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Thread: Kqueerj in Fall of Shame?

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    Default Kqueerj in Fall of Shame?

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    I myself am not a fan of the BJHoF. Never have been. And the fact that I was approached earlier this year about possible future membership, hasn't changed that. I respect the people and their achievements but don't need a clubhouse to pat each other on the back. I probably won't be approached again.
    Now that's some funny stuff. I don't care where you're from. What did someone raise their hand and say "hey, we don't have any forum queers in the HofF"?

    Don S and KJ in the same Fame. I wonder how long it would take for Don S to renounce his induction.

    Norm can you believe this? KJ is a monstrous liar.

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    As for your views on a AP career, nobody gives a fuck what you a casino industry guy thinks..
    You stupid little snot nosed shit. Of course, we care what the casino guys think. They can put an end to our career.

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    If you weren't such a fucking idiot, you would have figured that out during your long running discussion. Nobody cares about you or what you think. You are the village idiot. A casino industry troll, who's only purpose is to be disruptive and destroy any forum that has any discussion of advantage play. So just fuck off asshole.
    You're ranting again KJ. Find your thumb...and the corner and your blanky.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob21 View Post
    Are you serious kj? You’ve been approached by the BJ Hall of Fame group to become a member? That would really bring credibliliy to this group. Lol .
    Relax Don S. It's only another lie from the monstrous liar.

    Bosox, a/k/a FUDD. Do you really think KJ deserves to be in the same breath as Don S? Let alone the same Hall of Fame. Go ahead, Mr Questionaire. Let's see how you support your queer buddy on this one.

    Geezous Bosox. Your questions to Bob were the only post you made all day. Seriously, it is bad. You're better off to Remain Silent.
    Last edited by Moses; April 11th, 2019 at 06:28 PM.

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    More stuff from KJ, and Midwest Player

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Player View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob21 View Post
    Are you serious kj? You’ve been approached by the BJ Hall of Fame group to become a member? That would really bring credibliliy to this group. Lol
    Okay, why shouldn't KJ be in the the Blackjack Hall of Fame? After all he has never had a losing year playing blackjack. Even Don S can't make that same claim.
    I think Don has been playing for 40 some years. I am now in year 16. There is still time.
    But really, I would prefer to stop this talk right here. This is not something I am seeking, nor have ever had an interest in. And to be clear, nor was it offered. I simply had a discussion at the request of two friends who are members about beginning a process of what they called "rehabilitating my image" for possible future consideration. Apparently some of the members of that group look down on my participation on forums. I obviously have chosen to not "rehabilitate" my image. It really isn't something I am all that interested in at this point in time. Maybe in 30 years after my career is finished, I might feel differently.
    Firstly Midwest Player, let's not insult or overlook the contribution Don S has given to the game by comparing him to KJ. His work ethic was endless. He has authored at least 3 books. It's like comparing Tom Brady's QB ability to Spike Lee.

    Secondly, if anyone gets in based on what the claim? Hell, you should be on a ballet.

    KJs "image" couldn't get any worse. Two heart attacks, a fake death, and a running mouth that won't stop? You won't be around 30 years from now. These members are just trying to get you to shut your pie hole. You opened the door to the line of questioning with your excessive bragging.
    Last edited by Moses; April 11th, 2019 at 11:03 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCFX View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Punches to the throat. Challenges to play blackjack. Basketball stories and challenges. Boxing gloves. challenges to a race.
    Same old Moses freak show!
    No. The challenge wasn't made to me. It was made to Moses. It's how people talk to rejects like you in the real world. Hall of Fumer!
    If the challenge was made to me, I'd say Diamond Art, Drawing, Painting, working long shifts, sometimes around the clock. I make the best Banana bread. It's so good my grand kids call me Nana. You want to challenge me at karaoke? Dancing? Guys looking? lol
    Don't look now KJ. But those supporting your nonsense is in vast decline. You are down to your own puppets like Keystone.

    Sooner or later the puzzle pieces will all fall into place.

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    Default Poor Poor KJ. Always the Victim

    There is one other interesting thing Moses/UCFX. On your loony bin forum where you talk to yourself, you have at times suggested I was sockpuppets with several other members of the BJ community, including 21forme, Ryemo, and I believe Bosox.

    I network and communicate privately with 2 of these players.

    That is it? That is your "secret" network? You really are pathetic. For one thing, 21Forme doesn't give two shits about you. Need I paste the copy from Gamblers forum?

    21forme, who hates it when I reference him, is quite a bit older than me, has been around the community probably a decade longer than me, is married, with adult children. Unlike myself he personally meets and plays with quite a number of players.

    So you just go right ahead and do it. No wonder he thinks you're a pain in the ass.

    Reymo, runs or used to run the blackjack accord site. That is where I met him and began communicating with him. Although he is closer to my age (a bit younger), he too is married I believe and he has small children. He has been around the community a lot less time than I. And he has done well for himself. Progressed faster than I did through my career, not that, that is a measuring stick.

    What an absolute loser! Leaves his wife and kid(s) for weeks at a time to play a game because his business failed and he can't get anyone to hire him. I feel sorry for his father-in-law.

    BoSox, I would say I am least familiar with. I don't even know what age range he might be. I think older, but I don't know why I think that. I rarely communicate privately with him, until a few PM's recently. I know him from several forums and he has demonstrated significant blackjack knowledge.

    Bosox, hasn't left Boston in two decades you moron. He is on the forum everyday day in, day out playing FUDD For Um Deputy Detective. Look again sweet pea. HE has figured out that defending your nonstop spew of nonsense is not worth his time. How in the world could 21forme and Bosox remain in good standing at BJTF after all the hatred your spewed at Norm on this site.

    BUT, what all these guys have in common with me is that we are all legitimate, knowledgeable, successful blackjack players and as such have recognized that you aren't.
    Perhaps, but KJ is the only one still needs his mommy to wipe his ass. Mommeeee I'm thruuuuuu!

    Remember the saying. "It doesn't take much to figure out who knows what they are talking about and who is just talking". We have all at some point, independently of each other, figured out that YOU, Moses are just talking.

    Shut up queer fucker. I've been begging BEGGING you to play me straight up for months now.
    KJ walking the walk.

    And in your case it really wasn't that hard, even though you have some blackjack knowledge. And it really pisses you off that most legitimate members of the BJ AP community figure out that you are not one of us, pretty easily.

    Hell no. I'm not one of you. Why in the blue fuck would I or anyone want to be? IF you can't be your own man and gather your own thought and find your own direction you're a worthless human being and a bad debt to society.
    Last edited by Moses; April 13th, 2019 at 07:07 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCFX View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Stop with this delusion, you crazy ass bastard.
    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Get some fucking help you loony bastard.
    Dan. This THIS is the person telling YOU how HE thinks YOU should be running YOUR FORUM. BAN HIM. Problem solved.
    Time will pass but the words will stay,
    we move on Day by day
    Feeding them back to you is
    why I prey and what I pray.

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    Default Bob writes:

    Midwest Player, good point in bringing it all back to Moses. This is after all a thread started in Moses honor.

    Of course, Moses’s opinions are why you and other people keep coming back to this site. Even though he was banned back in February, three out of the top seven posts here have Moses’s name in the title. I wonder if it’s time to bring him back here so we don’t have to always go to zenzone to hear what he’s got to say.

    I know kj would like this forum to be more about gambling, but here’s what would happen if that occurred. There was a recent thread started called “Tax Help for Gamblers 4th addition”. It got 58 views and zero replies. The threads with Moses in the title? Well this one has over 4,500 views and 135 replies.

    KJ care less if VCT was about gambling or not. KJ wants to talk about KJ talk about KJ talk about KJ. He started a Weather thread at VCT. I mean even high school kids don't talk about the weather. Still, it turned into a KJ rant about Moses at Zen Zone. That's funny shit right there...I don't care where you're from.

    The members and viewers have spoken....they/we want more Moses.
    Thank you. Thank you very much. But I'm happy right here on the Island of No Norm.

    I think we can see if kj should ever run a gambling site it’d be the deadest forum known to mankind.

    You mean like it was here. This is all one big mastermind of sheer genius of Norm. No not that Norm - the other Norm.

    Norm bans me. I go to Zen Zone. KJ leaves. I refute all this shit KJ casts about Norm and prove he is a monstrous liar while KJ proves he's queer as a $3 bill.

    Oh yes, when KJ gets his false induction in the Hall of Fume? I was be giving he his reward.

    QueerJ writes;
    Most of the legitimate gambling people, AP's and non-AP's have either left this site or severely curtailed their participation since you trolls (bob21 & Moses sock puppet) have successfully hijacked this forum.

    That is why there is no gambling related discussion.

    Name 5. You're the one who started all the Moses threads - you idiot!

    Last edited by Moses; April 15th, 2019 at 06:01 PM.

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    Kj writes to Bob:
    And stop with your Moses worship shit. It is gross, just like Moses's shit on your lips from all your ass kissing.

    Moses doesn't have 'channels' fucktard. He has threads because he and you are trolls that are trying to hijack everything. Just fuck off and die you fucking troll.

    Wow. KJ. You went 2 hours 12 minutes without posting on a Tuesday. When in the world do you ever find time to play blackjack? You're always fighting with someone on a forum.

    You see we don't hold back here. So that to my face? You won't remain on your feet very long. Fuck off and die is what hippie queers said in the 70s while running away from getting their asses kicked. Bob 21 is the perfect opponent for you. He will debate with you ALL. DAY. LONG.

    Me? I'd kick your narrow ass and be done with it. You are such a FUCKING IDIOT. The threads of which you speak, YOU started about me. Now you're mad because the are the most popular ones on the only forums where you can still be allowed to post.

    Spiderman...what a dumbass.

    Last edited by Moses; April 16th, 2019 at 03:09 PM.

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