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Thread: Hey KqueerJ : I'm over here.

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    Default Advantage play / cheating / crime....where is the line? KJ thread

    Monet writes:

    Moses...are you using Kewlj's account?

    I could care less about that kind of stuff. All I care about is winning today - playing tomorrow. But I'm convinced KJ is bad for our biz. Thus doing everything in my power to shut him up.

    As near as I can tell, the email address he listed in his rants is his mothers. It appears he lives with his mom, as opposed to what he professes on forums, that his mom lives with him. Singer appears to have the real story on KJ but for whenever reason he has not chosen to sing the KJ song. Yet KJ keeps pushing him.

    Don't you find that just a little odd?

    As usual, KJs input represents 50% of the posts. In terms of words written, it's more like 95% KJ to 5% others - with the others saying, shut the fuck up, KJ, in one form or another.

    KJ is going from flame-boy-nat to flame-boring.

    KJ writes:
    So Mission let me peek into your soul. If you were playing a machine hit a jackpot that paid say $100, cashed out and somehow the ticket printed $10,000, you would be ok with that? Now what if you had done something that triggered that mistake, not something illegal, but just a programing glitch. You would be comfortable doing this over and over and over for years? And you would expect no legal ramifications when it was discovered?

    It appears KJ is stalking Singer trying to get him banned. Rob, time to give out the info you have before it's too late. Then, we will have lots of stories about KJs monstrous lies, cheating, and fraudulent acts. He will then join the ranks of Flash. Clearly, with his limited education, he lacks the ability to comprehend the words "shut up, queertard."

    I see kew is beside himself so he can only resort to his usual array of lies and twisted meanings. As for your "not being impressed" bs, do you actually know or understand what the underlying goal of players who go to casinos is? I'll bet every one of them go in to win money. Now there's an original idea! And you are stupid enuf to be thinking players go to casinos to be able to impress YOU.....Now we see why how everyone who sees your internet act for what it really is, drives you up a wall.

    Well said. Interesting how you keep writing Kew, like it's his last name or something. Hmmm. You didn't used to do that before he forced your hand into researching him out.

    The time is coming when queertards fantasy world meets the real world. I pity the fool.

    The very funny part of all this is that if a known forum AP who has never criticized him for anything had said they had worked hard for, discovered, and played a play like this, kew wouldn't have enough praises in his basket to lay upon the guy. He'd be doing the jig non-stop for hours over it.

    Yes, his computer screen would be a mess. His mommy would be pissed.

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    Default It's all about KJ all about KJ about KJ KJ KJ

    While I know you would like to make this about me and you and in truth I don't like you as you said horrible untrue things about my partner/spouse after he had passed away, but this isn't about me or you.

    Dumbass. You started the thread for crissake. No one gives a fuck about you and your partner spouse. I can go back and find where you spoke horribly about him and how'd you'd benefit. YOU used him. And that is why you have $29k to lose. Now it's gone for the most part because you're a LOSER. So you spend most of your time seeking attention from forums because your mommy is too busy and has to go to work.

    I just have lines of what is right and wrong and how I want to win. I guess you don't. Maybe most AP's don't, I don't know.

    Yeah right. You've boasted about people running around the house naked in order to embarrass your mom into moving. Which line is that in for you. Right or Wrong?

    I go back to the same question Rob: If you really feel there is nothing wrong with this, why did you specifically wait 10 years until you are sure the statute of limitations has run out? Please, come on, you can come up with some kind of bullshit answer can't you? Not that it will matter.....the action says it all.

    Rob doesn't owe anyone anything. Especially some snot nosed queertard who was still in junior high in 2000. Yet, claims to be an AP for 15 years. Axel and Mickey don't have a problem. Redietz cared a little but got over it quickly. He has bigger fish to fry with MLB in full swing. Only KJ and his queer rants continue, thus making VCT seem as though it's den of queerdom.

    IF Rob decides to post his info on you or I decide to pay for it, then you will be far too busy to worry about Rob.
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    ok I am off to work, but I will be checking in during the day because I find this discussion intriguing. But one things I know is that as I go about making my living today from the casinos, with nothing I do will the statute of limitations be a consideration.

    And a quick comment to the Reno nut job. You can say it all you want, but I don't live with my mother. Not that I was opposed to living with her when she moved to Vegas. My brother was opposed to the idea, so she got her own place. So you can keep saying it, but it doesn't make it true. And I have no idea who's email address you have and who you are sending emails to but it is neither me nor my mother. You must be sending dirty emails to some stranger. What a retard you are.

    From: Richard W. Munchkin
    To: Kewl
    Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 8:35 AM
    Subject: Re: tracking two blackjack tables

    The information about you is all over various forums in your rants to anyone who crosses you or your stupid interviews talking about your favorite subject which is KJ. Well, I'm crossing you. WTF are you going to do about it? I haven't sent one email. Now I did you a favor by not pasting the email address. Of course one can easily obtain your IP and you're the expert on IPs. No?

    Could KJ be ZenKing? or his brother?

    KJ writes to Zenking;
    You seem to be one of those stubborn guys that insists on learning things the hard way. I have had some of that in me at too at times.

    Naw, Zenking has far more class and brains than the queertard.

    Have a nice day at your "job" busboy.

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    Default ZenKing writes:

    KJ it's also time to call you out, because your whole vegas career and atlantic city bullshit is all a fraud. Your story is beyond exaggerated and you were bankrolled when you got here by some old guy. You don't play the hours you claim to play either. There's so many posts that just reveal you don't know what you're talking about from anyone who actually plays this game as well who actually plays vegas. I read a post you claimed to have 12-14 five figure days per year HAHAHA. At your betting level, that's almost impossible for that to even happen one time. I used to bet 2x250(500) and i never had one trip where i lost 5 figures. The most I ever lost was 7500-8k which happened only twice, but let's just say had i continued playing it would've been a 5 figure loss, but 12-14 A YEAR? Give me a break dude. You mostly bet one hand of 400 or so, no way in hell does that happen 12-14 times a year. There's also no way in hell you play the amount of hours you claim to play by doing short sessions.

    Not to mention he has a job, no clue how to minimize variance, and spends most of his time ranting on forums. This idiot lost $29k in a week and then brags about it. Talk about your queertards. Of course he doesn't want to talk about minimizing variance. KJ wants players to lose their money ASAP. YES, you can do it TO! Lose $29K in a week and still make $100K a year and not get heat....for 15 straight years with a GED and surf in junior high in 2000.

    To all the braindead casino spies in here, thanks again for ratting me out. Just got trespassed today. Wouldn't be surprised if KJ was behind all of this as he knows several pit people as he claimed. I was in an argument with him about how I never get backed off or trespassed with backcounting AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? All of a sudden I now get trespassed hahahhaha. You honestly cant make this up.

    So KJ is a casino spy? Who'd a thunk! Hmmm. Could be. It looks like his shift runs from 11am to 7pm. He is leaving for work mid-morning. Periodic lengthy posts throughout the day from a casino? Then even more rants in the evening. Maybe El Cortez laid him off and that is why he got so pissed at them. I mean, even KJ admits he has no skill at the pitch game.

    Maybe KJ is the EITS. It makes sense. THAT could be why is he so adamant about HiLO. HE can't count anything else that a player might be doing. Sooo, get all the APs to count HiLO. He wants them to wong in and out, count two tables, etc. etc. THIS would make it even easier for him to spot. Clearly, we all know, his work ethic sucks. So he takes shortcuts. Shrewed! Very Tricky! Plus he could check out all the other gay unsuspecting men in the casino. Seems he has trouble finding a date on his own.
    Norm and Shack figured this out long ago which is why they banned him.

    Why would this whole Singer thing upset him so much? It doesn't seem to bother Bob 21 who really is a spy. Just kidding Bob.
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    KJ writes:
    This is how you know when these guys are completely full of shit.

    When Shit goes down and sides are taken,
    you find out who was real and who was fakin.

    I'm right here
    you friggin queer.
    Stop all the posing you little twat
    Word are cheap. Let's see what you got.

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