer changes gears and gets kewlJ and Mickey to start feuding?
    All part of the plan and it seems the plan is working.
    Maybe we can get Spiderman involved with the morality police?

    Now that's funny!


    Basically it seems that Singer, kewlJ and MC seem to care.
    It seems that kewlJ cares the most though.
    Which is odd cause I thought he would be teamed up with ZK by now trying to prove shuffle machines are cheating everyone.

    Seriously though... Spiderman says he isn't going to post anymore and after that, he posts about 100 times in record fashion!!

    First, you throw out reason and logic. Then you throw in monstrous lies and feminisms. What do you get? QUEERTARD!

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    Default To Kew or not to Kew

    Rob writes: You're such a nervous little twit kew, worrying about this like a crazy mixed up old lady would.

    Ahem, that's Ms. Kew. That could be because Kew is actually a crazy mixed up old lady. Or he could be her queertard son. Only time will tell. But for sure, it's not some highly seasoned pro making $100k a year, losing $29k in a week, and hitting the $1M mark in 15 years. If heshe were, heshe wouldn't let such little things send himher into rants.

    In the words of the Crimm Reaper. He is the VCT village idiot. The other son isolates himself playing video games. Smart move. But you're in your 30's? Quite a catch for some lucky girl.

    This fam should be a sitcom. Like the Partridge Family. Come on get Happy!

    Singer writes:
    I wonder if you realize this kew----ever notice how anyone who questions, disagrees with or doesn't believe you, is automatically not credible?

    Ya think?

    KJ writes: I am in my mid 30's and ending my 14th year of professional blackjack play. My last paycheck working for someone else was march of 2004. I have supported myself from blackjack and AP play for 14 years.

    KJ writes: In the year 2000 I was a junior in high school spending most of my free time surfing the waves (not internet) at Daytona Beach.

    Hmmm. That's a tough one Alex. I mean Axel. Let's go with more KJ lies for $500.
    This is the guy/girl redeitz, Bosox, 21forme, and Midwest Player respect, admire, follow, and worship?

    I have been on that side of the fence, having been homeless and lived in a homeless shelter my final 3 months of high school.
    ...And you, of all people, sit in judgement of Tater? You're an asshole! Where did you get the money to play?

    ZK writes: KJ it's also time to call you out, because your whole vegas career and atlantic city bullshit is all a fraud. Your story is beyond exaggerated and you were bankrolled when you got here by some old guy.

    Oh, that's right. So you went from surfing on Daytona Beach as a junior in high school to living in a homeless shelter before you graduated high school and then started bilking some old dude for sex to acquire funds to blow at the blackjack tables? Makes me want to puke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    I started with $4300. At the time I had just been introduced to blackjack (world's greatest blackjack book) and was saving every cent I had hoping to build a 10k bankroll to give making money from blackjack a try. Unfortunately after a robbery at work, the third I believe, I said fuck it and quit and decided to give it a go, with what I had, $4300. I figured I would bust out and have to find another crap job until I could try again. I didn't bust out, but boy did I struggle....for 3 years. Made far less than my crap low paying job and barely managed to pay my share of rent. Eventually I hit some good variance and was able to begin to grow my Bankroll. Now again, if you don't find that credible, so be it. .
    So you're saying you turned $4300 into a million playing blackjack? Between the age of 21 and 36 and continue to make $100k a year? March 2004 to present? At 100k hands a year which is a load of blackjack the best case scenario means your making $1.50 per hand.

    I don't see how you get in nearly 2000 quality hands a week when most of your time is on forums. And your mind is on anything but blackjack. Anyone who rants, like you do on a forum throughout the day, typing lengthy posts one finger at a time into a phone, suddenly becomes calm, cool, and collected at a casino table? Those kind of guys jump off bridges with a $29k loss ever, let alone in a week. As I said, these are best case scenarios. A more likely scenario would only be half as much playing time. More like $3 per hand. Highly unlikely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    If you have questions and would like answers to anything, ask and I will share more details, if I can without putting myself at risk.
    Okay, so I'm asking. Alot more to come after you answer these questions. I'm sure your fans, followers, and worshipers want to know...and should know. No?

    KJ writes: The next thing I knew I was in the midst of a 5 week 115k winning period.

    Based on your previous dialog, I give generous consideration to 10k hands played over this 5 week period (2,000 a week is 100k in 50 weeks). That is a load of hands in itself. Let alone by someone spending the majority of their day ranting on a forum one finger at a time into a phone from a casino. I will also consider you were able to play all your minimum bets hands even which is not realistic. You've said your average bet is $500. If your minimum bet $25 then your spread is 1 to 20 At $50, it's 1 to 10. So, in this 5 week stretch, you won 230 hands more than you lost.
    This kind of a run would certainly draw attention from the pit and EITS. So 10% large bets would make you highly visible.

    This means you went 615 wins and 385 losses over this time span. That's a win percentage of 61.5%. HiLO is like 50.40% win and 49.60%.

    The further you went over 6% large bets the more you subjected yourself to higher scrutiny. But I gave you 10%. Assuming you broke even on your minimum bets would be a huge gift over the course of 10K hands. The average for Hilo is 42% wins 50% loss and 8% ties.

    You said you like quick sessions. So your average is $23,000 profit per week. About 20 sessions per week at 100 hands per session per week means you played 400 hands per day at various places in a 5 day week. That is a load and not realistic with the discipline to locate and play the best games. This means you walk out of every single session with a profit of $1,150 for 5 straight weeks without notice?

    Hmmm. I don't think so scooter.
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    Here's the thing Moses. The guy asked for opinions and responses. At the top of my reply was we didn't have enough information to properly evaluate his situation. So I shared a situation from my experiences that was related. If you don't like that....TOO bad! You could have shared your thoughts and opinions if you weren't such a jackass that you are banned at every legitimate site and forum. But because you are, and don't know how to play by the rules of society, and not welcome at any forum except here at the funny farm, you are regulated to you padded cell here at the funny farm, talking to yourself. making comments about threads you can't participat in and comments that no one rhears or reads. You are like the snotty nosed kid with his face pressed up against the window that can't go inside. Maybe if you would grow up, start acting like an adult and having reasonable discussions, without all your name calling because you are jealous of players that have succeeded, you could rejoin society and people might get to hear any reasonable advise and critisisms that you have. Your choice.

    So your numbers about me are all wrong as usual. First you have to understand the style of play that I play, with aggressive wong outs of negative counts and tracking multiple tables so that I can immediately jump to a better count. You have shown the inability to even begin to understand just what that will mean. Take a play all situation. 100% of hands. Some positive expectation, some negative. The whole range according to count. Now imagine that you are chopping the worst 30-35 of those hands and results. That is aggressive wong out. That alone will dramatically improve a players results. It also means that the hands that I play at max bet become a higher percent of total hands played, because I am not playing the worst hand. So instead of 10% of my bets being max bet opportunities (and that number isn't correct, but you used but, so I am going with it), it becomes 15-16% of my total bets are max bet opportunities. Since a players results are mostly about the max bet situations that alone (aggressive wong out) will increase a players results by close to 40% vs play all.

    Now you add in the second component, tracking a second table, so that when you can, you not only eliminate the worse 30% hands in the range, but you replace then with positive expectation hands, hopefully max bet or close to it, but any positive expectation is a great improvement over playing numerous negative expectation hands.

    between the two of these techniques, I am playing a significant higher percentage of max bet hands than the average or play all player. More than double. You just seem unable to comprehend what that can do for results. Nor can you seem to comprehend the negative effect it will have on variance. THAT is the trade off to the probably close to double results from a play all player. Much greater variance and swings.

    I don't know why I bothered with this post. I actually think I just explained my technique and how it will effect results better than I ever have. But you won't accept it. You don't want to accept anything except you own incorrect opinion of things. You seem incapable of learning and growing.

    This was a courtesy. I won't continue dialogue unless you start acting like a normal human and stop all your hate. That doesn't mean you have to like me. It doesn't mean you can't have different opinions. It doesn't mean you can't be critical. But grow up and act like an adult, so can participate and aren't just sitting here with your face pressed against the window, babbling to yourself from the outside. I invite you.....I challenge you to begin to act like an normal adult and stop your childish shit.
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    Rob Singer writes: That's the problem with people like you who've never worked in the real world kew. Not everything is "supported by math".

    Rob just summed KJ up in a nutshell.

    Don S writes to KJ: You have a different understanding of my comments than you ought to. You read a single article, which you now take as the Holy Grail, and have decided that, because someone wrote something that you've interpreted as you see fit, it applies to every human being on the face of the earth, and THAT's just plain ignorant.

    As did Don S.

    I've spent far too much time giving KJ, a monstrous liar, the credence and attention that he is worth.

    Anyone spending as much time as KJ does writing and ranting on forums indicates he cannot have his head in the game to compete.

    Anyone spreading 30% of the time off their minimum bet is ask to get banned on their first positive run or soon after.

    Zee, KJ, and Midwest Player and Flash of the past were the only ones to post incomes and trip rewards. Anyone can't post a figure on the internet.

    KJ would be ultra easy to spot as a counter. He has no game. Betting $800 off the top to "fool" the EITS or pit is ludicrous. At 42% wins 50% loss 8% ties. He has a $6,400 deficit to overcome over the course of 100 sessions. Just play the damn game within casino tolerance and stop all your fancy shmancy stuff.

    HE cannot keep up with me on any level and he knows it. So lies and trying to pull me down to his level is his only option. Put your money where your mouth is KJ. I'm here to collect whenever you think you've got it in you to compete and finish 2nd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    Here's the thing Moses. The guy asked for opinions and responses. .
    Great so you convince the guy to get back in the ring and lose the remaining $4,300 of his $9,100. One less idiot to deal with in my world.

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    At the top of my reply was we didn't have enough information to properly evaluate his situation. So I shared a situation from my experiences that was related. If you don't like that....TOO bad!.
    The fact he didn't provide this information in the first place proves he didn't know what he was doing. Basically, you did a great service to the casinos which you hate so much.

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    You could have shared your thoughts and opinions if you weren't such a jackass that you are banned at every legitimate site and forum. But because you are, and don't know how to play by the rules of society, and not welcome at any forum except here at the funny farm, you are regulated to you padded cell here at the funny farm, talking to yourself. making comments about threads you can't participat in and comments that no one rhears or reads.
    Funny how my quotes here get back to you and send you into rants on other forums. You spend so much time posting you have no time to play. Let alone chase variance. You're far too emotional and spineless to ever make it in the gambling world. Find a job. But who would hire you? You have a GED, can't even understand 4th grade math, and don't play nice with others. You're an emotional wreck with no physical skills to do anything about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    You are like the snotty nosed kid with his face pressed up against the window that can't go inside. Maybe if you would grow up, start acting like an adult and having reasonable discussions, without all your name calling because you are jealous of players that have succeeded, you could rejoin society and people might get to hear any reasonable advise and critisisms that you have. Your choice..
    I like it here. Pop off to me like that in person and you'll be picking yourself up off the floor I just mopped with your skirt.
    See I can say that here.

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    So your numbers about me are all wrong as usual.
    Common sense. Houston wins in the 10th 4-3 after going up 3-1 to start the 9th. A win and I'm up $4323. A loss and I'm up $123. That is a one day quick turnaround. You are an emotional basket case. No way can you handle swings of a $29K loss in a week. Hand after hand loss after loss. You'd been bugging the piss out of that attorney when you hit the $5k loss mark. No way does someone go up $115K in 5 weeks with a $500 average large bet. Let alone still be allowed to play.
    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    I don't know why I bothered with this post..
    Because you are just like almost every other gambling degenerate in a casino with a lousy work ethic who never looses. I sometimes wonder how the casinos can afford to stay in business.

    Quote Originally Posted by KewlJ View Post
    I invite you.....I challenge you to begin to act like an normal adult and stop your childish shit.
    ...And I invite you to put your money where your mouth is. Come see the homeless guys house he owns outright. Watch me play for green at a distance. Play me for black chip. I will save and show you my losing tickets for $2,200. Hopefully, there won't be very many.

    Smart off to may face and you'll get a spanking you want soon forget. Meet Tater, and hope he doesn't strangle you for all the derogatory things you said about him. Meet my lady. I'm sure she won't like what you said about her daughter. Meet her 3 sons who would hang you from the highest tree if they knew how you spoke to their mother.

    I'd like to see how you count two tables, stay behind a table and wong in, run ploppies away from tables without the EITS or pit able to notice, care, and do something about it. I spot guys like you when I'm walking through a casino looking for my game. The pit/EITS guys work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, and have been on the job for 20 years.

    You think your fooling someone? Just yourself.
    Last edited by Moses; May 26th, 2019 at 12:14 PM.

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    KJ writes:
    Home from a long weekend of camping in the Canyon. Pretty damn cold at night. booked 3 months ago and didn't know we would have 20 degree colder weather than usual. What are you going to do. Can't argue with Mother Nature. And I am proud to say I didn't waste 1 single minute online reading this crap. Looks like the same crap as when I left.

    Broke Back Mountain?
    ...And the campers wife said "whydga boink my husband fer, whydga boink my husband fer"? Poor little gal, weren't no bigger than a squirrel.

    Welcome back KJ. Have some a dat!
    Last edited by Moses; May 29th, 2019 at 10:13 AM.

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    Midwest Player:
    I agree with BoSox on this. In my book intentionally outing someone is a cardinal sin especially someone who makes a living from playing blackjack. Hell, this is something Moses might say. In fact, I think he also said it.

    Let's be clear snow remover on roofs and chronic shit stirrer on forums. I do not KNOW what I would do until I actually find the person. So far I haven't been so lucky. But haven't worked too hard at it either. KJ continues to piss off a lot of people. So I figure, sooner or later, one will come to me anonymously. Then the ball will be in my court. But I'm fairly certain, once MY game is finished, the flaming rants will no longer exist on forums from KJ and blackjack life will be better for those of us who compete regularly.

    BTW, thanks for the reminder and motivation. Now get back up on that roof. A storm is coming.

    You can find Moses here at his own little island. Best not to piss him off.


    LMAO. Now that was FUNNY!
    Last edited by Moses; May 31st, 2019 at 11:37 AM.

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