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Thread: Kqueerj in Fall of Shame?

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    KJ writes:
    I am going to say a few things and then I am done with the subject.
    That will be the day.

    We have a nice day planned with my Mother that I want to get to.
    No one gives a fuck about your "day."

    But this does not excuse Singer of intentionally lying and misleading players for 20 years with his progressive wagering, stop limits and "special plays" bullshit.
    20 years and you couldn't figure that Singer is a classic bull shitter...and gets you every single time. That's not only funny. It's hilarious. IT's not only hilarious, it proves you're pathetic.

    Did this Singer thing turn a little personal with me?
    Anyone is going to attack you personally. For one thing, as many of your APs put it. You're a monstrous liar. For another thing, you constantly run your mouth and refuse to back up one damn lie you spew.

    Sure. He attacked me very personally, because I challenged his math. But I can deal with that. I have been attacked in that same personal manner for 20 years since high school. He then attacked my partner/spouse, a person who never even participated on this forum, after he had passed away with complete lies. I don't take very kindly to that.

    No one gives a fuck. If you don't like it then do something about it. You won't because you're a full blown pussy. That isn't Singers fault.

    But mostly it was and continues to be about the claims for me. Mathematically impossible claims that were misleading and harmful to other players and members. While players have a responsibility to figure out "who knows what they are talking about and who is just taking",

    You're the one who is talking, and talking, and talking. You couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Challenging these fucktards is not something I take lightly.

    You're a queer tard.

    Many people/players make claims that I don't believe and I say nothing. It has to rise to an egregious level where you see people getting sucked in and possible hurt.
    No one cares about what you believe or don't believe because you're a queer tard.

    I guess you can make the case that Moses is the 3rd such person I challenged. And Moses really didn't rise to that egregious level. No one was buying his bullshit of professional blackjack play in Reno, where it is impossible to do so. I just got tired of Moses following me around from forum to forum trolling me, so I exposed him, as the low level red chip player playing for peanuts, who has no clue what he is talking about as far as professional blackjack play and the variance involved.

    Yet you wouldn't take my $29k bet that I'm not homeless. You won't play me for blackchips. You won't play me as the house with your stupid weak Hilo game. Again, you are a monstrous liar, with no means to back up anything you say, and no guts to prove me wrong. = Queertard
    You didn't expose anything other than the fact you're a queertard. I refuse to play red chip and they refuse to play me in black. Variance? You lose $29k in a week you mindless buttfuck. If you can't get it, I can't explain it you.
    Last edited by Moses; May 12th, 2019 at 01:45 PM.

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