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Thread: Why has blackjack gone to shit?

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    Default Why has blackjack gone to shit?

    Because we have too many idiots writing about how they are making all this money effortlessly. History proves books come out, casinos get paranoid, rules get worse.

    Now in the days in forums, bullshit flows that much faster, and rules get worse at a more rapid pace. The KJs of the world are killing our game.

    IF Norm would lead a charge of preserve and protect vs brag and bullshit we might have a chance. But very soon, we either won't have a game to play or a game worth playing. Of course, y'all will blame the casinos. But the question is, who could blame the casinos? Loose lips and supporters of same sunk our own ship.

    21Forme writes:
    Why has blackjack gone to shit?
    Because the stupid public is still willing to play shit.

    The public has been playing blackjack since the beginning of time. Casino DON'T need AP's. But ultra size ego's such as yours thinks they can't exist without us. Truth is, we can't exist without them. They change many games to 6.5. Tables are still full on Friday and Saturdays. They didn't hurt the public, they helped themselves to a little more profit and punished the hell out of AP's. When are you and the KJs of the world going to get it?

    Shut your damn pie holes.

    ShiptheCookies writes:
    If the public was smart instead of stupid, we would've never heard of the Kardashians.

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    KJ writes to Rob:
    While I don't know the details of this play, any one who is an AP, even at the very elementary end like I am, knows that information about various plays become available after the play is dead, all the time....I mean ALL THE TIME.

    Perfect example: KJ has been hounding Rob about machine play forever. Stating the "math" doesn't add up etc, etc. Like so many, Rob is a classic bullshit artist. Only one with a great sense of humor. Thus some of his posts are fun to read. KJ seems to think he knows the math but doesn't know anything about machine play.

    We have a local guy who constantly brags about his sports handicapping skills. HE actually has some decent theories. But who wants to sit and listen to that shit when watching a game? Like in shoe play with blackjack, he'll have some positive weekends and then some KJ type horrific ones. This guy really gets into it with others, particularly out-of-towners. Simply put, they didn't ask for a lesson which they couldn't see forthcoming be merely sitting nearby. No one wants to hear about his great skills, particularly when they are losing. So generally he ends up in shouting matches with strangers, flipping each other off, and doing the beat off sign. But someday someone is going to clean his clock.

    Point is neither is harmful to the game. But blackjack is a game of people played with cards. Many are people who read forums. To brag about high incomes or easy money trips, whether it's true or not, is only stirring up the competition....who wins by forfeit and can do it with very little cause or reason. To suggest not tipping is only going to create an adversarial relationship. Why? If you don't want to tip that's your biz. But to try to stop others? Not good. Say nothing at all.

    Every forum is peppered with KJ's posts about making $100k a year, counting two tables, the ease of HiLo, putting a casino out of business, the list goes on and on. Sadly, the forums are full of cheerleaders who actually believe and applaud him.

    I'm just one voice. But with only one voice, there will come a time when you don't have a game worth playing. But there will be 5000 posts blaming the casinos.
    Who informed them? YOU did, by supporting, even cheering on such nonsense that KJ spews, and not fighting against it.
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    KJ writes to Singer:
    Now the 'posers' all have this need to prove they are better than everyone else, just as you always do. The blackjack fraud, T3 on another forum, exactly the same thing. The guy up in Reno playing blackjack for nickel stakes the same thing. Challenging everyone. Trying to prove he is better.

    I just like to play and compete. The game could end tomorrow and I'm good with it. The game has already given me all I want and more than I need. But I AM better than you, not just in blackjack, but every aspect of life. Except you could probably outrun me, if I was chasing you. At least you'd better be able to. You'd better be able to cover a quarter mile in a minute.

    Put your money where your mouth is KJ. You're a nothing. A loser. A nobody. I'm not challenging everyone. Just YOU. But why wouldn't I play anyone for black chips? Riddle me that, queertard. If you've got the dime, I've got the time.

    I remember Larry Bird walks into his first 3 point shooting competition. HE states, "I was just wondering which one of you guys is going to finish 2nd." Then he went out and won it. That's not bragging, that's confidence that comes from hard work. Your work ethic sucks which is why you fear me.

    You're the biggest fraud of them all. What a clown! IP address in Sunnyvale? And you say Singer is all over the place. What the hell Kew?

    Singer writes to KJ: Your continuing never-ending postings about me that are filled with nothing but lies, only shows the amount of jealous animosity your obsession over me has. When you did not see axel call me the confirmed liar you pretend that I am, it was all you could do not to lose it in front of your peers.
    I spoke to mickey for over an hour today.

    Your make believe internet world has already crumbled. Stop embarrassing yourself before you take the final drastic step.

    You're such a nervous little twit kew, worrying about this like a crazy mixed up old lady would.


    You have the credibility of a giant chicken Kew. You labeled me as homeless? I'm going to show you my house and then I'm going to thump you upside the head for being a monstrous liar. Then, I'm going to ruin your career which is actually a joke.

    Kew writes: Your 70 years old now Mr Argentino, time to give up this fiasco. Focus on your health and trying to enjoy your remaining time.

    I seriously doubt you are mid 30s. More or Les a 58 year old with a birthday coming up. But you like to call out these 70 year olds like Singer, Coach Belly, and Norm. Call me out silly boy. I won't let you down.
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    ShiptheCookies writes:
    Counting cards is depressing. Truly AP'ing blackjack is not.

    The competition is the ultimate challenge because it comes from within oneself. Finding a game in which to compete can get mundane. I see why most players, especially the ones who travel, relax their standards.

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    Tom23 writes:
    if the public was smart blackjack wouldn't even exist anymore
    neither would casinos for that matter


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    Default If a friend came to you and said "I want to learn how to count cards..."

    Thread at BJTF:

    If a friend came to you and said "I want to learn how to count cards..."

    If I were a true friend? I'd say "no you don't." For one thing, contrary to those who sell their service, this game is NOT easy and certainly not for those with entitlement issues. Read books? Sure. Don S and Norm, it can't hurt. But math? Hardly. It's more like the most complex for a algebra known to man. Also, you'd best have some sports background. This is a competition. Make no mistake about it. IF you think you're going to outfox your opponent with only math? Think again.

    Keep the math simple and dig below what appears to be on the surface. Don't just accept variance because that is what the "Pros" say to do. Fight it...and that means WORK. None of my friends would be willing to do it. I'm for damn sure not going to just give it to them. I might find them sitting in my seat.

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