After literally spending years sifting through the bull at BJTF I've arrived at then end with final conclusions.

1.) Stay away from 6.5 blackjack.

2.) Stay from shoes.

3.) Focus on single deck and double deck games with as few at the table as possible.

4.) Play within casino tolerance. Do not exceed 8% in large bet frequency.

5.) Do not drive more than an hour to play blackjack in a day. Do not fly or drive 3 hours to a city without at least 5 casinos that offer blackjack.

6.) Do not play if not at least 60% pen. Do not play with more than 2 players double deck. 1 player single deck.

CV Data is a useful tool.

However, your count should equal 48. Hence, 24 on the negative side and 24 on the positive in order to combat today's game with the reduction of pen.

Why? 48 is the only number you can divide equally by 24,16,12,8,4,and 2. Therefore you can get exact ratios. No more guessing. What is played equals what still remains to be played.

Consider your base to be 940 BC, 545 PE, 650 IC as your base. Do not go below your based when running sims. Do not give the Ace -1.5 credit. IT proved a top SCORE but you'll find it to be a horrible solution when you test drive it on Verite.

Move your Ace for insurance purposes. Do not worry about it on the other plays.

Last but not least - MATTHEW 23.12.