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Thread: OUT with the OLD: IN with the NEW:

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    Ryemo responds:

    "Have you listened to the Joe GWAE podcast?
    Yes. Complete crap. Only an idiot would believe this story.

    Have you been on their forum?" O hell no. But I'm retired, have money, and I'm willing to travel with you and/or Joe if you care to prove me wrong.

    Yes and yes. Joe is a personal friend of mine and I am on their forum. I was well aware of Joe's story before his GWAE interview. My style aligns pretty similarly with theirs. Yours doesn't. Cool. End of story then. Boot camp would have very little value for you. Nothing wrong with that. Now let's move on.

    It would be of little value to the sucker that buys that story as well. The only difference is HE would be out $3k.

    P.S. Your assessment about what their boot camp can offer you is still very misguided and wrong in my opinion. I'm not going to post an itinerary here, but I can say I think you're wrong. Unless you've attended or know somebody who has, then maybe you should keep your assumptions to yourself?

    Obviously, you believe your word is the gospel...to the point of calling it a "Christian" based camp. Okay, I attend a church with a large congregation, let's see you come here, tell you story of how you leave your family to play blackjack, and recruit members. Whoa! You think I'm bad. What until you get a load of them.
    I'd bet a small quarter that DBS has attended a camp.

    Many posters (or ex posters) here love to deliver such strong opinions on matters they don't have the slightest clue about.

    That's called common sense. Personally, I've never been with a whore. But I know one when I see one. Whoops, there he is!

    It's kind of annoying and one of the reasons I don't post much here anymore. You're kind of annoying. Come post over here where free speech is welcomed.

    Anyway, I'm moving on. I've said what I felt needed to be said.

    Nice, you got yourself boxed in, so you quit. Yet your not intimated by 300 casino removing you. You didn't "say" a damn thing. You "dodged" everything.

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    Out of all the hundreds of stupid threads on here, this may take the cake. Peace out all.

    The Refinery writes ^:

    Moses replies: You are like my ex wife. We don't agree on anything. So I told my kids that in the rare occasion we do agree? You might want to listen.

    Perhaps the best post ever by The Refinery.

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    Let me get this straight: after winning big at the casino, you want your next "outing" to be at home on the computer, so you can get rid of the negative e.v. that's obviously bound to be coming your way, and once "rid" of this, you can now safely go back to a real casino and tell the pit boss that it's your turn again and they should just pay you?

    Either you're trolling us, or you should not be playing anywhere for real money.

    writes to another poster.

    Moses replies: Very clever Don. Hilarious. I think they should put in a drive up window or an express lane. Here is my $500. I was scheduled to lose today and I simply didn't want to sit through several hands of variance. Or could you give me a blackjack and a double down on 11 for $300? Please rush the order, I lost yesterday so I'm due for a win today, and I'm in a bit of a hurry.

    Typically, a sports or race bettor, will pick up a sheet or form and begin to peruse for their picks of the day. I front loaded the best value plays with years of research. So I already know the value I'm seeking. It's just a matter of time until it arrives. Sometimes it might occur 3 times in a day or once in month. Point is, I'm letting the game come to me.

    It's the same thing with blackjack. The game is front loaded from research. Once you understand the game, you understand variance is part of the game. IT doesn't mean one can't see it coming every now and then. The best players are not the biggest bettors but the best duckers. The game comes to me. I'm waiting for the casino to fall into my trap. Not me into theirs. Sometimes those opportunities get shuffled away, sometimes they don't and THAT is when the profits come.

    Thinking variance has a mind of its own, the way this poster described would be like thinking the Super Bowl outcome will be determined by how much I bet.
    It's scary, but you'd be surprised how many gamblers subscribe to this philosophy.

    Yes, I play thousands of hands on Verite to stay sharp. It does help me recognize value opportunities. It also teaches me to be patient and they do exist and will be on their way. Doesn't mean I will ALWAYS win. It means that if my game is based on knowledge, patience, discipline, and time my rewards will come.
    Hence, just because I made a basket in a game, or was high point man, or lead the state in scoring doesn't mean I should stop shooting in the park.
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