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Thread: Variance for today's game and new rules

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    Playing basketball in the school yard, or counting cards as a newbie, neither individual knows what the future will bring, or wheather their dreams will come true and that they will elevate themselves to the top of the talent pool. Both endeavours require acute mental toughness.

    There is a point in time that the aspiring ball player knows, or the card counter knows, that they have the right stuff.

    Excellent post Freighter: Usually something in life puts you in the school yard or counting cards. I'm not talking the typical games on a Saturday afternoon in the Spring. I'm talking about the kid who shovels snow off the court during Christmas vacation. In blackjack, I'm not talking about the player who reads a forum and buys a book. It's the person willing to maximize Norm's products.

    Zee has said many times he walks away from positive counts because he is afraid he might lose his profits. Some players would rather be in the stands or on the bench when the game is on the line. In basketball, the right stuff means you want the ball in those situations. In blackjack, it's the moment you've been waiting for. In both cases, it's a matter of letting the game come to you and the making sure your opponent finishes 2nd. That comes with discipline, patience, and hard work.

    This is why guys like you and I can tell jokes on a forum. We realize that is the locker room. The real game is on the hardwoods or at the tables.
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