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Thread: Handles, Sock puppets, and more

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    Default Handles, Sock puppets, and more

    KJ writes to Bulb:

    Where did I say it was a crime or even against any forum rules? What I said was in my experience, few AP's do this and I told you why. So when it was pointed out that you do this, I was not surprised. Despite that you show some interest in blackjack, even before I found out about the multiple handles, I had determined that was basically an act.

    In my opinion, you are one of a number of anti-AP people that now populate this forum. Granted a bit different than most of the other anti-AP guys, who are just bitter, jealous gamblers, where as you are a casino industry supporter/sympathizer. I don't know if you work for a casino, or have a family or friends that do or what your association is, nor do I much care. So while you are different than the other "haters", the resulting agenda is the same, to discredit and torment AP's. You don't participate on any forum to try to contribute in a positive manner, you contribute to negative and disrupt. And that is the definition of a troll. So from this point forward you will get nothing from me (on any forum) except for a return of your negativity.

    The night was dark,
    The sky was blue,
    Down the alley the turd wagon flew!
    A bump was hit, a scream was heard,
    A man was killed by a flying turd!
    Upon his tomb was plainly writ:
    This Man Was Killed by Flying Shit!

    This little poem pretty much sums up the multiple handles, sock puppets, and more.

    I could care less about AP (Arrogant Prick) status or anti AP. All I care about is winning today and playing tomorrow. The question becomes who is going to fuck that up?
    The forum answer is usually KJ.

    However, KJ has a valid point about handles and puppets. So does Bob 21. I doubt the shit would fly so easily on a forum if someone could easily be found to back up their words in person. It's important to remain anonymous because just one of our opponents could hand us a lifetime sentence of no longer being able to play.

    But to have multiple handles, cliques, AP vs anti AP groups, and puppets to support same is just about the most ridiculous thing I've ever witnessed. But it happens often and probably far more than one could imagine.

    So let's settle it right here and now in this thread. Who are they? What do they have various handles? Why are sock puppets necessary to prove a point?

    Maybe Bob21 should start a thread over at VCT. Norm would shit can this type of thread in a New York second because the worst offenders were on his forum.

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    Please say it isn’t so Kj. How will I get through life if I get “nothing” from you. Lol. You have been my inspiration!

    As far as me being different, you’re probaly right. I’m an independent thinker, and don’t pick sides. I’ve had my quarrels with blackhole, but lately I’d have to say I agree with most of what he says, including ridiculing the mindless posts between you, Bobo and me. Even keystone has become one my favorite posters. He always has me laughing. Good stuff there.

    Thus the nickname Bulb. Because he goes on and off like a light bulb desperately seeking forum approval. What's up with that? Bosox and KJ are not buyers. Blackhole flat out doesn't give a fuck one way or the other. Keystone took the bait hook, line, and sinker. What a moron!

    So KJ was definitely Spiderman. He listed many other handles as well. Not a buy that Norm look the other way because of KJ's alleged importance of subject. Hmmm, he banned him again and put thread in the Disadvantage Forum. Hmmm. What's up with that? KJ couldn't be a liar. Yes?

    Bosox makes the same mistake when quoting posts as Don S. Strange that two such highly intelligent people, nuts about perfection, repeat the same procedure incorrectly over and over again.

    It's been said that Freighter is Norm. Or his right hand man. That would be a total mind fuck.

    But DBS6582, Bob 21, BJ032, Bulb, Cagey and UstonZen? Are they all the same? Could he also be Keystone? Both from the Midwest. Both desperately seek KJ's approval and seem to have a man crush on him. Red Chippers, fairly new to the game, love to debate, and really want that elusive forum approval.

    Flash. OMG the Blue Oyster Cult. It would be easier to pick handles and puppets that are not associated with him. The Refinery, 21Forme, T3, RJCH, Dalmation, Tarzan, the list goes on and on. 121 friends and he got banned. Hmmm. Strange. Very strange. Many of which were on his email list. Including UstonZen. So if he is a casino spy? You're all pretty much fucked. No? KJ...Be thankful you weren't on that email list.

    Stealth, Serious Player are there own man. I'd be surprised if they had puppets.

    Zee. They broke the mold. Only T3 could come up with such an imagination. One could make an argument that T3 and DBS are one in the same. Based on lengthy posts during their
    arguments. I could see T3 sitting at one computer and then moving to another one to be DBS. What do you think? Am I giving T3 too much credit? There are at least 6 biker dudes that will say no. No?

    BJ Analyst makes one thread, gets Gronbog to run a special sim and gets nearly 900 posts. Could be T3. Very few get sims from G. DBS kept egging it on. Why would a red chip player care? Could he be T3? If so, T3 is a genius. No?
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