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Thread: The Importance of the Forum world according to Bosox

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    Default The Importance of the Forum world according to Bosox

    Bosox posts what Bob21 wrote; Bosox responds and with Moses prior qoutes

    "I do think Moses should tone down the threats, but his insults are some of the best material on the internet. If people don’t laugh at some of his posts, they have no sense of humor."
    As I've said many times. The game is supposed to be fun. Bosox takes this forum stuff way to serious. Like he is a private investigator or trial lawyer or something.

    Blob you do think that Moses should tone down the threats, how civilized of you to say that. Of course, his material is the best and people should OVERLOOK the madness, otherwise they have no sence of humor. Remember he is currently toning down his mean composure
    side now that the cyber police are watching him. That was a joke Blob he remains nuttier than ever, he is beyond hope. Just yesterday's postings at ZZ, here is a few excerps from Moses in separate threads at the Zen Zone forum:

    "Keystone, on the other, is worthless. I'm going to teach you some respect when we meet. You've pissed off a lot of people in your lifetime. IT only takes one to let me know where to find you. Patience and Persistence. Keep talkin dip shit. I've been down this road before. Victory is far away but sweet when it arrives."
    Some guy that sole purpose on a forum is to protect KJ and insult people who cannot/ will not defend themselves is putrid. I'm simply offering him the opportunity to face his obvious fear in real life.

    "I prefer to be the nice guy who likes to have fun and tell jokes. But sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. So that other person takes over. It is shocking because it's a complete 360 to others. But it's very rare. I look far beyond what pisses the average guy off."

    Guys will get pissed off because someone is standing up in front of them with a game on. I simply move my chair or spin to another TV. Guys will drool over the cocktail waitress, look at stupid shit on their phones, and have something derogatory to say about everyone that walks by. I came to watch the game and get tired of listening to that shit. Now, if someone comes over me, spills my drink, to get to another person, who doesn't want to or can't defend himself? Then I will act a peacemaker. But if he says "don't get in my face unless you want to take it outside"? Then, you can damn well bet my nose will be pressed against his temple. I realize that is a lot to take in the perfect little world of Bosox. But if a person doesn't carry around a little badass in these parts they will get eatin alive.

    "Sure, I will take 10 years for standing up for my rights, freedom of speech, and busting their little narrow asses. I've lived 60 years and have no complaints. But there is a better place. I'm not afraid to go."
    The beatings on the inside or far worse than a beating on the outside. Of course, Bosox doesn't realize this which is why he obviously so miserable as are KJ and Keystone. They start and run away from trouble. I avoid it as much as possible. But when I'm backed into a corner then I run to it. Meaning, if Bosox is my judge then I'm getting 10 years. But I will take the 10 years over letting that shit eat away at me inside.

    "Yes, KJ tell us all about the insider people who cater to you after all this shit you wrote about Norm and many others on this forum. You're such a coward. You
    just incriminated several people by not giving out the real handle. You've got nothing. You can't stand it I'm in your head and you are too much of a coward to face me. It's eating you up inside. I could care less about the number of views. But I get plenty of feedback. So stick it in your ass KJ.
    KJ is the biggest coward on earth other than maybe Keystone. It's very close. I haven't figured out my next move yet. But the ultimate goal will be to get KJ banned in as many places in Vegas as possible.

    You won't be laughing whe someone is going upside your head. Those who look for trouble. Find it. "
    Someone will be giving KJ a beating eventually. One of the guys at our table is gay. But he is not a drama queen and doesn't shove his sexual preference up every ones ass. He was ready to kick KJs ass the other because "it's guy like this that make our life even more difficult." His words. Not mine. KJ is doing the same thing to AP's. Bosox is either too stupid to see it or doesn't want to see it. So someday an AP in Vegas will catch KJ alone and he won't even know what hit him.

    Moses, be carefull of Blob he is not looking out for you.
    Bob 21. All I ask you to do for me is post my replies to KJs rants and lies stating I will bet him $29k he is wrong. Is that too much to ask? If so, it's cool. Just say so. I will get someone else to do it.

    Blob, and I are not affraid to join ZZ because Norm will get upset, we both could care less what he thinks and you know that. Unlike Bob who is only playing games and only will give you subtle hints and quickly change the subject when he disagrees with you I will tell you streight up how I feel starting now. Until you can completely compose yourself without threats of violence no one will ever take you serious!
    ...And let me tell you Bosox. I'm not going to take a ration a shit from anyone. Stop being so dramatic about threat of violence. Shut your damn mouth and stop inciting and there would be no threat. You want to talk blackjack? Fine. But I certainly don't need you to be judge and jury over me. Who the fuck do you think you are? You came on to BJTF when I was already there a couple of years and started in with your little Deliverance jokes. Then, you'd apologize and come back with another put down in a couple of days. You did this at least 3 times trying to gain attention and that almighty forum approval this is so very important to you. Then when I drew you in to taking me to task? YOU QUIT.

    It does not matter who is in the right or not you cannot continue being a menace to society. The truth hurts , but you deserve being on that ZZ board posting alone.
    Again, you take a shot at Zen Zone. Like your shit smells better? FUCK YOU BOSOX. You are living in the fantasy world of forum bullshit thinking you are some kind of authority. You are NOTHING. Being a loser most of your life is what put you here in the first place. You wouldn't last a week in my real world. I would love, absolutely love to see you walk around in judgement people in Reno like you do on a forum. THEY'D kick your ass and I wouldn't save you.

    Back to you Blob 21 I hope you are satisified with all the games you are playing with everyone includind Moses.

    You play just as many games Bosox. Time to come down off your pedestal. If I had to base my life on the approval of KJ and Keystone, like you obviously are doing. I'd fucking kill myself. Look in a mirror. You're friggin pathetic. Have been since day one. You never did get that approval you so desperately needed at BJTF. No one gives a fuck about you. Including KJ or Keystone.
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    WTF is going on with this Las Vegas Forum?
    It is completely out of control.

    Monet writes:

    History proves whenever KJ is involved things spiral out of control. Now, you've got a dab of Bosox thrown in as his worshiper. Bucket your seat belt. You're in for a bumpy ride. I'm glad I'm over on the Island of Zen Zone where the waters run still.

    JBJB to Monet: Feel free to leave and not come back then.

    First Off... Go Fuck Yourself.
    Secondly... that is not the way things are done here.
    You need to post up that you are leaving and never coming back.
    After a week or two you come back and start posting again non stop.

    Lastly... you just complained several times about the same stupid shit so Fuck Off!

    Hear me out. I agree with JBJB. KJ will leave and comeback and stir up shit. Repeat. IT's his trademark until the moderator puts a whammy on him. Then he will try to find a site to bitch about the moderator. So, what IF? Ya'll just left. Who is KJ, JBJB, RS, Keystone, Bosox, Mickey, going to have left to argue with. They can all sit around and brag above how much money they make from casinos and how much they hate casinos. See...it makes no sense. Like Bob said, there will be about 6 posts a day, until they start fighting amongst themselves.

    KJ writes: Unlike several trolls here who's only purpose is to troll, Monet is a knowledgeable AP who could be a real asset to this forum. Too bad his pettiness gets the best of him and gets in the way of that.

    Why don't you simply buy Dan Druff out KJ. It doesn't sound like he wants it and certainly will never run to your satisfaction. Again, if someone isn't on par with KJ the are petty at the very least. I'd love to hear your words when someone finally decides to go upside your head. Ouch! Ouch! Stop being so petty. Ouch! Ouch! You're hurting me. Bam. Good night.
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    Bob 21 writes:
    You’re missing my point kj. I get it. All trolling is not created equal. There is some trolling that is meanspirited meant to incite that this site would be better off without. But where do you draw the line? Who makes that decision? In general, I think it’s better for a forum to be self policing. Obviously, there’s times when the moderator needs to step in.

    I think when the topic of trolling become the discussion in every thread it's time for moderators to stop in. Go back and count the number of times KJ writes the word "troll." If you eliminate KJ. You eliminate the trolls. Norm figured that out long ago.

    If you were the moderate would you be constantly censoring people?

    No. I'd ban all wimps and cocksuckers. I remember in my business. I would train someone for their territory. Then I'd say, you won't hear from me unless you call for help. In other words, I'm not going to be asking you to be constantly going over every detail of your day to day business. But I already know what works and what doesn't. So, if you're not making $10k a month, there is a good chance I will fire you and find someone else.

    Do you want this site to be like Norm’s where he censors people’s views he doesn’t agree with? Actually Norm censored very few of my posts. I didn't care when/if he did. I used it as a guideline.

    Is that what you want here? Censorship?

    Granted, BJTF is now boring as fuck. But he still gets plenty of posts, threads, replies, and thousands of views. You'd have to ask Norm. But his numbers actually may be up. If I were Dan? I'd be contacting Norm for advice. VCT has a niche. But KJ is "blowing" it.
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    Not to be obtuse, but I wanted someone else to catch that 360 degrees comment. But remember, if you constantly rotate at 360 degrees and you are not in a constant plane, you are spiraling.


    So if someone gets spills your drink on you, tries to get at your friend who is trying to escape, and then says to you, "don't get in my face unless you want to take it outside" you are going to sit and doing nothing? Now, when I got in his face, he knew I was ready to go and suspect he believed that would be a huge mistake for him. So he quickly changed his mind. Consequently, I had to quickly calm myself back down again. I think I read somewhere your were a coach.

    I was not planning to show him the proper way to dunk Oreo's in his milk. I was ready to hit, kick, bite, fight with all that was in me because that is what he presented himself as planning to do to me. It isn't easy or pleasant to go into the mindset in the first place. Trying to revert back to the normal set isn't easy either. BTW, he was thrown out. I was thanked by Security.

    Bosox writes: KewlJ, your made me think of an interesting topic. You have mentioned previously that sometimes you get opportunities to count two tablesat the same time. Something I could not do or try because of vision problems, but how about from this unique perspective.
    Bosox was giving KJ a hand job. Bosox exclaimed "my that is the largest I've seen." KJ replied "thanks my love, but that is my leg."

    What happens when someone is using their column count and suddenly Mr Tater appears, I don't know about you but technically I count that as counting two tables. You can throw the red flag and challenge the play to be reviewed, but I think you would lose that one. Actually I think it is much harder to do it his way.

    What are you even trying to spew? Just another weirdo with a big mouth who can barely see his peter.

    KJ writes: Is there any other meaning from the rest of this other than he is talking about his multiple personalities? He is the nice one, but others in his head (maybe Tater) aren't so nice. I could do a laughing emoji here, but really more sad than funny.

    I know you will only talk shit on a forum and never to my face. Hmmm. What to do? What to do? Starting tomorrow, operation fuck up KJs career goes into effect.
    I will start with George who watches over the pits of 3 different casinos. He moved here from Vegas. But I will see his level of interest about the El Cortez debacle and who I can contact about some dipshit queer running around from casino to casino, counting two tables, and cleaning out casinos. I will show him your posts about lifetime earnings, stupid casino personal etc, etc. Who is laughing now shitforbrains? Hmmm, do you think I should go in as Tater or Moses? So shove the laughing emoji.

    Now before you start ranting and panting. Remember you could have met me face to face or let it drop when I was banned. As I said, you're arrogant and stupid. Bad combination.

    You two dipshits think you're winning something on a forum? No. Just a couple of more losers in life too afraid to ever back up their words. It sucks to be you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    KJ writes to Blackhole:
    Thank you for your interest in my sex life. I don't need to "find a big cock". Since you have expressed your interest, I have a fairly new "boyfriend" for lack of a better label. He doesn't have a big cock, but it is nice. Very cute. Very suckable, which generally is something I don't do all that much. I usually am more about received oral, but being that he is young and cute, I return the favor more that I usually do. Never for hours though. I am pretty talented when I put my mind to it, so it is more like a 10 minute

    Quote Originally Posted by TopGunWon View Post
    KJ - the Queen of Brokeback Blackjack, apparently
    Bosox and KJ finally found a partner.

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    KJ writes to BOB 21; So Today, I got the answer. I received an email from a friend in the community that told me that one of the guys from Norm's forum, one of the computer tech type guys that knows all that stuff that I am in the dark about....wrote a program where a "bot" repeatedly views posts by Moses just to drive up the views to fuck with him.

    So BJTF would rather Zen Zone go away altogether. Thus one of Norm's special guys drives up views in hopes I will post less. Here is a novel idea. How about you simply shut the fuck up and then I wouldn't have any material to post. KJ the monstrous liar and cheeeken shit queer strikes again.

    Bosox writes: Can you imagine you just got done interviewing Moses because you are looking for a spotter only to find out shortly afterward that you have to negotiate twice with the same person. In the real world it must be extremely stressfull playing every day with all that volitility of spreading between $5 and two hands of $15 the swings must be incredible to say the least. No wonder he has to make an $11 bet in the sports book once in a while for a break.
    That would be like blind assed Bosox skydiving or hang gliding. It would scare the hell out of his dog.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post

    WTF? You think I am going to post details of my travel. Nope. Totally irrelevant anyway. You are just looking to stack on shit, looking for a reason to back out. Your looking for an out, still over a month away, you great big pussy. No bullshit pal. I am going to be there. I want the time announced because I am going to record it and then post the video of the exact time, so you can't do your bullshit thing.

    This isn't a game shitstain. I will be in Philly, so I will make that extra trip to AC and will video you not showing. And if you do show I will kick you ass. And I just don't even give a fuck if it costs me some jail time. You have pushed me too far little bitch.

    So you have a month. You can talk big for the next month and weasel out at the last second or whatever. I don't care either way. I am going to prove you to be the little bitch that you are or I am going to kick your ass. One or the other. Your choice. Clocks running.

    I am going to cut Blackhole some slack because of his medical condition. I am not going to include him in my settling of scores.
    But I am going to settle scores with coach belly and Singer. I know they think I am playing. They will find out, there comes a point where the games cease.

    KJ writes to Coach Belly:
    KJ doesn't know whether he is coming or going. Talk about your major personality disorders. KJ doesn't know how to deliver a blow. Only give a blow job. That is quite a friend you made there Bosox. Finally, you found someone who will communicate with you. A queen and a bean. How nice.
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    WOW!!!! This Moses stuff is really getting boring

    Axel writes after 6 rotating dumbass posts at VCT by Queen and Bean.

    Wow. You guys are pathetic! Get a room. KJ-Queen gave near sighted Bosox Bean a real thrill. He left the plunger in the toilet. Ouch!

    First I'm banned for threatening physical violence. Now he is asking me back to perform it on these boring dipshits.

    Beware Norm. I have a feeling Bisox and Spidey are headed your way.

    Bosox and KJ prove You Can't Fix Stupid

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    Default Infor Just for you Bob 21

    Bob and Bosox: Are you two going to have your nosed pressed against the window all day waiting for me to post something you can copy and paste at VCT?

    Bob: Psalm 34.8 Copy and paste this in the Infor Just for you Bob 21. John 8.32

    PUT your money where you mouth is KJ.

    So I sort of determined that Moses was likely a $5 player, spreading to $15 or $20. Probably a retired guy with retirement pension from some sort of blue collar career and/or social security, who hung out in the sportsbook with his retired buddies and played a bit of $5 blackjack (probably at the begging of the month when he wasn't broke). And I am not making fun of that....that scenario isn't a bad situation for someone retired that enjoys gambling.

    I will bet your $29K you are wrong.

    However because of this threat situation and my involvement with Law enforcement, they have shared with me some info and it turns out Moses is NOT retired, or at least not of traditional retirement age, although getting close. He is however probably receiving social security...social security disability and if I had to guess (they wouldn't share this info) I would guess not for a physical disability.

    I will bet your $29K you are wrong.

    So he likely has his SS disability or SSI (if he never worked) and the part about hanging out with his buddies in the sportsbook, wagering $11 on a few basketball games and occasionally playing $5 blackjack probably still holds. Only difference is his buddies are probably not legitimate "retired" guys as I first assumed. Probably a mix of homeless (like the great Tatar) and others in the same boat as Moses. Moses may or may not even be homeless himself. I would guess not. Probably has some room that he rents so he has a place to lay his head, but who knows...who cares.

    I will bet your $29K you are wrong.

    THAT is what we are talking about here. The only difference with Moses is that he is an internet troll who has recently escalated his trolling to a criminal level with repeated threats of physical violence.

    Please list the phone number of your agency, detective name, case number, and I will call them. There is also a law about enticement and false allegations. Bring it KJ.

    KJ writes: In re-reading, I should have said homeless or near homeless groups of people. But I think everyone gets the jist and probably has encountered these types of people.

    I will bet you $29K you are wrong. C'mon KJ stop being such a wuss. MAN UP. WISE UP. PAY UP. SHUT UP.
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    Default Bosox go to forum school 1st grade

    Bosox. Any dipshit knows how to use the Reply with Quote properly. No one can tell what the flip you are ever saying. If you are truly that fucking stupid, can you at least make what different people say in different colors? I mean that is probably a lot to ask of a self professed AP (arrogant prick) card counter Pro. But at least try?

    You're not a lawyer. Not a detective. Not a psychiatrist. You do not have a crystal ball. Probably couldn't see it if you did. You are just another dipshit blackjack player that plays a few times a year and calls himself a PRO. Your biggest challenge is when they rearrange the tables between your visits. Drives you dog nuts.

    I swear I wonder if you've ever been in a casino or even left your house for that matter. Do you believe people can go around enticing others and make false accusations and not suffer repercussions? I'm fairly certain you and KJ don't go around running your mouths in a casino the way you do on a forum. Life doesn't work that way which is why you and KJ must hold up a cave and live on forums. No way can KJ play out 100K hands and survive volatile swings yet so have time to post lengthy diatribes on forums. He is SOOOO emotional on a forum. But he takes financial losses in stride? BULLSHIT!

    Bosox writes to KJ; Don't be befuddled, be happy I think he owes you $29K four times over. No wonder his playing days are over. He should have stayed to the sports book betting.

    You are one simple minded stupid shit. IF you are so sure, then get on an airplane, and see for yourself. The bet offer is for anyone who would like to take me up on it.
    Here is a hint. Check with an attorney you know that has visited me personally.


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    Default Bosox writes to Bob:

    Good I am glad you two assholes can't figure out my post, then don't read them.

    That is the first post I've been able to understand. Hell, KJ can't read them...and that is the only friend each have left. Bisex (Sunny) and QueenJ (Share) where driving their car and came up to a bridge. The sign read "Vehicles with 2 Axels, DO NOT CROSS." They're still there.

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    Bisex writes: Yah I'm sure he is now saying that his mom always said life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get. When he wakes up in the morning if after looking in the mirror he sees Moses he thinks oh shit there goes Mr Softee who is always lame as they come. Then two hours later he turns around 360 degrees and all of a sudden Mr Tater appears, the stud and all is right with the world. Calm down Mr Softee as all you do is dish it out all day long in ZZ land.

    That almost made sense. Bisex walked into a bar. Then a chair. Then a table. Then a window. Ended up back outside. Here boy, here boy.

    UCFX writes:
    Bosox clearly struggles with comprehension and creative writing skills. He probably had a difficult time in middle and high school. This is usually when the ability to interpret social and emotional cues and nonliteral phrases become important for learning. Although highly intelligent, little things, like Post Quick Reply are very confusing to this type of syndrome.

    You get no argument from me Dr. Psych. Hmmm. A box a chocolates. Now I know what to get Sunny and Share for Easter.


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    Default More nonsense from the strange little man Bosox

    To answer your question I do not like reading all the hate here and the ZenZone.


    I hope everyone is not competing with each other here? That should not be our objectives. If the hate does not stop, sorry, if you do not see me continue fighting the battle. Moses, labled me right in that he thinks I did not sign up this shit.

    Was that a tearful farewell? No...it was the threat of a tearful farewell. What makes you think anyone is going to miss you?

    UCFX wrote:
    "Good luck with that vision problem Bosox. I'm not talking about your eyesight. I'm talking about the way you view the world. You're wasting away sitting in judgment of others."

    No that is an incorrect statement. In reality, I do not judge anyone as I usually keep to myself.

    You were the one who said KJ and Moses should take it to Zen Zone after being on the forum for less than 10 days. Moses did. KJ did not.

    Although when I see someone else obsessed with anothers business when it very well could have been me, I get involved. In this case it was about a 30 day loss of 29K and the accusation of the player losing control when the accuser doesen't have a single clue of what he is talking about. Making statements like
    win today play tomorrow.

    What a gay statement!
    1.) You and KJ go in to a rant anytime anyone mentions anything other than HiLO. This means Don S books. Norms software. Griffins mathematic summary. All the researched done and books written are virtually useless. All you need to know is HILO and Ill 18. THAT is why I will play either you or KJ straight up DD black chip and be the house. Your refusal to compete does not make me look like a bully because casinos do this all day everyday. It makes you both look in the mirror a deem yourself wimps.

    2.) I have done the research. Played the tables. Review hundreds of sims. Played thousands of hands on Verite. IT's like the kid who spends everyday and all day shooting hoops in the park challenging anyone in PE class to play one on one. That kid knows he can't be beat. I play my game, my way. But I'm limited to the amount I can play. So playing you or KJ against me for black chips is no big deal for me. But you two idiots think you're being threatened. KJ even calls the cyber police or some shit.

    Finally resulting in a very heated discussion with ridiculous challenges by the accuser to play one on one or stand up to him one on one with constant subtle threats on another site. Culminating in hate talk with the mocking of the individual's sexual orientiation, while Moses asking on ZZ why am I supporting a queer.

    Yes. You both rant like a couple of queers and/or spoiled children when they don't get their way. Bosox is programmed to jump on bandwagon. If he ever conjured up his own thought, he'd bust a spring in his brain.

    I will answer that right now because it is not unusuall to have large swings while playing higher stakes shoe games with good rules period. Now because I did not support the other guy I am accused of being a queer supporter or more.

    NO ONE CARES. You don't get it. SO you make a fool of yourself. I was banned over a month ago. You're still ranting. Why? Because YOU can't face your fears.

    Who is doing the judgements here? No really? I hope Moses wins 90% of his sports bets this year, and if he does have a woman friend I hope they have a long and happy life together.

    I'm happy with both my lady and my percentage wins in sports bets. But KJ has to start a thread about going 10-0 in NCAA picks. Yet he doesn't list the bests, the amount bet, or his logic behind each bet. He is gambling addict seeking attention. You will probably the first to congratulate him on more BS spewed. Ironic, I sat in the sports book yesterday, and no one lost. How do they even stay in Biz? Two guys got drunk and won 11 straight though.
    Last edited by Moses; March 23rd, 2019 at 05:07 PM.

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    Default KJ vs Zen KING

    Bosox writes; Although when I see someone else obsessed with anothers business when it very well could have been me, I get involved. In this case it was about a 30 day loss of 29K and the accusation of the player losing control when the accuser doesen't have a single clue of what he is talking about. Making statements like
    win today play tomorrow.

    Anyone who believes this monstrous liar has to be an absolute idiot. BISEX is obsessed with KJ. What if ZenKing or Zee would have written they lost $29k in a week and made it back in 5 months. Everyone would be all over them and Bisex would be the first on the bandwagon.

    Wise UP and stop treating forums as a congeniality contest. Some guy wrote the other day, in a put down to ZenKing, he lost $80k and then won back $81k and couldn't get his chips cash. What an idiot! But you guys not only believed it, you worship it. Obviously, anyone who believes that does not place a value on their time. Considering Bosox lives in Boston and is on a forum most everyday. When does he have time to play? He doesn't. He is a cheerleader.

    Bosox writes; If the hate does not stop, sorry, if you do not see me continue fighting the battle. Moses, labled me right in that he thinks I did not sign up this shit.

    It's clear, based on your responses that no one is reading your shit at VCT. No one cares what you have to say when they do. Do everyone a favor and ban yourself...like you've already threatened to do.
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    Default Bosox to Bob.

    I did not use the word strengths in my description of you. A far better description would be more of sneaky underhanded person who remains in wait and then enters a thread with an unknown handle "on a new site to him" and insults and slams people he has complimented and learned from on other sites. That he is consistent on. All the while ruining the ongoing discussions, for his own entertainment.


    UCFX writes:
    Bosox clearly struggles with comprehension and creative writing skills. He probably had a difficult time in middle and high school. This is usually when the ability to interpret social and emotional cues and nonliteral phrases become important for learning. Although highly intelligent, little things, like Post Quick Reply are very confusing to this type of syndrome.


    Mo, Mo, Mo it is quotes like the above that it is good that you are not on any regular blackjack boards. Others should know that you are talking about single deck bjackjack. Which requires a lot of real coperation with the dealer who is holding the cards in their hand. You need the dealer to work with you, and if they do, he/she absolutely expects to be rewarded. Working hand in hand up to a point. The dealer can make a single deck game playable or NOT. Many, many of those options single deck dealers have, are completely closed off to shoe game dealers by strick house procedures. You already know all of this but, always pretend you are playing the same game that everyone else is playing which it is not.

    No dipstick. I'm talking about human nature. I seriously doubt you can play a winning game at shoes without a team. But you forum APs can't stop talking and offering camps and act as if you make a ton of money. When do you even play? All you do is jump on forum bandwagons. What is to stop all casinos from going NMSE and 6.5 on shoes? Plenty of ploppies will still play.

    Then APs will be bitching on forums because the casinos made the game even more difficult for them. Who could blame them? Y'all scared them into doing it. You probably do need every penny to win at shoes and not tip. IF the numbers are that friggin tight and the heat is that high, why play in the first place?

    I play a game with logic and consider it a game of people played with cards. I seriously do not know what kind of game you think you are playing. Chase money with more money and clutch stupid little thresholds for the long run. I'm not interested in losing $80k to get back $81k or playing 5 months for free. Your lies only make it worse for everyone.

    Last edited by Moses; March 24th, 2019 at 08:18 PM.

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    Sep 2017


    "So regrets? There are no regrets when you give it your all. I suppose, if there is one regret, it's I didn't take that job with the CBA in 1984. Most NBA officials today make a million a year. lol Ironic, I ran into an old friend last night who was a college official and did the assigning for NBA games."

    I do not blame you in the least what the hell difference is a measly 10 to 15K a year loss in income when you can avoid all the travel and enjoy the success of life, while betting games sorrounded with friends in a sportsbook making more now than you'll ever need anyway. If you took the officials job you could only throw out of a game a overly rude player. Now if someone gives you lip your current woman will be encouraging you to smack down whomever the MF is. She seems to like the fight game especially if she can get you into it.

    You still don't get it. For one thing, I'd be retired, even from the NBA by now, or very close to it. My friend still works around 100 NCAA games a year at $3,000 a game and he's 63, and had both achilles tendon pop in the same game at Fresno St a few years ago.

    It wasn't a 25 year marriage where something suddenly went wrong. It was a 25 year mirage that should never have happened in the first place. The fairy tale world you seem to exist in - meaning say whatever you want and don't expect retaliation or a threat of violence or worse is a very na´ve way of thinking. In fact, the example you're presenting daily on a forum is very dangerous to other na´ve readers. Without Tony, for 3 months, I seriously doubt I would have made it. For instance, it's not the guys in the sportsbook watching games you have to worry about. It's the guys watching the guys watch games in the sportsbook you should be wary of.

    Now, if you think those guys won't take your damn head off and not give it a 2nd thought? You are sadly mistaken. No, it's not going to happen everyday or very often or maybe never. Perhaps it's like driving drunk, sooner or later odds are it WILL happen and when it does? You'd best be prepared to defend yourself. There was a 70 year old guy just get the soup knocked out of him by a 28 year old who went MMF on him. There was a discussion during the World Series about the NL MVP. The 28 year old was talking about how a player in the AL should be the NL MVP. All the gent said was "you must not know your baseball very well."

    I know the ones who offer lip service and do my best to avoid them. But sometimes you get boxed in and there is no other choice. I'm far more afraid of the little old ladies in church, than the tough guy running his mouth in a casino. They can do so much damage with their tongue and you never seen it coming. You figure it out years later after all is said and done.

    As for my officiating career, I've been spit on, swung at, stabbed at, car boxed in, surrounded, got pneumonia, broken up more fights than I could count, and had to get physical to save my partner. No, it doesn't happen very often. But when you've worked as many games as I did, it's bound to happen sooner or later. I've tossed players, fans, and coaches, even a coaches wife. One coach tried to get tossed because his team was playing so poorly. I refused, I said "nope, if I have to be here so do you."

    Sticking up for or defending your lady is simply part of it. Again, it doesn't happen often, but when it does? Be prepared.

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