Am I the only person on all these blackjack forums who plays strictly pitch games?

CV Data is a fine product. But there are many terms one needs to learn in order to figure how to best apply it to their particular game. Round, Truncate, 95th percentile, or Floor until you can't stand it anymore. My term is simple...percent. It's exact. There is no guessing.

There is one person who can write programs for the percentage or column counts. But I need the program to run for myself. By comparison to CV Data, it's very simple. It only sounds complex because I'm a pitch guy in a forum of shoe players.

Verite is a great to for learning to play. But I would like to be able to watch it play instead of actually playing sometimes. Again, with percentages and columns instead of all the other guestimates.

The must be more than one programmer in this world that understands percentage and columns counts. Anywhere I can purchase this type of product?

I do not need someone to tell me why I should guess instead of play exact ratios. I've already had 5 years of that. I need someone who can write the program and sell me the CD. Anybody out there?

My directive is not to train newbies or try to be the smartest guy on a forum. I'm simply motivated to win.