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Thread: KewlJ should be banned from Zen Zone

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    KJ asks:
    I don't know what you want from me Alan? You want me to post pages of results? pages of numbers? I can do that. It would involve some work, but I can do that. BUT, is all that is going to lead to is your or someone else asking for proof of those numbers. How do I prove anything. Am I suppose to take pictures of casino chips before I cash them? Take pictures of the dealer scooping up my chips after a loss? Maybe I should just hire someone to follow me around video recording every hand I play? Or are we back to bank accounts and sale/purchase of property?

    I mean really tell me what you want from me Alan? I can spend a couple hours posting some numbers, but I am sure that won't satisfy you.

    Any good business has a plan. A $100K annual biz requires a great plan. The reason you don't know how to answer is because you're uneducated. Your plan would be tough enough without the variance and downswings. You opened the door with all your bragging and nonsense.
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    The 29 winning days total, 26,100. Subtract the 22 losing (and zero) days total of 18,962.50 and I showed a total profit of 7137.50 at this casino in 2018.

    Two of your largest winning days out of 51 equaled your net result for that casino in 2018. That is 1 casino you hit once a week on average. What constitutes the start and stop at a casino? How many different casinos do you hit everyday?

    You will need 3 more casinos of equal game and it still falls short of the 1 week loss. That leaves 29 casinos left. So you'd have to average $3,448 per casino to reach $100K. Seems like a lot of ground to cover considering you spend most of your time on forums. Some casinos result in an annual loss with this hit and run style.

    IF you average 2000 hands a week based on 50 weeks a year? That is a lot of hands for someone to get to various casinos and spend so much time on forums. A $2,000 per week average equals $100K a year...So a higher weekly average is necessary. Bills come in monthly and quarterly. So 6 months of playing even cuts into your savings significantly.

    Seems like a complicated way to track results.
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    Default UCFX writes

    First off. Kudos to KJ for going to the trouble of listing his numbers. As a working citizen in the corporate world, there are hundreds of "atta boys" which mean nothing. But 3 "aw, fucks" and you're out the door.

    KJs Winning days: 650, 837.50, 1575, 600, 425, 1875, 2425, 225, 537.50, 1200, 3375, 112.50, 475, 700, 825, 662.50, 275, 700, 1112.50, 12.50, 825, 350, 1075, 262.50, 3350, 512.50, 450, 275, 400

    Since Bob 21 seems to know the inside view of casinos, he may have a more concrete view from their perspective.

    From a numbers perspective and blackjack playing standpoint, I'm told that losing days don't matter. From a casino point of view, that is what is suppose to happen. Hence, the atta boys. However, there are 9 winning days exceeding $1,000 over the course of one year. There are definitely 3 aw fucks and quite possibly 5. A tight casino there are likely 9 days.

    So we still have $93k to go with no mention of the $29k losing week and $8,800 losing day. But let's take the minimum assumption of just 3 aw fucks a year. That is 30 over the course of 10 years in just 1 casino. With such detailed records, it would be interesting to know what constitutes his start and stoppage of play and length of session.

    Also, the two largest winning days out of 51 visits is the majority of his profit for the entire year. I doubt he zoomed in and out on those two days without being noticed and someone getting their ass chewed.

    As a green chip player, I draw the line at $500. Black chip $2,000. The logic is better to be safe than sorry since the casino has the authority to hand me a life sentence without logic, reason, or accountability at anytime. Perhaps they didn't like my haircut.

    Therefore, it's my law that matters. Hence, if they can't take a $500 punch in a green chip session, then I didn't really want to invest my time competing in the first place. So, as Bob put it, the 64,000 question is. How many of those 33 casinos are willing to take a $1,000 punch in green chip play? How many times are they willing to take that punch? But a $3k punch? Not often, that's for sure.

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    Backoffs are only temporary though until things cool down. BULLSHIT. It's permanent. And if you screw with them? You run the risk of getting beat up permanent. There are many sources other than security and backrooms. Use your damn head man. You're a danger to anyone who puts one iota of stock in anything you say!

    And there is something to be learned from each backoffs.

    Yes. Many casinos are so tight that a fair game cannot possibly exist. You learn to play within casino tolerance and adjust your game accordingly. The most difficult part is proving to them you're not what they think you are based on OSN reports or what someone has written in the computer years prior.

    Therefore, 33 viable casinos still sounds like a stretch. Maybe 10 to 15 max with a number that continues to shrink because you won't change or make adjustments to your game. Hence, it's not their fault when you take them for $3,350. It's their "job" to be concerned, insulted, and/or downright pissed off about it. But winning isn't enough for the the Great KJ. HE has to brag about it on forum, stick it in there face, and rant when he feels cheated. THIS ruins it for all of US. KJ is like the player running his mouth, giving our opponent motivation, with headlines on locker room bulletin boards.

    Y'all don't get it. Our opponent wins by forfeit. Braggers have no place on these forums. That being said, KJ is clearly the most destructive force to all APs. Seriously, you all agree when anyone questions him and they are called trolls. Get a clue. How is he possibly helping your game other than his monstrous lies of feel good bullshit.

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    Default Alan Mendelson Asks

    Stop for a moment kewlj and explain how someone like you who is a known winner and frequents 30 casinos on a regular basis and plays green and black chips isn't known to casino management?

    How is that possible after 15 years?

    Something is wrong. I wonder what it could be?

    IF KJ is overcoming all these obstacles. How does he have time to play and post on all the forums? These are lengthy thought provoking posts.

    IF KJ is making $100K annually. And has 33 casinos to choose from to play. Why is he wasting time posting at all? He is a young man. Time is money.

    A large price to pay for a forum congeniality reward. Thanks goodness he won. These idiots need a role model to follow and someone to worship I guess.

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    Sybil/Moses/UCFX/Tatertot/homoses and who ever else is in there....you grow more mental every day....every hour. Get some help. Seriously, seek help. At this point, I don't even feel it is right to return your trolling.

    ...And you keep losing everyday. It's just a matter of time until someone outs you. You little fantasy world is coming to an end and that's when the real world will begin.

    Norm writes about KJ; About one out of every 200 of his accusations of crimes by many people, I make a comment. That is, about once a year I state, for the record, that his accusations are completely without merit.

    So KJ running his mouth without merit or verification will eventually lead to him extracting his head from his ass. Once KJ is ID'ed? He is out of business. Might want to start a new career now GED. KFC is looking for a mascot. Seems like the right job for KJ, considering he is a big chicken.
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    Default Young Punk

    KJ writes:
    Even funnier, Argentino, a month away from turning 70, calling the rest of us "old men", including some of us that are literally half his age.

    What a moron.

    So we have KJ, a young punk, calling out a guy twice is age, a moron. You need a lesson in respect. I'm 60 and pretty sure I could turn you over my knee.
    Too bad you can only talk the talk and not walk the walk. Anytime you're feeling a little courage, I will gladly step in for Argentino.

    Wise up. Grow Up. Face up.

    Gutless moron. Midwest Player loves it when I call you names.

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    Default Norm writes in response to KJ

    About one out of every 200 of KJs accusations of crimes by many people, I make a comment. That is, about once a year I state, for the record, that his accusations are completely without merit.

    Bosox writes: Thank you for your meaningless, and obvious onesided opinion.

    Helpfuls. Norm 2 for 2.

    Not Help Bosox 0 for 5. I mean Nosox.
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    Default Genius vs GED

    Check out the thread at Blackjackinfo titled Changing systems questioning SCORE.

    Don S absolutely drills KewJ. First, KJ tries some ass kissing. Didn't work. Then offers a lunch bet. Really didn't work.

    Then tries to go toe to toe with Don S. on why HiLO is easier than other counts. Primarily the one Don S has employed for 43 years.

    KJ better get a little more education than just a GED if he's taking his ranting road show to Don S.

    ...And that was KJs good forum. Now he is seeking another because he no longer likes VCT.

    LOL. What a moron! KJ. MAYBE IT'S YOU!

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    Default UCFX writes:

    Originally Posted by kewlJ I find it so weird when I encounter someone like Singer on these forums. Someone making outlandish claims and having this weird need to be someone they are not. And to go to the extreme of the sockpuppetry that he goes to, making up people to vouch for him and sing his praises. I am sure that is some kind of mental deficiency or void but it is just weird to me.
    What could a person with your lack of education possible know about mental deficiency? Unless it's from your own narcissistic traits and behaviors.

    Originally Posted by kewlJ
    Now I know he will fire back saying similar things about me. THIS isn't normal.
    Any normal person would fire back when insulted. However, your excessive need for admiration is abnormal.

    Originally Posted by kewlJ
    The bottom line is like I always say, it doesn't take that much to figure out who knows what they are talking about and who is just talking. And while the use of sockpuppets for false credibility "muddies" that process, it doesn't change it, only prolongs it. Sooner or later the person proves themselves to just be talking.
    Your exaggerated sense of self importance exemplifies your constant need to "talk the talk." However, your preoccupation with fantasies about success, power, brilliance precludes you from "walking the walk." Behind your mask of extreme confidence liss a fragile self esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism.
    Originally Posted by kewlJ
    And while I myself have a few haters, some that follow me to different sites, there hate and attacks on me almost always turn out to be about some sort of personal issue rather than the math and these people always turn out to be non-AP's that can't even recognize the math. Because my math adds up. Like me. Hate me. My math adds up. For good reason. But keep going Argentino/Singer. I suppose you will go to your grave continuing to perpetuate this little farce that now only 2 or 3 people still believe, and I don't even thing those 2-3 even really believe anymore. It is just all really weirdness!
    In addition to the above;
    1.) You expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it.
    2.) You exaggerate achievements and talents.
    3.) You are disappointed when you're not given special consideration.
    4.) You monopolize conversations and belittle people you deem as inferior.

    5.) You are envious of others and believe others are envious of you.
    6.) Your haughty manner is arrogant, conceited, boastful, and pretentious. All which masks the fears that burn you up inside.
    7.) Therefore, rather than face, you belittle the other person with lies in order to appear superior

    Excellent read UCFX. Truly KJ is a nutshell. A nut in his shell. KJ loses yet another day typing on forums instead of playing blackjack. When does he have all the time to play all those hands necessary for all that variance to make far more money than a person who actually works for a living? The "Math" simply doesn't add up.
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    Default No more VCT fir KJ?

    No, it's not you MaxPen. This forum continue to grow almost unreadable and that attracts even more trolls. A vicious cycle.

    Translation: No one agrees with me anymore. No one likes me anymore. No one believes me anymore. Poor Poor KJ. Always the victim.

    Bob writes:
    Kj, this is a curious post by you, the person that constantly complains and puts out the most meaningless drivel ever on the internet. Most your posts add no value; all you do is complain about somebody, usually one of the many forum moderates that have kicked you off because they got tired of your endless meaningless drivel.

    What you do is worst than a troll. At least a troll is entertainment. I will never call you a troll because that would be disparaging to trolls, a necessary constituency to any well run forum.

    Troll is such a feminine word. Way over used for someone to hide behind. Hence, I don't want to answer your questions = you're a troll. I don't like what you said = you're a troll. You don't say nice things about my nonsense = you're a troll. You threatened me = you're a troll. You mentioned a count other than HiLO = you're a troll. You don't believe I can count two tables = You're a troll. You don't believe I'm invisible to the pit and EITS so I can wong in and wong out unnoticed = you're a troll. You don't believe I made a million dollars at $100K year = you're a troll.

    The all time great one is when one person speaks for the entire AP blackjack community which is like 3 or 4 guys sitting at a coffee shop in Hoboken NJ, each with 5 puppets.

    Yes, dear I have to fly to New York again today. There is a meeting about a troll and I have to vote.

    Sorry, I can't be in court for my clients today, there is a phone conference call regarding trolls. Geesh.

    Oh yes, the legions of posters believe you are trolling on our sight. Like it was on the 6 o'clock news in Raleigh, NC. "Yes, ANOTHER TROLL was on VCT today. KJ was Upset about it. Told Dan to sit or get off the pot. Wait! Are we on the air"?
    Yes Elmer Fudd - that was live! I didn't even know Dan smoked pot.

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    Default Monet writes

    Poor poor KJ. Always the Victim.

    Quote Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Let me see if I have this correct. As a member of this forum, Alan, or any of us are subject to the nastiest, most vile attacks and comments. But leave the forum and we are protected from the same
    You are one fucked up guy and forum owner Todd/Dan Druff.
    Shut Up Fag!
    Quote Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Since I have lost all desire to participate here, please add me to the self exclusion list as well. And let's just see if I am protected as well?
    If the likes of Blackhole are not allowed to mention and attack me, that would essentially end his participation as well, since he mentions me in some hateful manner in every single post.
    So you can come back as Spiderman??

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    Default Bob writes:

    Good to hear from you kj...or should I call you spiderman? It’s hard for me to keep track of all your handles and sock puppets.

    As far as Tommy Hyland, have you ever listened to one of his podcasts? When he started counting cards, he did it with a friend so one would keep track of postive cards, while the other would kept track of negative cards and then they would compare their numbers after a round and do the math. I’m not kidding. Tommy thought counting was a two man job. It took him a while to figure out one person can keep a simple count like Hilo.

    He also said card counting is the most “noble” thing a person can do. I can think of a lot of jobs that are “noble”, but I definitely wouldn’t consider card counting one of them. I think Sanford Wong would agree with me on this one. Also, anybody that counts cards full time for 35 years has to have a screw loose. I’m sorry but you’d think he’d want to do something else, anything else, for a while during those 35 years. I’m guessing he’s your idol so I’m sorry if I popped your ballon.

    And don’t get me started on the Blackjack Hall of Fame. It’s in a casino that won’t allow advantage players. It’s basically a side show started by Max Rubin (used to be an advantage player but now runs a casino) to attract ploppies so he can take their money. Talk about some serious inconsistencies.

    And being called an idiot by someone like you doesn’t mean much to me. You’ve got to be semi-intelligent before I take an insult like yours seriously. From you, it’s a compliment. Usually stupid people call intelligent people idiots. So thank you for your compliment!

    KJ writes to BOB;
    Yeah, I have listened to Tommy's podcasts and interviews. He can afford to do those since he is in the twilight of his career. A long successful career, managing and playing on one of the top, if not the top blackjack teams for 40 years! I had the good fortune to participate on a forum, my first forum back when such forum were really about gambling and advantage play and players wanting to help and learn from each other, before the trolls like you ruined public gambling and AP forums and drove them underground to private forums. So I learned a great deal from Tommy back in the day.

    KJs departure lasted what 2 days? The queer is back at the wheel trying to steer everyone is his direction. Underground private forums. Hmmm. Let's go with T3 and KJ in the basement with multiple computers.

    You continue to prove what a fucking moron you are. TROLL!

    Again, someone dares to disagree with KJ and he is called a troll. You'd think with all the help KJ is getting from so many players that he'd actually learn to play a winning game. But no, he is a LOSER who can only talk the talk but will never be able to walk the walk. So his life will be spent on forums trying to convince others he is something other than a monstrous liar.

    Kj rants to Bob; As for your views on a AP career, nobody gives a fuck what you a casino industry guy thinks. If you weren't such a fucking idiot, you would have figured that out during your long running discussion. Nobody cares about you or what you think. You are the village idiot. A casino industry troll, who's only purpose is to be disruptive and destroy any forum that has any discussion of advantage play. So just fuck off asshole.

    Man to man, that statement would probably lead to hostilities! No wonder KJ has to run to cyber police because he is always getting threatened to get his ass kicked. Looks like Bob got under your skin. Yet you can lose $29k in week and take it in stride. You're a Monstrous liar and a flaming queer.

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