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Thread: Quantify. Don S

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    You are, of course, missing the point. Mine was that I anticipated the downturn and wanted to hedge before it occurred. Do you understand the difference? And, of course, you are also completely wrong when you state, "I didn't lose a dime because I didn't sell." What a naive way to look at things. When you're winning $1,000 during a session, do you now consider that's "house money" and not really yours until you cash in? If you lose it back, did you not really lose anything? If you get a month-end statement that says your account is worth $100,000 at the end of July but $50,000 at the end of August, do you really consider that you didn't lose anything? Shame on you for thinking that way.


    Excellent post. I've been sitting on the sidelines since the Dow hit 20k waiting to get back in. Spinning Wheel lyrics What goes up Must come down.

    So Don, do think there has been just a wee bit of irrational exuberance during this unparalleled market run to the upside?

    Drunk writes:
    if you can anticipate downturns you are better than me - I can't - and I don't doubt that others are better at this than me - but I also believe a great many have made the wrong

    It's not a matter of anticipating. It IS a matter of putting yourself in a position to take advantage of the downturns. History proves they WILL happen. The worst feeling in the world is being fully invested in a market free fall. So the question is, how long can you hang in before you panic. Histoy proves NOT long for most. When everyone else is running out, you've got to have the wherewithal to run in.
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    Don S writes to Xengrifter:

    Just try harder “not” to lose. Utter horse shit.

    Don, Don, wait- hold it. I've got one more. DON. What are you thinking? Are you saying we shouldn't read and try to comprehend 3 volumes of your books?

    All we really need to do is move to Vegas, learn HiLO, acquire a pile of money, turn into a gay child molester, and we all will make $100K a year. There is just one problem with that picture. Turn into KJ and you'll be taking it up the ass AT and AWAY from the tables. Of course, there would be little need for forums and no need for all these damn books. Don't practice. Don't improve. Just show up and leave you're money? You'll get it all back and more in the long run. Shrewd.

    How about for your next book you simply write “individual players should stay the hell away from shoes.” PERIOD! The rest is utter horse shit. Or “losers can't endure the manure.” Author Mr. Ed

    If you goal is really to make casinos suffer, that should do it. No?
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