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Thread: VCT, BJTF = The WWF and mental midgets

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    Coach Belly writes:
    What are you implying?

    There are currently 18 users browsing this thread. (4 members and 14 guests)
    coach belly, mickeycrimm, Rob.Singer, unowme

    I'm leaving my desk now for a few hours, but I'll stay logged on so that you can see me and unowme are browsing at the same time.

    More false accusations and lies. How is it Q-tard has went this far in life and never got his ass kicked? I guess that's why he continues making false accusations and lies.

    Q-tard post #414: A person with two (or more) devices, laptops, tablets, phones can be logged on under multiple handles.
    Spiderman should know.

    Just more games from the troll crowd. Dan no longer ever participates in discussions, nor cleans anything up. His interest is the monopoly game and making baseball picks, which he isn't very good at.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    Could the - Dan, you run a shitty forum full of trolls, I'm leaving and never coming back, speech #29 be next,? If nature follows it's course? YES, just as soon as Queertard find a place to go. No one likes him or allows him except his mommy. Even his brother plays video games and hides from his stupid ass!
    As I predicted. Of course, now this is all Dan's fault. Why does Dan put up with this silly ass? I mean Dan is not stupid and he's not queer. But he's certainly not Norm Al (pun intended). Notice no one is running to Q-tards rescue anymore? The pattern of old BJTF repeats and that's just about the time Norm 86ed himher. Of course, Q-tard will talk shit about you on any other forum that allows him to post from now until eternity. It's okay Dan, I've got your back here! Buckle up BigJer!

    This site grows more ridiculous every day.

    Because Dan allows you to spew your endless supply of nonsense. Now PLEASE go to work. Those shitters aren't going to clean themselves, Swirly Q-tard.

    Rob Singer writes; This is too funny. Kew claiming "everybody's getting too excited over this" when he's the only one acting like someone stuffed a handful of jumping beans up his ass

    Ms. Kew LMAO. Poor Poor KJ. Always the victim. Now he's going to blame Rob for being late to work. Q-tard will have even more crappers to clean. Q-tard Dumas. That's pronounced dumbass!
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    Default The Crimm reaper

    I knew this would get KJ going. He slobbered all over himself about it posting up gibberish about how I've forgotten the math. So, oh yeah, I've really gone over to the darkside. GTFO!

    What is this the WWF? The only dark side is KJs side...and his puppets.

    P. Pete writes to KJ: Rob's complete lack of credibility... it would have added to his credibility...question his credibility about everything...THAT is what credibility is...created this lack of credibility...mind as to your credibility... still comes down to credibility...
    Merriam-Webster called, your lease on the word credibility is up. Want to renew?

    He also is in debt on the word "troll."

    Axel writes: As predicted, I even told KJ this in a PM. He was/is heading into the everyone hates KJ zone again like we have all seen in the past.

    Axel, Axel, Axel, HATE is such a strong word. The right one. The appropriate one. But I must disagree. KJ never left the hate zone. HE left Zen Zone which he claims is a hate site. Who knows why?

    KJ writes: I just want to be clear. Singer is now running with Mickey's explanation. That it was the free play and mailers that made his machine play (prior to the double-up discovery) a winning play. It had nothing to do with progression wagering or stop limits. Is that what you are now claiming Ron?

    Just to be clear. His name is Rob. Not Ron. Not Rod, like something YOU would stick in your ass. Clear?
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    Default more from Crimm Reaper

    Rob has never said that freeplay made the difference on the play. A post or two back he only said he played with a card. KJ has twisted that into Rob now saying the freeplay was the difference. Just another pathological lie from the village idiot.

    This isn't even about Rob anymore. It's about Qtards mental deficiencies, insecurities, and fantasy world. Can you imagine someone acting the way in real life? The only difference is in real life you can spot them and simply avoid. Hence, they look the same as the sound. The dumb shit.

    Axel writes: I agree, you have ALWAYS been this way. It just takes a little disagreement with you,or not seeing it KJ's way, or anything directed towards or about you, or the wind blowing in the wrong direction... for you to go full on KJtard.

    Ahem. That's Queertard.

    Mickey: "They say Jesus walked on the water."

    KJ: "Mickey is now claiming that Jesus couldn't swim."
    KJ followers seem to think KJ can walk on water. All I'm saying is there was a lot of wine being consumed and that lake was FROZEN.
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    JBJB writes:
    Jesus was a figment of someone's drugged up imagination. Wise up!!!!!!

    Bob 21 writes: So you believe our whole dating system is based on a person who is a figment of someone’s imagianging? Wow, that person must have some kind of power to impact the way we tell time 2019 years later. In case you didn’t know, our dating system is based on the historical figure Jesus Christ. The term BC means Before Christ.

    Smurgs words; Our days of the week are mostly named after Norse gods.

    Did they even have drugs back then? Actually it all happened in Wisconsin. This guy was taking a poll. A group of hippies were passing around a refer. One said, "hey man, did you hear what happened to that dude yesterday"? Midwest Player, who, even as a little tyke, was appalled by violence, replied "CHEEZOUS."
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    John Corver writes:
    Started off with $9,100. I am at about $4,300 right now. Generated about 2k worth of EV. Started with an RoR of 17%. Adjusted to 7% now 12% ish.
    Absolute hell, my back hurts from standing up and sitting down so much. I am at a loss for words for how I feel when I think about how many hours it's going to take me to recuperate my loss.
    I'm going to keep playing until I blow through the entire bank. Still, $4,300 to go. I feel like I'm just going through the motions. High true count, put my money down, lose, repeat.
    I should note that I have played for 100 hours or so before this and have won roughly about what I just lost over the course of this 50 hours but there's now way to know for sure since I didn't keep records.

    Corver, Corver, Corver. You've got them exactly where you want them. Ironically, KJ was right at $4,300 before he went on to turn that into a million.

    Seriously John, two words and you wouldn't be down, without knowing why, and have to ask this question. Casino Verite. I'm sorry your back and wallet are hurting. As to finding the words to how you feel? "Like shit," would be a pretty good start. No?

    Play through the rest of your money? Shrewd. How about stop now, learn to play, and let the game come to you? The most important aspect and variable in the game is YOU. In the words of Adrian. IF you don't know you, then YOU can't win ROCK.

    Keystone writes: Thanks...I really wasn`t thrilled about W.O.W. either. I just threw him in because of the huge inside bias that day...sometimes it works out

    I see you're a horseplayer. You should check out Peppermill sportsbook. They've remodeled to be more accommodating to out-of-towners. A great place to watch and bet the big races. Kentucky Derby day is wild.
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    Default Horrible advice from KJ to John Corver

    What is wrong with you? For one thing, you don't even know where or what type of game he is playing. Then, you go into yet another rendition of how you made $115k in just 5 weeks? That's $23k a week on average. No pit boss is going to stand for those type of consecutive wins and in most places they will network with each other and your ass will be gone. Your post was at least 10 times longer that any other posts. As usual, it was all about KJ and bullshit stories of variance and personal success.

    IF you spent half as much time working on your game and finding the best games as you did ranting and bragging on forums then variance wouldn't be nearly as volatile. The reason you experience so much various is because you give far too much weight to the 2 and no weight to the 7,8,9. Go ahead, I'll put my money where my mouth is, play me. I'll be the house against your weak assed HiLO in Double deck and you take me on in single deck. I will teach your silly ass about variance. You take what they give you and that means reducing thresholds. Otherwise, there is no game to play. Unless you're invisible.

    Clearly, John is rattled. So you tell him to hang in there and lose another $4,300? Now he has $9,100 to make up. Step back and figure out what the hell is going on with his game, and more importantly, his head. Maybe he is playing shoes and he is not prepared to handle it. Play out 10k hands on Verite exactly the way he plans to play in a casino. At least then he knows what he his made of and still has somewhat of a bankroll left. His game may not be blackjack.
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    Keystone writes to Tasha:

    I really have no clue WTF you are babbling about now, but that is nothing new...the way I see it,is the less I understand of what comes out of that kindergarten mind of yours, the better off I am

    Very clever.

    Boz writes: And they say I’m insensitive. You just insulted millions of Kindergarteners everywhere.

    Now that was funny. Little Johnny reading VCT forum excerpts for Show and Tell. And they are pissed!

    I'm just going to outright say it. I think you're Poker Grinder. He harassed and insulted me mercilessly.

    So Keystone is a Warhawk? Well educated guy. Congrat's on Championship in two sports. Why the pent up anger EB?

    Last edited by Moses; May 31st, 2019 at 01:55 PM.

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    Default Freighter writes to 21Forme

    Freighter writes:
    Perhaps we can arrange somthing for our current Prime Monster, errrrr Minister. Let’s see....Stormy Daniels says she can identify Trumps distinctive knob from a penile lineup, our PM can concur, apologize on behalf of Stormy, after which we can light up Trudeau’s new wax statue.......

    I believe that qualifies as effigy.
    ...And the farmer said to his wife. Brace yourself Effie. This is going to smart just for a little bit.

    21forme writes:
    I'm aware what an effigy is. That was a joke.

    Mini HA. HA. THAT was a laugh.

    I know, that was for the masses, and for the record, our PM is a joke.

    I think Freighter just gave you a swift kick in the ass. Hmmm. The last time that happened, you threatened to leave BJTF, and never return. So you left, talked shit on them, and returned. Shrewd! Might want to take a step or two back from Freighter. I would.

    Bosox writes: Absolutely Freighter such as playing efficiency of the count being used. In my above example taken from Stanford Wong's book Professional BJ where he used the high low count in the example which I use. Anyway, I was close to Don stating 17%. Either way being comfortable in the counting system you use while playing good games should be the priority.

    Which brings up an interesting point or two. The real art, sometimes difficult to recognize, sometimes very difficult to recognize, is when to bypass indices, or “properly” sized bets depending on the “mix” of your true count. I’m not going to try to explain that one.

    I think what you just described is setting your indices according to casino tolerance. No? One can't go running around playing hairy HS bs and then get 86ed for the extra percent that may take years to reward.

    Would you sacrifice game quality in this scenario? Your choice of $25-$1000 tables, both with identical rules, but differing cuts. Table 1 is full, everyone playing sidebets with a 90% cut, or table 2, heads up with a 75% cut.

    I go for table 2 every day of the week.

    Ditto. Only it's 60% cut. Win today - Play tomorrow. It's a game of people played with cards. Play a game of cards with people and there is no tomorrow if your any good at it.

    Last edited by Moses; May 31st, 2019 at 02:45 PM.

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    21forme sticks up for his queer partner KJ.
    I agree. Too bad Reno has free wifi hotspots. Otherwise, that mentally ill homeless person known as Moses, who does nothing but scour forums all day, then talk to himself, would have to find something productive to do in between his VA psych clinic appointments..

    Man, Freighter gives you one little shot and you're already fleeing? So why don't you take the bet and come see for yourself? Because you're a cowardly asshole.

    Talking to myself? Hmmm, I don't think so scooter. I've turned you and KJ into an absolute laughing stock in your stupid little communities you think are real. And there isn't a damn thing you can do nor will do about it. You two dumb fucks are so twitchy you think every newbie that posts is me. Truth is, I could flood those forums if I wanted. But you're just not worth the time.

    SkinnyBJplayer? Great detective work 21foridiot.

    21Forqueers writes to Midwest Player:
    Why do you keep talking about him? Are you his agent?

    Probably because he is tired of your old wrinkled ass. Why does it bother you so much? Because you're too much of a coward to face me? Just put him on ignore like you do everyone else.

    "Make the World Go Away" Eddy Arnold

    You're probably the only live person who feels compelled to read his rants.

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. Hmmn, you are the reason KJ travels to the East coast twice a year for a little butt fuck extravaganza? Broke Back Mountain. The Butt Bandits Ride Again. Let's hope they don't make a movie about it.

    The Read number is incremented by bots. Machines that scour web sites looking for links and email addresses for scamming purposes.

    Yep, BJTF and others have the same thing. What is your point? Let's make a list of who gives a fuck about anything you have to say.

    1.) KJ.

    Wow. That was exhausting.

    But, sooner or later, you're little queer friend will exposed as he continues to make enemies everyday. Then, I WIN!
    Last edited by Moses; June 1st, 2019 at 08:58 AM.

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    Default Certain posters get paid to post?

    MickeyCrimm writes:

    He won't be getting rid of her though. A sucker that works for free is hard to find.

    Are you saying posters, like KJ, get paid to post their nonsense?

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