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Thread: Inciteful comments from Vegas Casino Talk

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    Default Inciteful comments from Vegas Casino Talk

    Keystone writes:

    Mr.Botox, I think you are correct that Bob manipulates the other guy, but that`s only because the other guy is too stupid to realize it and has the brain the size of a raisin...besides that, I don`t think Bob`s a bad guy at all.....Moses on the other hand is a loudmouth chump...a lil whiner, just like he whined to me in PM ....I know many here in the AP and non AP camps think the other are liars, but I`ve personally never seen a bigger bullshit artist than this Moses fool...quite a sissy too

    Hey ploppy. You write just like KJ. You want this fight, you need the fight, all you have to do is look in the mirror, find the guts, and take this fight.
    IF you don't you will live the rest of your life in fear. You'll be the guy who ran his mouth for endless posts to Moses since February 22 after I couldn't respond.
    Then ran like a girl. You're not a girl are you?

    But you sure are acting like a pussy. I'll take an ass kickin if you think you can deliver it. My quarter says you can't.

    Do you really want Bosox, KJ, Bob, and all those others to see you fold like a cheap suit now? No PM this time. No ducking out. NO MORE WORDS.

    Atlantis or Peppermill parking lot behind the sportsbook just before dusk and no one will intervene. This Friday 8.30pm. Like I said in the PM. Let's DO THIS.
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