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Thread: Snitch and Snatch

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    Default Zee writes;

    Wow, I have been away a few days and see that while I was gone, I was a subject of discussion here (course, that means 21forme could not ignore me no matter what).

    You're a Rock Star everywhere. I walk into the sportsbook and folks want to know about the adventures of Zee.

    I was out driving around in the state with a lot of tribes and tribal casinos. A very short 2 night trip but interesting. Will post a short report soon.

    We will be waiting like puppies wanting their master to set the food dish on the floor. Bob is downright giddy.

    Paranoia runs deep,
    Into your heart it will creep..

    Freighter writes; You are a poet
    And don’t even know it

    There is a man with a gun over there
    Telling Zee he ought to beware.
    If he happens to be a big ole cowboy wearing a Stetson hat after Zee hit A7 to screw up his two hands? Zee should listen.


    There once was a counter named Zee
    Who gave out advice for a fee

    On both pen and the spread
    His advice he would shed

    For the Dipshit and all who couldn’t see

    CLASSIC!!! Freighter is BACK!

    Dont use the past tense, I am still alive!

    Are you sure? You're in Oklahoma trying to play blackjack for gawdsake.
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    Default Oklahoma Zee min.

    Bob writes:
    Great trip report Zee! Thanks! Always enjoy and learn from them.

    About the backoffs: Have you ever thought of printing out some of the posts from Freightman, 21forme or Hidden Member Name saying you’re not a threat and a losing player, and then showing these posts to the people backing you off. This might get them to let you play. Can’t hurt to try.

    Well I've never been to Spa In,
    But I've been to Oklahoma,
    O they tell me I was born thar
    But I really don't remem bar

    Freighter has me talking in rhymes again.

    Stopped into a casino. Zee passed along the way.
    Well, he got down on his knees.
    Begged them to let him play.
    Oklahoma Zee min
    On such a summers day?
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