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Thread: Freighter vs Bob 21, DBS, Keystone The Rain, The Park, and Other things

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    Default Freighter vs Bob 21, DBS, Keystone The Rain, The Park, and Other things

    Since Bob 21/DBs and Keystone are fans of Dumb and Dumber, it seems if you read Bob 21s comment to the rhythm of The Cowsills hit song, it will be a fun exercise.

    About Frieghtman, he was the defacto leader on BJTF. Think of him as the hall bully in junior high school. BJTF is kind of like Lords of the Fly, with a bunch of juveniles running the insane asylum. It has a certain pecking order, and unwritten rules a newbie is not supposed to violate. Most - not all - of the regulars all think they are smartest people who ever lived. They’re APs after all. Lol. At least, that’s what they tell each other. If you don’t know your place in the pecking order, the whole gang comes down on you hard. When I first registered and asked questions on BJTF, they treated me well and I got a lot of “helpfuls”. Don’t know why? I must have said things that were different for an AP but not over the line.

    Bob, perhaps you were not reading that forum when Flash and T3 virtually dominated every post in every thread. However, if you were UstonZen, as some say you were, then you were not only there, you were a very active member of the BLUE OYSTER CULT. Personally, I really don't know. But, you should come clean one way or the other to give your story more credence. Man, we flat out went at it in those days. Freighter would jump in and help when things got really ugly between Moses vs Flash, T3, and the Blue Oyster Cult which was almost daily.

    Zen Zone was far more active then, than it is now. Mostly, members here would fry Norm and T3, and not too fond of Flash (False). So, posers would often come onto the forum and be gone in short order. Freighter would drop kick them like a football on a 40 yard field goal. I suppose his role my have derived out of his high regard for his friend Norm. (I don't really know). At that time, Norm seem to pay about as much attention to his forum as Dan does VCT now.

    Anyway, back to Freightman. He thinks he’s the funniest person alive with his insults, but his jokes are about two levels below Moses. Btw, I truelly find Moses jokes pretty funny. Moses was always my favorite poster over BJTF, until he got the boot and sent to zenzone. I found out about Zenzone through BJTF. Some members were talking to Moses through BTJF and letting people know he was over there, until Norm put a stop to it. I’m glad Dan doesn’t do that here.

    Thanks Bob 21. Some of those helpfuls you received were from me. In particular, I remember some quality posts you made in the GWAE Joe thread started by Ryemo. Blackjack is a sport for me. The same approach because there is a beginning and an end, a win, loss, or tie, or a delay. Humor was the way I got myself ready for competition. Those guys at BJTF were/are so damn serious. Freighter was like a breath of fresh air.

    Back to Freightman: I crossed some line with that gang (I think I talked about tipping or said something positive about casinos) and Freightman took it upon himself to take me on. Btw, if you ever want to drive an AP crazy just talk about tipping in a casino. It’s like scarching a chalk board. It really sets them off. Look at what kj did when I mentioned tipping. He spent about 5 paragraphs trying to justify being cheap and not tipping.

    Tipping is just part of my business. Much like advertising for some who own a business. I do not recall Freighter ever giving me any grief about tipping. Or anything for that matter. Freighter was a top notch athlete in his day. That seemed to put us on the same wave length. I was involved in sports for 4 decades. Hence, that is a lot of craps to take before a game. If one hasn't been there? They just don't know.

    When Freightman took me on, it backfired on him, and he became so frazzled he had to get counseling. I’m not kidding. He lost it and even other forum members told him to put me on ignore, because he was unable to argue with me on my level. I was really getting worried about him for a while. You see I don’t take these forums too seriously so people like Freightman - and there were quite a few others - attacking me constantly didn’t have any affect on me. This drives APs crazy.

    I would be wiling to bet you $2,200, my standard sports bet, that Freighter never received any counseling. Just my opinion, but Blue Oyster Cult was a load. My take is he decided there were better things to do in life than argue with you/anyone on a forum. But, that isn't to take anything away from you Bob. I've heard Freighter say, this guy is unique and one of the best.

    As a side story, Freightman was Bosox’s hero. About every other post Bosox made he’d praise Freightman. Bosox was like the side kick to the hall bully. You know the guy from junior highschool. I don’t know if you noticed but Bosox is a follower. He needs someone to look up too. That’s why Bosox appears lost now. Freightman has retired from posting because he got his feelings hurt when he made some post and someone (it wasn’t me) put him in his place and this post got like 15 Helpfuls. On BJTF, members can rate posts by clicking helpful or unhelpful.. This really hurt Freightman’s feelings and he retired a short time latter. What I’ve noticed is APs as a group are very sensitive people. They get their feelings hurt easily.

    IMO. That helpful thing is the most absurd tool I've ever seen. It's like voting on a congeniality contest. Many puppets from the Blue Oyster Cult would start checking the boxes. I have to disagree about Freighter being the junior high bully. He could've easily buried me. But he stuck up for me. One of the few who did. I had many good relationships with posters at BJTF, but few who stuck up for me. Bosox did a few times. He would come and go trying to ride the wave of the flow. I don't think Freighters feeling were hurt. I think he failed to see a point anymore. Which is the same point I'm approaching. The land of Idontgiveafuck.

    Anyway, that’s the short version. That’s why I’m cutting Bobo some slack. He lost his idol over at BJTF so he’s lost now. You can tell he’s aimless going around looking for someone to attack since he has no direction. Hopefully, Freightman will come out of retirement soon to give Bosox some direction.

    I will give Bosox some credit considering he didn't contribute to KJ gay tirade yesterday. This all used to be a HiLO vs Hi Opt II count debate where teams where chosen on each side. Like you, Freighter, and I were somewhat in the middle.

    However, KJ has turned it into a homo vs hetero debate. It's almost if one can't play or win at blackjack without being some flaming queer.
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    KJ writes: Nobody cares Bob21. Only a very few here are blackjack players and only 3 or 4 even know what BJTF is. The fact is the owner of that forum ruined that forum and drove away most knowledgeable people in a very short time. Some through personal vendetta dating back decades, but the big thing was his unexplained support for a player, making completely impossible claims, mathematically impossible claims for the purpose of misleading other, especially newer players. I mean it is not like that owner was somebody that didn't know. HE IS A MATH GUY HIMSELF, and yet he allowed and protected this fraud....to this day.

    Why would he do that? Forum traffic! When the fraud guy is your leading poster with 16,000 posts when no one else has a third that number, you sell out. And that's what Norm did. And he threw away a lifetime of credibility and his forum died that day. It may appear that this death was and continues to be a slow process, but it wasn't. That is the day all credibility and many real, legitimate AP posters left.

    One of them, a longterm player from Tommy Hyland's team, perhaps the most knowledgeable player I have encountered on these forums started his own 'private' forum at that time. It is not open to the public. And that is where all the real and legitimate blackjack AP's that used to populate not only Norm's forum but BJ21 are today, networking among themselves, but not sharing anything for the benefit of newer players. Norm did that!

    So stop your ongoing commentary about BJTF. It is dead. It is a voodoo forum now because Norm chose to back a fraud that he knew was a fraud in the name of some forum traffic. The only lesson to be learned from that is that these forum owner (all of them) have a different agenda. It is forum traffic.

    Dan is now allowing KJ to dominate his forum much the same way Norm did with Flash and T3. My advice to you Bob? Not that you need it or are asking me for it. Simply write Norm or ask him in a thread how he likes his forum today compared to that of yesteryear. My quarter says Norm is very happy with is forum now that he has put a firm hand to all the bullshit.

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    Bob 21 replies to KJ: Wrongo. Keystone cares. He asked me a question about Freightman and I answered it. During the time I was on that site freightman and Three were the defacto leaders. Bosox was basically a follower trying to get approval from Frieghtman. You could tell Bosox/Bobo was very insecure because he always needed reassurance from someone that they agree with him.

    I can tell Bobo is searching for a leader here too and hasn’t found that person. He’s lost right now and needs direction.

    I agree most people here don’t care about that other site so they should NOT read the meaningless drivel between you, me and Bobo.

    Maybe we should start a thread called Blackjack the Forum, kind of like the W of V thread, where we can take this meaningless drivel to another threat. What do you think SpiderMan or kJ or whatever your handle is here?

    Bob: I will give credit where credit is due. You are good at what you do. However, I'm not quite sure how to define exactly what it is that you are doing most of the time.

    Freighter and T3 were the leaders. But on opposite sides of the fence. No? Yes, Bosox is faced with the dilemma of either supporting a flaming queer, going against him, or going away altogether. However, it's clear that today, Norm has taken back over the reigns.

    FWIW, you've struck a cord with KJ regarding Freighter. He and Bodarc would absolutely drill KJ about the wild posts KJ would spew. Many others did as well. There was one where KJ's mother was living with him and he wanted her out. So he, his brother, and his queer friends would run around the house naked in order to drive his own mother out of his house. 1.) Who does that kind of stuff? 2.) Who brags about it on a fourm?

    Honestly, Keystone and Bosox. You support this mentality.

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    Seriously, what is wrong with you? Are you stuck in the 3rd grade. He makes pee-pee jokes and calls people names and I think that is funny.

    Moses is nuts. Actual mental issues. And as a result he is left on a forum that has zero other active members where he talks to himself about stuff going on other forums. NOT A SINGLE person has responded to any of Moses's hundreds of rants since he was sent back to ZZ. NOT A SINGLE RESONSE. He is literally the demented fool sitting there talking to himself.

    There was something interesting that he posted this week. He mentioned that being a multi-millionaire, he purchased 300k homes for each of his children, I think the number mentioned was 3.

    I wonder where THAT came from? WE have a guy here, a guy also living in the twilight zone, who makes the same claim. 2 peas in a pod. Both won millions, one playing losing video poker, the other playing $5 blackjack in Reno and both have spent that Million buying homes for their children. Does this sound reasonable to anyone?

    Anyway, Moses hangs out in a sportsbook by day, who knows where at night, with a group of degenerate homeless guys in Reno. They can't even afford a phone, so they all share Moses's phone. And these guys who's biggest concern is where their next meal or beer is coming from, all are avid readers of these different forums and all astonishingly agree with Moses on everything, to the point that one homeless chap, has made it a priority above food and drink, to post on several forums.

    Bobby21, if you believe this, you belong over there with him. Seriously...go. You can sit around laughing at pee-pee jokes and bravado "I'm going to kick you ass" bullshit to your hearts content.

    I don't know Moses situation nor do I care. He talks about "a lady" and occasionally a home. I am not sure he has either. But even if he does have a place to rest his head at night, I am sure his story is a lot closer to he is one of the homeless "boys" that he hangs with, than the milionaire $5 blackjack player that bought a million dollar homes for his children. But please Bobby, go and join the boys. You would apparently fit right in.

    KJ must have had a horrible experience in the 3rd grade. Who knows, maybe he was running around the classroom naked in front of his teacher.

    It's one thing to read KJ rants from your laptop at home. It's quite another having guys pull it up on a sportsbook and read KJ out loud. These guys are far more rude and crude than me. And they are the cream of the crop. But I find myself constantly telling them to pipe down. I had to get ahold of one guy the other day because some idiot was standing in front of him watching the game. Even though the guy was odd looking, wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt in the winter, and did apologize, I thought Steve was going to kick the guys ass. Just for standing up. However, the guy was on meth or something because he couldn't sit still for a minute.

    So I turned my phone over to them yesterday during KJs gay rant that exceeded all his other gay rants. Then they pulled VCT up on their own phones.
    They thought Blackhole was funny. But as they began to read KJ there smiles quickly went away. Every one of them wanted to kick KJ's ass. I witnessed a herding effect take place. Sort of like an angry pack of wolves.

    Sadly, they'd be more than willing to take out their frustrations on the next unsuspecting gay person that walked by. I mean guys do get approach in a casino, I kid you not. The other day some drunk guy was making a spectacle of himself and was approached in the sports book by a flamer. We thought it was funny. But suppose it's another guy from that table or a table in Las Vegas or Wahoo, Nebraksa or Salina, Ks. That gay guy is going to get his ass handed to him because KJ lit a fire in them in the first place.

    Talk is cheap KJ. You know all you have is words to attack me with. I'm here and easy to find. You are there and hiding, like a little girl, and running to the cyber police and throwing gay rants anytime someone disagrees with you. I wish I could be the one to take you on face to face. But I don't hit wimps. Someone will though. Likely, it will be another gay person to whom you've insulted. Hence, not every gay throws rants and temper tantrums like you do. No?
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    Default More KJ ranting

    Keystone does not care. Keystone is just busting on Moses. Keystone doesn't play blackjack by his own admission. I think he has very little interest in it. Keystone are you even located in the US? Just curious?

    I think Keystone has a gleam in his eye for KJ. I know a lot of people from the Midwest. It makes no sense why he would take it upon himself to stick up for KJ. I will bet if he read KJ's chronicle out loud in a bar. He'd get some very weird looks at the least.

    Moses, and now Bob21 seem to be obsessed with keystone and I think both think he is someone else...who he isn't.

    I don't care who the fuck Keystone is. I called him out and I hope he willing to take it outside. But he won't. HE will just make another sick gay joke.

    Again, Bob21, nobody cares about BJTF here. WoV is different. Most members here on both sides of the AP/gambler line came from WoV. Some are still members there. So a thread discussing events there is somewhat relevant. But you talk about BJTF and the members there that know one knows or cares about.

    It sure seems as though you care. You're ranting like a gay raving lunatic again this morning. After doing it all day yesterday and late into the night. When do you have time to play 100K hands of blackjack. Hell, when do you have time to play 10K hands?

    You continue to compare your using multiple handles to my returning to a forum I was banned from to warn players about casino cheating. You by your own admission, use different handles to hide who you are/were and throw people off. To play people.
    I used a sock puppet for one single purpose: to warn other players of a cheating situation. And let's examine the results. Spiderman received a helpful rating of 27 in total 59 posts. Unparalleled in the history of BJTF. Even with the casino industry supporters like yourself challenging my claim, the membership overwhelmingly appreciated it being brought to light.

    What an absolute looney tune. KJ says Norm agreed to let KJ come back onto his forum as Spiderman. "Spidey" as the dumbass 21 Forme called him. HE says because Norm's health was suffering and his posts were in decline that Norm needed his help. KJ/Spidey goes on to say Norm believed the subject was a high matter of importance. IF this is true. Why did Norm ban him again and put the thread in the Disadvantage Forum?

    Hmmm. Bosox. What is your call on this one? Is Norm a liar? or is it KJ?

    The point: The forum you obsess over is dead! Destroyed by a fool who threw his credibility away in the name of forum traffic.

    Again Bob. Simply write Norm and him if his forum is dead. KJ has had two heart attacks and obsesses over any little thing or person who disagrees with him. Pretty soon we will have thousands a gays running around Vegas, fooling hundreds of pit bosses, with HiLo, counting two tables making $100k a year while losing $29K weekly. OR KJ will be dead....and who would care? Not even Keystone. He'd just go find another pig to fuck.

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    Bob 21: What can I say, I have a sick sense of humor. You don’t see anything somewhat funny about Moses posting on zenzone and responding to posters on other sites? If you don’t, then you have no sense of humor.

    Also, Moses has made some pretty funny comments lately. I liked the one on the over / under on when Norm will close a meaningless thread, like the one Bobo made about me recently. Usually it takes about 50 posts for Norm to close these threads. But Bosox’s s post was so meaningless, Norm closed it after 6 posts. I’m actually surprised Norm didn’t censor it since he had to know where it was going. Moses commented that now Vegas is going to have to change the odds when Norm closes posts. Being a Norm detracted, I’d think you’d see that as somewhat funny.

    Also, the interaction between Keystone and Moses is funny. I expect Keystone insults Moses here so he can become a celebrity over on Zenzone. But Moses always takes the bait and make some pretty good comebacks. Some of the lines could be right out of the movie dumb and dumber, which was a classic by the way.

    Anyway, maybe it’s something in the water in the Midwest that gives us this sick sense of humor, who knows?

    Not too much is funny anymore Bob 21. I want Keystone and KJ to be men enough to back up there words. Seriously, I never read the forum etiquette book. Hell, I didn't know there was one. But I do know in real life that you don't say something you're not willing to back up. I suppose forum fantasy rules are different than real life? So the guy talking shit is good and the guy saying back it up is bad? Okay, if that's the case, y'all can have your fantasy world. Because that mantra is going to get a lot of people hurt in the real world.

    My joke above about Norm closing the thread at 6 was actually an acknowledgement of his commitment to clean up the trash. Now, let's not get all teary eyed. I don't like Norm and he doesn't like me. I don't care and neither does he. Ha. A new poem. But unlike KJ, I'm not so full of myself with hatred than I can't tell right from wrong.

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    Default More KJ rants

    No I don't see anything funny about a guy sitting in the corner talking to himself. Maybe because I see it everyday on the streets of Las Vegas with the large homeless population. I did volunteer work at a homeless shelter for my first 7 years here in Vegas as well as back in Philadelphia before I moved. I am sorry, I just don't find the mentally ill, homeless people all that funny. If that is your sense of humor, I guess that explains a lot about you.

    KJ would you listen to yourself. You have no idea what you're dealing with in me. Tater is homeless. Trust me. Neither you or Keystone want any part of Tater. Yes, he is hilarious because he doesn't take life serious. Let alone the way you take forums so seriously.

    C'mon KJ, it's clear you want to take a swing at Moses so bad that you can hardly stand it. It easy to tell by the recent abundance of your gay rants. You are not doing any of your kind any service. Your rants will lead to innocent gays getting there asses kicked. Just like you're not doing any favors to AP's. Your words will get innocent APs 86ed.
    Simply because you HAVE to blow your own horn. Any grown man who runs around his house naked in front of his mother in order to get her to leave his home belongs in a mental institution.

    SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU STUPID LITTLE BASTARD is what the gay community and APs are thinking.

    Picking on poor Alan. That's where you're going with your pent up frustration? I'm right here and waiting. Take your best shot. IF you don't? IT will continue to each away at you inside. Hey Alan, just start telling folks where to find KJ. That will fix his wagon.
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    Default Bosox rants on Bob 21

    What can I say Bob you are an underhanded sneak'y fuck who goes around using multi handles to hide for an indeterminate time frame it takes for others to try and figure out, and literally insult the hands that feed you advice. Bio 32, How many more AP,s are you going to secretly stab in the back do you need to satisfy you? You asshole, who likes to hear Moses jokes, fuck he likes your jokes, why don't you play him, fight him, and join up on the zen zone. Actually I would not wish you on anyone as you are truly one demented troll, and Moses will figure that out.

    You still haven't figured it out yet have you Bosox? Bob21 loves to debate. He loves to fuck with people. What? You think I don't know Bob is fucking with me on this Keystone thing? Bob is one of the best. Right up there with Rob Singer. Just a wee bit below T3. Notice how he never answers one of my direct questions? HE is GOOOOD. I respect him. You'd be ahead of the game if you learned to respect him as well. Bob is toying with you like I would KJ in a fight. Holding my hand on his forehead while he swings at air. You're swinging at air Bosox. As a former friend, I'm telling you that you can't win. You can't even land a verbal punch against Bob. Your runs at Singer are weak and obnoxious. Let KJ bury himself. HE doesn't need your help. He has done it many times to himself already. You were not at BJTF during KJ's saga. I was. KJ belongs in a mental institution. HE is a monstrous liar. Go ahead. Ask Norm. See if he doesn't agree.

    I don't fear Bob21 because I know I can back up what I say. You guys, are only as good as your words on a forum...and that scares you because your worst nightmare would be to take it outside of a forum. Quite frankly, I don't blame you. It isn't what you thought you were signing up for I'm sure. Neither did I. But you've got the KJs of the world that just can't seem to shut up. You've got the Bob 21s who propels them to spew even more nonsense. And then you have me who says "put up or shut up." Hardly seems fair I know.

    That nightmare would be a dream come true for me against either KJ and Keystone. As for Tater? I will give some words of advice to those in the fantasy forum world. In the real casino world, don't ever fuck with someone who has nothing to lose, unless you're willing to die for the cause.
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    Default More funny stuff

    Then you’ve made my point for me. Thank you! I did the right thing by having different handles on different forums. You’re basically saying this is the only way you’ll get a decent answer from someone.

    Since I didn’t agree with kj on mindplay and beast mode, you’re saying he wouldn’t have answered any of my questions. That’s kind of sad that two APs can’t disgree with each other on some topic, and still ask each other questions. Is this in the AP code of conduct manual?

    Let me know when you find this manual.

    As for Bosox’s question, I only have 256 more handles. On some forums, 80% of the handles are me. Good luck in figuring it all out. It even has me a little confused. This will keep Bobo occupied for a while, since he’s consumed with this stuff. Lol

    O dammit. I took the under at 200. Okay Tater, here is your $20.

    And Moses those were the kindest and most intelligent words I’ve read in a while on any forum. Thank you! Yes, I was the captain of my debate team in highschool, but that isn’t my point here.
    I tried out for the debate team but got kicked off. Hmmm. History has a funny way of repeating itself.


    I thought I'd won.

    The drival these guys care and debate about is truly shocking.

    ...And that is why you need a really strong sense of humor. Putting logic to KJ is like hitting the garage door open to go up and having your dogs escape. Then, solving the problem by pushing the opener to go back down. KJ is a rare combination. He's stupid and full of shit. Click on below.


    I’m still trying to figure out all the rules on this “handle” and “sock puppet” thing. It’s got a lot of nuances. It’s acceptable to be a “sock puppet” in some cases, like where you’re trying to rescue the world from “beast mode” ASMs, but you shouldn’t do it all the time. You can have different handles as long as they are only different by one or two letters. I think that’s the rules kj lives by. I don’t know if these are universal rules within the AP community.

    If it's any consolation Karl (Slingblade) is also very confused. He just hit Doyle Hargrave with a lawn mover blade over the deal.


    Btw, does that mean my two handles, Bob32 on bj21 and Bob21 on this site, is acceptable? Or is this a violation of the AP handle code of ethics? Is there a AP court that rules on this stuff? Or is it just kind of made up on the fly? From what I’ve seen this AP ethics thing is kind of like formshifters in Captain Marvel. It changes to suits ones needs. I’m a newbie learning so the more advanced APs will just have to be patient with me. Sorry I’m not a faster learner.

    Evidently, neither was Doyle. AP court is very brisk and comes without notice. a/k/a Forum court. By the time you figure it all out you're banned everywhere and don't want to post anywhere. Except here. Perhaps my big crime was farting before others on forums who clearly had more gas built up than me. My defense was, and will always be. Hell, I didn't know we were taking turns.

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    Default Speaking of Doyle

    JBJB writes: Do any of you mother fuckers have any friends? Get off the damn computer and go outside and do something else. Most of you need to get a fucking life!

    OMG. JBJB. That was the funniest damn line I've heard on awhile. I'm watching NCAA basketball tourneys and writing/reading this shit. So tell me, I'm curious. What are you doing that is so almighty exciting? I'm not being a smart ass. BTW, this was not my idea of perfect retirement.

    Yes. Of course I have friends. Why do you think I'm sitting here? I'm hiding from them. They damn near drove me nuts yesterday.

    Rob Singer writes: But now that an AP comes on and claims to have won regularly, the entire AP world gives him a pass as he explains why he doesn't go to the casinos as often any longer, even though he found the golden AP goose years ago. This is yet another reason why AP's, in general, are so full of shit.

    Good point Rob: I remember a saying in sports. Everyone wants to get to the big game. However, for the ones good enough to reach the big game? It isn't really such a big game. Translation: KJ rants about everything which means he has nothing.

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    Default Irony

    KJ is drilling Bob 21 on VCT about his name on blackjackinfo BO32 being different. Bosox copies and posts quotes to prolong the discussion on VCT while other members are begging them to stop.

    Why not just discuss the thread on the ongoing thread at blackjackinfo? Because 21forme who belongs to several forums, and puts everyone on ignore, advises them to put him on ignore. So 21Forme gets up every morning pours his coffee, pulls up his computer and "doesn't" read forums because everyone is on ignore.

    You can't fix stupid with KJ and 21Forme. There is hope for Bosox.

    Furthermore they all engage about me on VCT and drive everyone nuts in the process. But won't come to Zen Zone because they are afraid of what Norm will do. Yet Bosox has pretty much worn out his welcome at BJTF. Confused? And DBS/Bob 21 doesn't care. KJ bad mouthed Zen Zone, so he goes into his usual run his mouth and hide his ass forte.

    In the words of the late great Vince Lombardi.

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    Yep Moses, they won't come to the ZenZone because they are scared that Norm will kick them off BJTF. Pussies.

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    Default Bosox case?

    Your case? What case? You've got to be about the most boring fucker on earth. You came on to BJTF and started in with me. I pretty much ignored your stupid shit. You'd make a stupid comment and then apologize. I think you repeated this 3 or 4 times. Then I decided to draw you out into the open and your got mad and quit.

    Then, you go back to that ancient stuff to try to make yourself acceptable at VCT. Weak, very weak. Geezous, that is still in your head? Get a life Bosox. You run around trying your little stupid "gotcha" moments on everyone. No one cares including Norm about any fucking case you think you have, built, or are building. Fucking moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post

    Picking on poor Alan. That's where you're going with your pent up frustration? I'm right here and waiting. Take your best shot. IF you don't? IT will continue to each away at you inside. Hey Alan, just start telling folks where to find KJ. That will fix his wagon.
    KJ writes: For anyone investigating, I'd look up Alan Mark Mendelson, currently of Las Vegas, but you are going to want to search for info at former addresses, Canogo Park, Los Angeles, Ca, and Ventura Ca. Interesting reading. Again just sheds a little light as to who we are dealing with here.

    Alan, you want to return KJ's favor?

    Bill asks; But does his mother drive him around all day at "work"?

    KJ replies: Mom is doing great....thanks for asking. She doesn't have it down to a science yet like my last partner/driver did but I have confidence she will get there. She is even doing some of our machine play through to keep the +EV offer rolling in.
    One of her stern rules is KJ must keep his clothes on while riding in the car.

    "Proven liar": I lied 7 years ago after being robbed at gun point outside my home at the time. Recognizing that the robbery was related to my internet participation, I made up a story in the hopes of protecting against a repeat incident.

    So which is it? First you tell the cyber police it happened. Now you say it didn't?
    Last edited by Moses; March 16th, 2019 at 12:54 PM.

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    Did anyone read what complete lie that nut job on the mental hospital "island" posted about me yesterday (more than once) that "me and my gay friends exposed ourselves and walked around naked in front of my mother when she first moved to Las Vegas a couple years ago, so as to drive here from my home?"

    I mean this is the kind of mental people we are dealing with when you deal with the internet. And we have people of that exact level of mental illness here. Alan, I have never included you among these very, very sick dudes, but posts like this indicate your desire to jump in with the really sick internet troll crowd. Here's hoping you re-evaluate this decision Alan.

    KJ writes:

    Nice to see you have me on ignore. For anyone interested, you could pull it up by reading KJs old posts or Bodarc's at BJTF. Maybe Bob21/DBS will read this and paste it over here. Your stupid enough to paste your own incrimination on VCT. lol What a moron!

    You started an entire thread about me when you know I couldn't respond. Buckle up gaboy. This ride is going to get bumpy.

    Keystone writes; Indeed the guy is a total nut who spends most of his day conversing with himself...he even has a thread totally devoted to me over at the crack house and spends his free time researching 2 year old threads lol....it is amusing how I can can control him like a marionette tho...I have him pulling clumps of hair out and have this poor tough guy`s stomach in knots .....but he seriously is like the dog at the kennel that is the loudest of all. It barks and growls at everyone until it gets whacked on the fuckin nose with a newspaper, and then retreats into a corner wailing with his nuts tucked under its tail....may be a bad analogy, as most dogs have more brains than MoMo....probably more money and better hygiene too

    The trend of one queer follows the other continues. You two should be ashamed of yourselves for picking on Alan. You can't even control your bowels Keystone. You stand before me and you'll shit your pants. That smell and hair thing? I will rip the stupid looking toupee you're wearing backwards off your thick head, wipe my ass with it, and then stick it in your mouth. Hmmm. This isn't Alan, Rob, or Blackhole you're fucking with. More like Coach Belly on creatine. Just show up. Stop making me chase you down.

    I can't wait to watch KJ count two tables and sit next to him at a table. Giving loud mouth gutless Keystone a tap would be a dream come true. So keep hiding in your little fantasy world where you feel warm and fuzzy enough to run your mouth at guys with no desire/ability to defend themselves. Perhaps one of these guys will put you into the real world.

    There is only one way to find out Keystone. Bring your newspaper and try to whack me on the nose. I DARE YOU.

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