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    I got a new local hangout guys. A nice pub in town is running a poker game where they have two games a night on a certain night and they pay up to $100 for each game to the winner. This is a place I haven't been to before but the game and the players remain the same! It'll be nice to get out and to see what kind of poker players & card players I will find in this place. Every bar I've played and won at is different and this place shouldn't be much different from the old dumps I used to frequent back in the past. I just wonder if the poker players in this joint are dumber or smarter than what I've faced in the past locally. This bar is in a nicer part of the city and the players should be horrible, making all kinds of mistakes.

    The last time I played poker with actual people in person was September of 2017 when I nearly kicked some guys ass in front of his old lady for running his mouth. I'm still as sharp as I ever was and my attitude & temper are equally as explosive whenever I decide to interject myself into their little friendly poker game.
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