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Thread: Who Really Wanted the Holocaust? (Not the Nazis!)

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    Exclamation Who Really Wanted the Holocaust? (Not the Nazis!)

    Who Really Wanted the Holocaust? (Not the Nazis!)

    A painful yet necessary look at the European Jewish Holocaust with a more critical and skeptical eye

    By Vaughn Klingenberg - February 25, 2019

    How can anyone dare suggest that the Nazi did not want the Holocaust?!!! Six million Jews (allegedly) died in the camps. Thousands of Allied soldiers also visited the liberated camps and were eyewitnesses to thousands of dead and emaciated camp internees, and many Jews who survived the camps testified to the camps being “death camps” [sic].

    No, it is ridiculous to even entertain the notion that the Nazis did not want the Holocaust!!! Anyone who does not agree with the standard, official, orthodox, narrative of the Holocaust should be shouted down with contempt as a Holocaust denier and ostracized.

    Even Better, as is the case with most of Europe, they should be prosecuted, fined, and sentenced to a long prison term!

    But wait a minute. I believe that no idea or alleged historical event should be so sacrosanct that it is immune from criticism, …”though Hell itself should gape/ And bid me hold my peace.” If someone really believes the official account of the Holocaust is ironclad truth, then why would they fear someone who questions this reportedly unimpeachable truth. It should be simple to reject the revisionist’s challenges and publicly humiliate him (and in so doing further support the orthodox narrative), but yet this doesn’t happen.

    So what do orthodox Holocaust advocates fear? Why do they do whatever is necessary to avoid engaging a Holocaust revisionist in open, public, debate? Who is the real Holocaust denier?

    In what follows I will document why it was that the Nazis did not want the Holocaust and why, instead, Jewish Zionists did.

    It is not a pretty picture for anyone with Zionist leanings, and it goes a long way in explaining the militant refusal most Jews have when it comes to debating the real factors behind the Holocaust. With that said, let’s begin.

    In the interwar years Jewish Zionists were a small, but vociferous, segment of the Jewish community. However, they had a problem: how to get ordinary, non-Zionist Jews to become Zionists and be willing to leave the comforts of Europe for the underdeveloped and inhospitable region of Palestine.

    In sum, Zionists needed Jewish cadres to people a newly founded Jewish state, so how were they going to be able to convince European Jews to emigrate to Palestine en masse? That was the central problem Jewish Zionists faced.

    As for Nazi Germany’s attempt to relocate Jews to Palestine there is the grossly under-reported Haavara Agreement of August 25th 1933 signed by Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews; it was ratified by the Zionist Federation of Germany three months later. The Agreement allowed Jews to sell their assets in Nazi Germany and have them transferred to British Mandatory Palestine where the Jews were relocating. The Haavara Agreement facilitated the emigration of approximately 60,000 Jews from Germany to Palestine from 1933 to 1939.

    There were also some feeble attempts to relocate Jews from Nazi Germany before World War II.

    For example, the Evian Conference of July 6th through July 15th, 1938 held in France. Significantly, Nazi Germany was not invited to participate in the conference and essentially not one of 32 participant nations agreed to accept Jewish immigrants (except for the Dominican Republic).

    read more here:

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    Good question. If they would have waited five more years or hadn't attacked Russia then I would probably be speaking Kraut.

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