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Thread: Variance for today's game and new rules

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    Every game looks good when I sit down to play. But sometimes it turns bad after I've sat down to play. Variance is much like runs in a basketball game. Most is understandable. This is why I have a "built in" stop - for that session. It's like a timeout.

    I don't concern myself over me getting bad hands and the dealer getting good hands. I get two cards and the dealer gets two. It's the old Don S flipping coin theory. I am concerned when the dealer is constantly beating my good hands. For instance, I have a 20 and the dealer beats it with a 6 followed by 3 cards. OR a dealer gets a blackjack off the top of the first 3 decks and 6 in the first two decks. The maximum would only be 8.

    But the real kicker is what I call the staggers. I get a 10 and a small. I'm always facing a ten. IF I hit? I break with a 10 dealt. IF I stand? Dealers flips a small and hits to win. Unlike KJ, I'm not going to sit forever and watch that happen. Money lost is money I NOW have to win back.

    In a column count I will have an idea of the odds of certain things that happen. Actually, I know exactly what is played and more importantly, exactly what still remains to be played. In HiLO, KJ doesn't have a clue. So he plays like a dumbass and loses $29k while I'm getting out of a bad situation and looking for another good. THAT is fighting variance and opposed to waiting for the math to bring your back.

    In sports bets, people will ask me who I think will win. I don't have any idea and don't care in most cases. I'm playing the percentages. If I make sound investments the dollars will take care of themselves over the course of the season. It's the same thing in blackjack. Only even more important because the house can say "no mas" at anytime, and really, for any reason.

    KJ doesn't get this. Probably because he spends more time on forums worrying about nonsense. He wants a fight but he's just too big of a chicken. Man, to succeed in blackjack, you'd better have a fighter mentality. I doubt he could lose 29 cents without losing a grip. Let alone $29k. Simply put, he is too much of a panzy on these forums to ever be taken seriously.

    Now someday I will find him and see for myself.
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