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Thread: Is 21Forme a puppet of Norm?

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    LV Bear confirmed Bosox account was not hijacked. Just another lie by 21dorke.

    The Ghost and Mr Chicken. What a fum ducker!

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    LC Larry writes: Take that BS over there.

    21dorke writes: +1000

    Moses writes: The cheerleader. 21dorke does Dallas.

    Rah rah sis boom beer
    bring your chicken ass over here
    forty nine sixty nine hut hut hut
    I'll dunk your crusty ass like a week old donut

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    If 21forme isn't a puppet of Norm and is a real person? It's for damn sure he thinks he is Norm. He is always the first to respond to yet another idiot Zee post...and it's off to the races. He is also "Johnny on the spot" with brown noser replies to Don S. That must get annoying and embarrassing for Don.

    21forme thinks he is the forum moderator, just like Flash did. He tries to be the forum bully. But Ive already exposed him as a gutless coward.

    Norm. Eliminate them both. Problem solved. No?

    Otherwise, it's reading non sense or bull shit. Take your pick.
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