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Thread: Bosox Elmer Fudd/Yosemite Sam

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    Ok, I have been playing around with the slide rule and abacus all day and I think I have solved this problem. Moses, lets say I was in the 11th grade in 2000 rather than Jr High. That seems to work. The math works perfectly as far as my 16 year career. And it so happens that is exactly what I said all along. Here is the quote.

    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    In the year 2000 I was a junior in high school spending most of my free time surfing the waves (not internet) at Daytona Beach. So for those of us...
    You will notice the part I highlighted, Junior in High school.....that is the 11th grade.

    Now this is a relatively minor error, reading junior in high school and thinking it says junior high school. Simple mistake, anyone could make, I could see myself making a mistake like that. So why have I come to Zenzone and made such a big deal about it?

    I am tired of Moses lies and twisting everything to suit himself. Moses doesn't like me and wants my story to be untrue. That's all fine. He doesn't get to make up alternative facts and lies in his attempt to discredit me, which he repeatedly does. He constantly posts that I live with my mom and she pays the bills. Neither is true. He posts that my late partner bankrolled me when I got to Vegas. Untrue, He had no money. When he played blackjack or any kind of AP, I bankrolled him. At one point Moses said I was a 58 year old man. The very next day he posted I was a teenager living with my mom. The guy is crazy as freaking Shit! Seriously he is looney-toons. The guys total existence now is posting quotes, word for word from several forums that he is not welcome at and injecting his thoughts as if he is part of the conversation. Weird.

    Moses frequently likes to bring up the week I lost 29k (last fall) but he almost always mis-characterizes it. Makes it seem like that is routine. My career has spanned almost 800 weeks now. I have had one such horrible week. As a matter of fact, I believe that is the only 20k + losing week I have had. One in 800 weeks. So it is not routine, but it is not abnormal either. Unfortunately Moses just doesn't understand variance. Card counters (make that legitimate card counters) sometimes lose and sometimes lose big and for relatively long periods of times, weeks or even months, That is variance and it is completely normal. Most of the different teams can tell you stories of being down 10's or even 100's of thousands of dollars before things turned around. These things happen and at my level, 29k loss while rare is completely in the normal range. Moses would know this if he was a real blackjack AP playing any kind of significant stakes. But he is not. He plays low limit in Reno because that is what Reno is.

    So, I am not going to change ZenZone. I believe the rules are there are no rules. Anyone can say whatever they like about anything. And I am not going to come here and correct every times Moses lies, twists or manipulates something about me out of his jealousy / hatred. But you folks that regularly read this stuff just know that he has been proven a zillion times to be lying and making shit up. He is a troll.

    And one final thing: This Junior in high school vs Jr High school mistake. Like I said a very simple mistake. Anyone could make it. I could read that wrong. But in Moses case he read it wrong. His "ladyfriend" read it wrong. His ladyfriends granddaughter read it wrong. Moses "friend" Tator read it wrong. Moses friend "old Lou" read it wrong. Every one Moses knew or claims to know read it wrong making this same mistake. And that is because these people aren't real people. These are figments of Moses imagination. They are some of the multiple personalities within his mind. And it's pretty crowded up there. Moses making this mistake is one thing. All these so-called people reading this the same erroneous way, just proves beyond any doubt that they are all just Moses and different figments of his imagination.

    Now I am going to leave the Zenzone now again, as it is a forum that I see no value in (sorry Zengrifter, but that is the way you wanted it). So Moses surely fuming now and bouncing off the padded walls of his room, will continue with his agenda, his lies, his attacks. That is what ZenZone is for. And you people amused can be amused, but I just wanted you to know you are really just watching a mental patient. A really sick dude who likely on the worst of his rants is just off his meds.

    bye bye. Happing ranting Ho-Moses.

    Last edited by KewlJ; May 18th, 2019 at 08:52 PM.

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    Too much to read from a queertard. If you didn't like it you'd do something about it. But u won't. Much more to come. I just post what I read....and geezous there is alot to read from the forum queen.

    KJ reminds me of Bodexpress. Running around aimlessly. Can't even get his own brother to talk to him.

    KJ writes: But Message boards? Admittedly I am a mess. I am addicted to message boards. (no embarrassed emoji, so I will use the sad)
    I rest my case.

    I like talking gambling AP with like minded people, even if I disagree on some topics. Most AP's don't have someone at home to talk to. I had a partner/spouse who was my AP partner as well, but he came from the machine play....and not even AP machine play, part of gambling, and only had limited knowledge of any of it.

    YOU need help KJ...and put some damn clothes on. Stop parading around Mrs. Kew in your birth day costume.
    Last edited by Moses; May 19th, 2019 at 07:56 AM.

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    Default GMass to Bosox

    As a professionally trained and experienced interviewer and interrogator, the use of "in all honesty" (in addition to other pre-qualifiers like "to tell you the truth" and "frankly") is a highly-reliable indicator of deception.

    Yes, I'm saying you're lying.

    This is child's play.

    This should be good. A real detective vs a forum detective. Dang Bosox, it's seem you can't get anyone to like you at either VCT or BJTF. Only KJ. Forum's version of Frank Burns.

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