KJ writes to Rob:
Probably the most absurd thing you have ever said. People that know me from forums where I interact with other card counters, both professional and recreatuonal, know that I am pretty humble, and frequently acknowledge that what I do is the most elementary of things and probably everyone else is more advanced. I also never measure my results against other players. That is NOT what it is about for me. I am only completing with myself.

What you are referring to is that I have called out a couple (2) players that very similar to you were frauds and making impossible claims. And it is pretty clear I was/am correct in both cases.

So wrong as usual Rob, but feel free to keep trying.

How many times do I have to call you out? You can't play blackjack worth a shit. I will play you straight up for black chips. Think my claims are impossible? Put up or shut up queer bait. Bring your $29k and we'll settle up on your bets. Lie about me? I kick your ass. It's just THAT simple.