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Thread: Kqueerj in Fall of Shame?

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    KJ writes:
    I am going to say a few things and then I am done with the subject.
    That will be the day.

    We have a nice day planned with my Mother that I want to get to.
    No one gives a fuck about your "day."

    But this does not excuse Singer of intentionally lying and misleading players for 20 years with his progressive wagering, stop limits and "special plays" bullshit.
    20 years and you couldn't figure that Singer is a classic bull shitter...and gets you every single time. That's not only funny. It's hilarious. IT's not only hilarious, it proves you're pathetic.

    Did this Singer thing turn a little personal with me?
    Anyone is going to attack you personally. For one thing, as many of your APs put it. You're a monstrous liar. For another thing, you constantly run your mouth and refuse to back up one damn lie you spew.

    Sure. He attacked me very personally, because I challenged his math. But I can deal with that. I have been attacked in that same personal manner for 20 years since high school. He then attacked my partner/spouse, a person who never even participated on this forum, after he had passed away with complete lies. I don't take very kindly to that.

    No one gives a fuck. If you don't like it then do something about it. You won't because you're a full blown pussy. That isn't Singers fault.

    But mostly it was and continues to be about the claims for me. Mathematically impossible claims that were misleading and harmful to other players and members. While players have a responsibility to figure out "who knows what they are talking about and who is just taking",

    You're the one who is talking, and talking, and talking. You couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Challenging these fucktards is not something I take lightly.

    You're a queer tard.

    Many people/players make claims that I don't believe and I say nothing. It has to rise to an egregious level where you see people getting sucked in and possible hurt.
    No one cares about what you believe or don't believe because you're a queer tard.

    I guess you can make the case that Moses is the 3rd such person I challenged. And Moses really didn't rise to that egregious level. No one was buying his bullshit of professional blackjack play in Reno, where it is impossible to do so. I just got tired of Moses following me around from forum to forum trolling me, so I exposed him, as the low level red chip player playing for peanuts, who has no clue what he is talking about as far as professional blackjack play and the variance involved.

    Yet you wouldn't take my $29k bet that I'm not homeless. You won't play me for blackchips. You won't play me as the house with your stupid weak Hilo game. Again, you are a monstrous liar, with no means to back up anything you say, and no guts to prove me wrong. = Queertard
    You didn't expose anything other than the fact you're a queertard. I refuse to play red chip and they refuse to play me in black. Variance? You lose $29k in a week you mindless buttfuck. If you can't get it, I can't explain it you.
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    Uoweme writes:
    Or perhaps KJ is the Obsessed Captain Ahab and Singer is none other than Moby Dick. Kind of seems appropriate since there's so much Dick talk around here.

    "to the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee".

    Ya think?

    Bosox said when KJ lived in Wheeling

    HE had quite a peculiar feeling

    He'd lay on his back

    and tickle his crack

    Kj would whiz on the ceiling

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    Mr Bo writes:
    As a professional blackjack player, who has managed and financed players for 40 years, I am familiar with KJ dating back 10 years to Kens Smith’s forum. I have alway been troubled by his message board posting. It would seem some of you have trouble differentiating between KJ the immature, thin skinned and often obnoxious poster of and KJ the blackjack player. Have any of you that are questioning KJ’s ability at the blackjack table and the legitimacy of his claims of professional play, actually witnessed him play?

    Seeing is believing.

    I have seen him play on several occasions without his knowledge.

    That's the goal.

    He really isn’t that hard to find if you are inclined to.

    I disagree.

    It takes but a few minutes to see him take control of the table, without anyone even knowing that he has.

    THAT. I'd like to see. What does he do? Act like such a Flaming Queer that the other players get up and leave? What if there is another flamer at the table? A win win. No?

    There is little doubt that he is an expert player. I have no doubts as to the validity of the claims he has made regarding his results. The thing I question is why?

    Who wouldn't? Evidently, according to KJ the self professed PRO, there are legions of followers out there hanging on his every word and need to hear his nonsense in order to play. Get a life LOSERS!

    I recruited KJ for my team 6 or 7 years ago, despite my concerns over his forum posting activities. As his posting activity has grown more disturbing in recent years, I don’t know if I would feel comfortable recruiting him again. Perhaps with some sort of silence agreement. But for anyone to suggest that his online activity is any indication of his blackjack ability, is someone who has not seen him play.

    So you're saying some nervous little twit on the forums suddenly becomes calm, cool, and collected at the blackjack tables? Hmmm, I doubt it. However, here is a place you can discuss it without worries of getting banned Mr. BO.
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    KJ writes to John Corver:
    3 grand hourly? that is about 6 max bets. Yeah I have those swings in an hour.

    That averages 6 large per 100 hands. That's on par with casino tolerance. IF you play 100K hand a year as you claim, that's about 2,000 hands a week. A stretch since you spend most of your time on forums on some rant, on vacation, and taking breaks due to sharp swings.

    I have those swings in 10 minutes.

    That averages 36 large per 100 hands. That's NOT on par with casino tolerance. They will bounce your candy ass in a NY second and throw your tutu out behind you.

    What is your point?

    My point would be it takes 10 hours for you to go 0 fer 58 to lose $29k. LMAO Great system you've got there KJ. I'm sure casinos appreciate you sharing it with others. What an idiot LOSER!

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    Kj writes"
    Zenking, you really have done it this time...really created quite a shit storm with people that have met you defending you as "oh he would never do anything like that" and people who don't wanting WoV admin to contact authorities. I am not going to weigh in on that one, but I do have a question from a blackjack angle.

    I wouldn't worry about that too much. Blackjack is about winning. Because losing is right on the other side of the coin. Now, if you're concerned about winning a congeniality contest on some stupid forum? Time to worry!

    Venting aside, because like I said, many of us have the need to occasionally 'vent' during an extended losing run, especially a loner type player who may not have someone in their life to share the experiences of the ups and downs of blackjack play with.

    Bullshit. If you had one hair on your ass you wouldn't worry about such trivial nonsense. People think they can just show up and win or easily overcome losing streaks. Thanks to you. Verite tells the true story. The game at the casino shouldn't feel any different than Verite. Through practice, time, and consistency you become immune to the elements around you and focus only on your game. There is a saying in sports, "doing what it takes to get the big game, by the time you arrive, it no longer seems like a big game." Playing two on two in the park is no different than playing 5 on 5 in front of 5,000 fans. It's still a competition and you still have a job to do. That means not losing your head and YOU WILL lose your head if you haven't put in the time at the park. Verite, if played correctly is far more difficult than the casino. Therefore, neither losses or wins should be surprising. You see it coming and know the results before they arrive.

    But related to this and somewhat contradictory is a professional and/or serious blackjack player's need to be able to check emotions when playing. If a player can't check his her emotions, it will result in "chasing losses" almost guaranteeing a losing outcome. In addition to "chasing losses" there can be other very negative consequences, like playing too long, trying to dig out. Players losing often mistakenly think that losing buys them some kind of immunity and play way too long over-exposing themselves whether they manage to dig out or not. As a matter of fact successfully digging out of a huge loss, can actually be one of the worst things from an over-exposure standpoint that a player can do.

    The problem is KJ's bullshit sets an expectation that is impossible to meet. Verite speaks to the truth and what is inside of you. And you'd better know your not just an empty can making noise before you ever sit down at a table.

    So my question is: with this competitive streak that those claiming to know you saying you have, is it possible that results in you staying in one place too long playing, trying to dig out? Trying to win? get the best of them?

    That isn't what being competitive is about. It's about KNOWING you have game and NOT letting them realize it. Freighter and Tarzan are prime examples of top notch competitors. Your bet, the next card, your next move should be your main thought process. Other stuff will show itself if you have any common sense whatsoever. The problem is most are focused on the other stuff. There is more to it than just "the math."

    This is something I have actually been wondering for a while. I remember you "venting" about your suspicions of Planet Hollywood cheating you. My reaction would be something like if a player REALLY thought this (and I have about a couple properties), the thing to do would be stop playing there. Ya know "there are plenty of fish in the sea" mentality. But YOUR response seemed to be that you had this need to keep going back....keep playing....and get the best of them.

    So is it possible this competitive streak in you results in some sort of loss of emotion (or common sense) at the tables? And if you answer "no" as I suspect, how do you know this is not effecting you, your play, your results.

    KJ and his pals are saying go play HiLO, zoom around all day, and it you don't make money or can't handle the swings, then you must be weak. I'm saying play it out on Verite. IT's like working out in front of a mirror. You'll see your weaknesses soon enough.
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    Splitfacedisaster responds to KJ.

    Even if this comment isn`t directed at me, I feel the need to clarify what I said in my above post and why. There`s defending someone, and then there`s just giving your inside viewpoint of a situation, as in, "this is what it is". I said what I did for both reasons. But as for the latter, it was because I knew that someone would bring it up or link it in the WoV forum, that way the people who were freaked out by what he said would see it and could feel better knowing that he`s not someone that`s going to do something crazy. I just read through the thread over there, and my prediction came true, this post is linked. So I wasn`t defending him as in there`s any excuse for what he`s said, because there`s not. I was just defending the position that despite sounding like a lunatic at times on forums, he`s not and it`s his venting mechanism. Doesn`t make it right, but from someone who knows him, I think his post above is genuine in terms of what`s going on with his ranting. And no, he never asked me to say any of this. I`m sure with what happened he`s learned his lesson this time in terms of saying things that are over the line.

    You can take the nicest guy in the world and watch in turn into Linda Blair as the heat gets turned up. The frog would never jump into a pot of boiling water. But if you gradually turn up the heat enough the frog won't jump out and eventually get baked. That is clearly what is happening with ZK. I see it all the time in casinos. I remember one guy walking up and down in front of the TVs ranting because he'd given 42 points with Duke over Bethune Cookman. Point is, the game was over and this guy was making on absolute fool of himself. It came down to some 18 year old kid needing to make two free throws to cover the spread. The kid looked more like the team manager than a scholarship player at Duke. Had made one. The guy flipped.
    I turned to my friend and ask, "my God, how much did he bet"? My friend responds, "who knows, he's an idiot who does this all the time, probably 5 bucks."

    I don't bet any game for less than $2,200. Therefore, I refuse to watch any game I bet. I know it turns me into Linda Blair.

    It's obvious anyone who rants like KJ on a forum couldn't stand losing $29k in a week. Because he's weak.

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